The psychology of love relationships is more than just psychology; love is more than emotion.

And a love relationship is a deep, powerful feeling that everyone dreams of, but experiences it as a “sunstroke”, as a “lightning”, as a short-term delightful moment. Catching this bird is difficult, but much harder – to keep! And do not think to put her in a cage! Do not notice how you swap places. She flies where she pleases. Come on, guess what drives her?

Love cannot be understood through the mind, it cannot be comprehended by analysis, logic and other tools of the intellect. She is comprehended by the heart! You can only feel it, experience it, taste it, feel it. The one who loves is the true lucky one!

The bad news: there is no such teacher, guru or mentor who will teach you to love and be loved. You can only rely on yourself, listen to yourself and trust only your own feelings. Do not listen to anyone! In addition to Scheherazade …

This is a joke, but there is a hint in it.

The good news is: love is its own teacher. Each person is individual, not like the others. Grow yourself – yourself! Grind your unique qualities as a jeweler polishes precious stones. The psychology of love relationships is a school where life itself gives marks. Someone is Losers, and someone is an excellent student. Who do you consider yourself to be? Is there a way to improve academic performance? How interesting is the subject itself?

Only you know how to love as you love.

This is unique! There is nothing worse than losing your originality. The world is valued for exclusive, not plagiarism.

Preserving love relationships for a long time is an art that is worth improving. And then the shapeless and dim natural diamond will shine with all facets and all the colors of the rainbow.

Hear the call of love and follow her! Climb into its mountains, swim across its turbulent rivers, admire its volcanoes. Do not be afraid to get lost in her fragrant gardens, where fountains murmur and her flutes sing. When she wants to take you prisoner, surrender to her! Fold in front of her weapon that you defended against her. Distinguish her true voice from other fake voices. Sing along to her, even if you have to play too high notes.

When you climb to the very top – breathtaking. But what a view!

The most striking thing about this is all about that. Love seems to be a natural manifestation of the soul. However, for love in actual fact – NO ONE IS READY!


Here you have a topic for reflection. Psychology of love relationships between a man and a woman from one novel by author X.

“He loved women, had a weakness for their charms, not more. Two marriages testified to a sincere desire to have a family, but constancy disgusted him. He gave the two wives compensation, and they left him alone.

The girls with whom he spent time, met his sexual needs – he did not claim anything else. Relations with them could not even be called novels. Yes, he liked young canary girls, beauties from dancers, corps de ballet. He gladly started with them non-binding intrigues and easily cut them off. His pursuit of new erotic sensations has become a hobby or an obsession.

“A demon of lust is sitting in you,” his father once told him. – Turn to the exorcist, son.

He was picky in his own way. For example, he did not recognize connections with prostitutes – neither with cheap call girls, nor with expensive “elite” confused. Love is not a commodity!

Let it be love for an hour – it should not be sold! He was ready to pay for a lady in a restaurant, in a hotel, to present her with a luxurious gift, but his whole being rebelled against “sexual services.” He is a man, and he has not only a wallet, but also other opportunities to bring pleasure to a woman.

Strippers were also no good. He could not go to bed with a lady who undresses in front of everyone. Especially if naked – her job. True eroticism differs from porn in that it is exclusive: it cannot be put on stream.

That’s why he changed partners – he searched for women inimitability. The mysterious vibes of passion and ecstasy are akin to the emanations of ancient pagan idols. In the temples of the Babylonian Ishtar, the Egyptian Isis, the Carthaginian Tanit, people plunged into a sacred trance. The gods fed on the energy of love copulation, drank this drink of immortality, the elixir of eternal life!

To try divine nectar and through him to know heavenly bliss became his fix idea. He carefully concealed the true background of his sexual quest. People are so ignorant that they would laugh at him.

The old man Freud was damn right when he expressed the opinion that the ancients worshiped the very attraction, exalted pure Eros. Nowadays, people tend to shift the focus on the object of attraction, and this is something else. Other hypostasis.

In general, the ancients were closer to understanding the essence of things than is commonly thought. Slavs, for example, in their legends associate the emergence of people with fire. The gods de created a man and a woman from two sticks and lit a fire between them – the first love flame. SACREDLY FLAME, NOT STICKS! ”

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