How to choose the most dedicated, loving, decent man? What should I look for when choosing a spouse, from which side he will open up in marriage? Always listen to your heart, and astrology will help determine the choice)).

Aries married: good father and lover

If Aries in marriage is calm and self-confident, then he will become a protector, loving faithful husband and father, a good lover. Aries born in the Year of the Dog (faithful dog) and the Year of the Boar (golden heart) are especially reliable. Still, the stability of Aries in a marriage under threat is greater than that of other signs. 
Aries love to boast, exaggerate their achievements, command a partner. If a woman is strong, impulsive or ill-mannered, if he is a leader by nature and begins to contradict, then conflicts arise even in trifles. Let him blow off steam. One can not argue with Aries – he does not hear you and can offend you, even if he later regrets it. Aries quickly catch fire and quickly calm down. Wives of Aries, remember that only the peace in your home and your happy family life depend on your tactfulness, patience and love.

Taurus: a good boss and a faithful husband

Taurus in marriage and family life are doing well. They are peaceful, do not tolerate screams and quarrels. Although they can be stubborn, capricious over trifles and be lazy, but in general they are patient, cautious and pliable. They love home comfort, good food and are ready to equip the house and garden.

Taurus fathers are usually gentle warm parents who take care of their children, although they may be slightly dictators in relation to them. The exclusive owners of their women, they do not assume cheating, romance or flirting on the side. Relationship disharmony and instability are not for them. Adultery cannot be forgiven and will destroy the marriage. Taurus passes through jealousy, despondency, and does not want any reconciliation; it may fall into alcohol dependence, “Don Juanism” or a deep depression.

Male Gemini in a relationship

Here are examples from life. The girl asks: “We had such wonderful meetings, we understood each other like that, why did he disappear?” The woman is surprised: “We had such great s*x, why doesn’t he try to repeat this unforgettable night?” Because there is a certain coolness in Gemini’s nature, Gemini themselves and their partners often take a moment of mood for high feelings. 
Gemini is a cold-blooded sign. First, the desire to learn new things pushes them to a love adventure, and then their sophisticated intellect begins to analyze everything, to compare all the pros and cons, to analyze the thoughts, words and actions of a partner. If it is not profitable for him, he is transferred to a new goal. Therefore, in their youth, they are impermanent, and in maturity they divorce. 

A Gemini wife at the age of forty may ask a question: “My husband suddenly packed up and went to another woman. Will he come back? ”Most likely, the situation of the triangle will drag on for a long time. When the Gemini decided to leave the family, he lacked the patience to sort out the relationship and wait for a divorce. He prefers to simply disappear, can lie. So does this mean that the men of the Gemini sign are completely unreliable and it’s not worth joining them at all? Of course not! After all, they are not polygamous, do not seek to change, and prefer one woman. You just need to know their main features and reckon with them.Cancer husband: the most attractive man, but so mysterious

Cancer Male

Just as the moon changes its phases, people born under the sign of this planet are changeable, and the manner of their behavior depends on the circumstances and mood. Let’s look at Rakov in marriage and life closer. 
Developed intuition, ability to keep up the conversation and be a friend, allows them to conquer the girl. But as a woman’s romantic and sensual Crayfish behind the facade of external charm, childish naivete and enthusiasm hide the ambitious nature of an aggressive man in their demands. They are not made for marriage because they seek to suppress others.

Male-Leo: reliable protection, happiness and prosperity

The symbol of the king of beasts – Leo demonstrates power, ambition and pride. He is infuriated only when hungry or seize his territory. But few people can encroach on this, so Leo is usually calm and kind. Let’s look at Leo in marriage and life closer. 
Lions are children of the sun. Their controlling planet gives them energy, strength and health. Their motto: I intend and do. Their mode of action: to give birth, wealth, happiness and development. 
Both the Sun and Leo symbolize the male type of behavior that magnetically attracts women.

Husband-Virgo: practical, reliable and constant, but why not everyone will appreciate it?

Male Virgos in marriage 
Virgos usually marry after long courtship, putting the beloved into many trials, and then fall in love with her forever. Virgin women require their partners and children to live in a disciplined manner. In the family, the exact time and place are assigned to everything, everything should be in a “virgin” order, but they also give up all of themselves. After all, such a man chose you to serve you. He perfectly provides for the family and will be faithful. Treason of the wife can turn his character, and the thirst for love will turn into a thirst for revenge. Provided that the wife is attentive to him and friendly, it becomes an excellent family man.

Man-Libra: in search of spiritual love

Male Libra in Marriage 
Libra is ruled by marriage. Libra in marriage – the best husbands who provide a good family, create an atmosphere of harmony, they are good fathers. Often they rely on women to achieve success and goals. Scales more than other signs need stability and are rarely divorced.

Some dissatisfaction can be on the part of the wife, as Scales in marriage soon get tired of the physical aspect of the relationship (they are more concerned with the spiritual component), and after the romantic period, frequent affection and regular closeness begin to strain them over time. In marriage, everything can be excellent, if you do not require your husband to constantly depict a passionate lover and allow him to freely engage in public activities or his hobbies. 

If the husband suddenly has a casual affair on the side, it is only because he cannot say no to anyone. It will end for him rather a sense of guilt and repentance.

Scorpio husband: the most passionate lover

Male Scorpions in marriage 
Still, Scorpios are getting married. Scorpios in marriage intelligently choose a woman that is compatible with the mind. They guard their house like a fortress, provide for a family and are excellent fathers, although they are unnecessarily harsh. However, extramarital relations with Scorpions are not uncommon. They perceive s*x on the side as an area of ​​human relations independent of marriage, but they will never allow casual love relationships to threaten the family and, having married, do not allow the thought of divorce. You will say that it is immoral, that they are selfish. Perhaps so. But nature has created them. His s*xual appetites and possibilities are unlimited. In addition, s*x restores his strength to continue to work for the good of the family.

If the wife understands this, then he will appreciate his wife even more. In addition, he easily has time to satisfy his wife. Dear wives, think better of how to please your beloved Scorpio in marriage. Give him enough s*x, but don’t do it too hastily. In his youth, Scorpio loves soft light, romantic music and perfume fragrance. Later a bright light, mirrors and a well-groomed clean body. A wife must be careful, faithful and faithful in everything. Scorpios proprietors, do not give them a reason to doubt. Do not insult: he will remember and revenge. Remember that Scorpio may have outbursts of unexpected aggression when it can thwart evil at you. Do not react violently. In his race for success, he is simply physically and morally frazzled today. Prepare him a better bath. Tomorrow he will forget his troubles and will be grateful to you. Do not hide it evil.

Sagittarius husband: shoots in all directions

What is Sagittarius in marriage and love? In love, Sagittarius is known as a seeker of adventures, adventures and pleasures, as a volatile fire that will burn and disappear. You will notice and distinguish him in any crowd. As a rule, Sagittarius is dressed in quality items, well tailored and stitched, if bright, then branded, keeps confidently. He flirts with everyone and can talk on any topic: philosophy, science, politics, religion. The girl he chooses a bright, different from others: beauty or clever, the best student or neformalku, Asian or African, etc.

If you fall under the charm of its non-standard, remember that it can disappear after a very short novel as unexpectedly as it appeared. Sagittarius is delighted with s*xual adventures, and they like not so much s*x as changing partners. Experiencing intimacy, they sincerely believe in love, give all of themselves, but soon there are sad, tender memories from the meeting. Archers in marriage are not common: it is believed that they are not created for a long-term union. Their goals in life are diverse, but never the goal of serving a woman.

Sagittarius get married when they conclude that there is no perfect friend and chooses intelligent communication or tolerance and comfort. The wife should create an atmosphere of prosperity and ease of communication. She not only knows how to improve his opinion of herself, but she also has a good household management. Sagittarius in marriage will be an excellent protector, earner and father. He can be romantic, noble, if there is motivation. In this connection on the side – a common thing. Sometimes a husband admits to his wife of his treason, and his wife agrees to such a relationship. One can only marvel at the talent and ability of Streltsov to achieve his own and make others live by their rules.

Capricorn husband: a reliable friend

Do you want to marry a stable and reliable husband? Choose Capricorn! Such men are simple, honest and reliable, like the earth itself. Find out all about Capricorns in marriage in our article. 
Capricorn: stable and attractive

Capricorns fall in love with difficulty, but love deeply, although they do not know how to express their feelings. If a Capricorn man chose his one and called her in marriage, he will always remain faithful and unlikely to divorce – and he has a strong craving for home, family and stability. Charm and freshness of these men retain until old age. So you will never be ashamed to go out with your beloved man.

Husband Aquarius: freedom-loving husband

What is a male Aquarius in marriage? 
Aquarius in marriage is a faithful and devoted husband. Among the men of this sign enough Monogamous. He will provide a family, help relatives, he will always find a way to earn enough money. Often his whole life he works for the good of the family. He trusts his wife, does not control, does not force him to change. Even in quarrels it makes compromises. You can always agree with him. Even if he leaves the woman, he is ready to maintain friendly relations and help for a long time.

And, nevertheless, among Aquarius most divorces. He is left because he is considered an egoist. It is believed that he does more for others than for his relatives. Always busy, and relatives do not always know where he is and what he is doing now. Aquarius leaves her home when a woman tries to “fasten it to the skirt.” Life even in a golden cage is not for him. He silently and for a long time prepares for liberation, but at one fine moment simply disappears in an unknown direction, without saying a word.

Husband Pisces: sensual nature and faithful partner

What are men-Pisces in a relationship with a woman? The love for a woman in the life of Pisces-men takes no less place than self-realization. The boys of this sign ripen early and fall in love platonic: in the high school girl, the teacher, the inaccessible girl, and sometimes in the unworthy in the hope of saving them with their love. Love comes to them secretly, grows unnoticed, and more often the lover does not dare to open his feelings for a long time, but cherishes his dream alone. Having matured, Male fish can also love at the highest spiritual level, with dreams and poems, with prayers or an easel and a brush in their hands. Feelings overwhelm them, Pisces talk freaks out, they consider their loved one to be ideal, tolerate and forgive flaws. Their sensuality excites a woman and gives her a true delight of spiritual and earthly love.

But there are men among the Pisces who do not like at all, preferring a variety of s*xual pleasures. Or men- “collectors” of women. But even in this case, they respect, appreciate and cherish the objects of their collection. And if Pisces cannot make a decision and understand: to leave, leave or return, they will silently move away. They are not conquerors: they will not wrestle you from an opponent or arrange scenes of jealousy, preferring to sacrifice themselves for their beloved. Your small fish will gleam its silver fin and swim away. And who in this case is happy? Yes, no one. Both are wounded. Pisces love can be heaven or hell. Do you risk girls? Then go ahead! Help him conquer you.


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