When it comes to the signs of the zodiac, there are quite a lot of people who put a lot of faith into the idea of zodiac compatibility. There’s a reason why “what’s your sign?” is considered to be one of the classic pick up line questions that anyone can resort to. And while zodiac compatibility is definitely an interesting way to look at your romantic relationship, it’s something that you can even keep in mind when you’re first trying to get to know someone or even when you’re planning out your first date. But whether it’s your first date, your fifth, or your fifteenth, there are some pretty perfect date options that can ensure that both you and your partner wind up having the time of your life. So, no matter where you land on that zodiac wheel or who you’re paired up with for your dates, we have a great date idea that you’ll be sure to enjoy.

9Aries & Sagittarius: A Theme Park

Aries and Sagittarius are a really action oriented and naturally competitive combination, so if you’re looking to show each other a really good time without letting that fiery aggression come to a head then going to a place like a theme park makes for an ideal date scenario. It’s a lively and fun event that lets both of you get a nice thrill injection, and the naturally exploratory Sagittarius will get to enjoy the adventurous side of Aries and vice versa. Roller coasters and crowds might be too exciting and overwhelming for some zodiac pairings, but Aries and Sag totally thrive on that kind of energy.

8Aquarius & Scorpio: A Tarot Reading

The combination of Aquarius and Scorpio is full of magic and mysticism, which makes a date night tarot reading a pretty perfect idea. Aquarians love all things unique and will appreciate having an unusual experience on a date, and Scorpio is a bit of a natural psychic who will immediately connect with the idea of seeing into their own future.

Obviously if you’re so inclined you can inquire to the tarot reader about the potential for your future relationship, but if you’d rather leave that stone unturned then at the very least you’ll have plenty of interesting and unusual stuff to talk about afterwards.

7Gemini & Leo: A Fancy Dinner

People born under the sign of Gemini are usually very much a people person, and the prideful lion Leo loves everything high class. So when these two signs come together, what’s the perfect way to meld their unique personalities into an activity that both of them will enjoy? Well, a lovely dinner at the hottest restaurant in town, clearly! There really isn’t anyone on earth who would turn down an expensive dinner with a love interest, but Gemini will particularly enjoy the chance to play the social butterfly while the Leo will relish the opportunity to show off their own inner fanciness.

6Taurus & Capricorn: A Hike

When you’ve got a combo of two earth signs then there is no more natural of a date option that something that is super earth oriented. There are actually plenty of activities that are great for a Capricorn and Taurus pair, but if you want a little bit of an excitement injection into your time together then going for something that is more active like a good long hike is a great date option for the both of you. Reconnecting to the wilder side of the world is something that energizes and recharges you both, and you’re likely to feel like your most comfortable and truest selves there, which makes for a great breeding ground to get to know each other on a deeper level.

5Virgo & Taurus: A Great Night In

Virgos and Tauruses are both natural homebodies who can sincerely enjoy themselves by just existing in their own personal comfortable space, so while a homemade dinner and a night of Netflix might not seem like the most exciting adventure to most people it really is the ideal date night for a Virgo and Taurus couple. Both signs are the kind of people who love to make their own dream homes, so if you’re genuinely interested it getting to know who one another is then understanding each other’s ideal spaces and learning how you can fit together is a perfect way to do that.

4Pisces & Aquarius: An Art Gallery

Anyone born under a Pisces sign usually loves all things beautiful and thoughtful, and Aquarians are lovers of original ideas and creations, which is why going somewhere like an art gallery is a perfect date idea for this zodiac combination. Pisces are naturally very sensitive and empathetic, so their ability to read into the subtext of artwork will fascinate and impress the Aquarius.

Aquarius loves to look at things from their own off the wall perspective, and Pisces will appreciate the insight they get into the Aquarian’s psyche from hearing their thoughts and opinions on the artistic expressions of other people.

3Libra & Scorpio: A Jazz Club

Libras are naturally quite social people who love to not only be inspired by the people they meet and talk to, but have a tendency to be inspired by literature, art, and music as well. Scorpios are known as one of the if not the darkest and most mysterious sign of the zodiac, so they have a tendency to connect with activities and events that can strike a deep emotional cord within them. So, when these two signs get together for a date then something like a night at a jazz club is a pretty ideal combination of both of their natural inclinations and interests.

2Aries & Leo: A Dance Class

When it comes to bold, aggressive, and competitive zodiac signs it’s difficult to think of two who are more intense than the Aries and the Leo. Aries and Leo can actually make for a fantastic love match, but they need to find activities that will stimulate their need for action and give them a chance to show themselves off without pitting the two against one another in some kind of competition.

That’s why a date night like a dance class is a perfect idea, because it lets Aries and Leo release their passion and energy but also lets them work together to make each other even better.

1Cancer & Pisces: A Trip To The Beach

It should come as no surprise that when you get two water signs together then it’s a pretty solid guarantee that this pairing will enjoy any activities that are water related. When it comes to the sign of the crab and the sign of the fish, it’s easy to see why these two will be at there best when they’re quite literally in their element, and there’s hardly anything more literal for them than the beach. What’s best about a beach date for a Pisces and a Cancer is that they can both truly go all out, swimming, tanning, volleyball, a beach picnic, and enjoy the kind of beach day that is a real beach day.


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