There is a woman who is difficult to completely, it is not only necessary to find the right words, but to recognize what things pleases a difficult woman and hates things. An error in trying to conquer a complicated woman is to use cliches cliches of always.

You must do so that you do not feel that you want to change it:

  • “I like you because you’re not the same as other women, because you’re an enigma.”
  • “You’re not like the others, you have something inexplicable that makes me fall in love.”

You must respect your space, and that must be transmitted in your words:

  • When I am with you, you elevate me to another world, a world in which only you and I exist.
  • I want to give you a world in which we exist only you and me.
  • Your beauty is so great that to every resistance grows my desire to have you.
  • Only with your beauty am I able to take the really safe steps.
  • You are wonderful, you are a whole world.

In front of a difficult woman, you have to appeal to her sensitivity in a gradual way, giving her time, convincing her little by little, but firmly:

  • I am capable of doing everything possible so that you can see me.
  • No matter when it costs, one day I will have a chance to have you.

Probably, a woman is difficult when a bad experience in the past made her selective in front of men, so it is necessary to show all the qualities that distinguish you:

  • I can be the man you want
  • For you I can become the perfect man
  • Your beauty is able to cure the pain that causes all the resistance
  • You are one of those women for whom they are worth, and for you I would leave anything.

You already know, there is no difficult woman, you can conquer them!


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