Relationships and dating are hard work, especially when we take into consideration all the bad habits we hate to admit we have. A lot of us actually don’t realize we have bad dating habits, though, and that alone can cause problems in relationships. That’s the annoying thing about habits.

If you think about it, our bad habits are built so deep into our lifestyle, it’s usually hard to just give them up. These habits have become a part of us and who we are as individuals, in a way.

Are you a blanket hog? Do you talk too much? Are you always trying to change the person you’re dating?

Each and every one of us has some type of bad habit that could negatively affect our relationships somewhere down the line. Of course, once we acknowledge what it is we are doing wrong, it becomes way easier to work on fixing our faults, if we want to. In order to find true happiness and pure joy with a happy and healthy relationship, we all need to take a deeper look at ourselves and determine our worst dating habits.

A lot of our personality traits are thought to be based heavily on our astrological signs. So, to help you figure out your bad habit – here are the worst dating habits for each sign.

24-Pisces Girls See Things With Rose-Colored Glasses

Pisces girls are dreamers. They’re romantic and wish most to find an unconditional love. Typically, though, Pisces have a hard time determining what is a dream and what is reality.

Once a Pisces girl gets tangled up in her dreaming, it will take a lot for her to truly understand the reality of the situation.

Those rose-colored glasses they have can often get them into trouble. They are overly sensitive, so once those rose-colored glasses start to fade and they see a situation for what it really is, it hits them like a freight train. If it were up to a Pisces girl, she’d never have to face up to reality.

23-Pisces Guys Tend To Go Into Hiding

If ever there was a guy likely to go completely M.I.A. during a relationship, it’s a Pisces guy. They have this seriously introverted nature about them that pushes them to wanting alone time. However, this will drive someone dating a Pisces totally nuts.

Everyone understands needing space every now and then, but a Pisces guy might have the tendency to go missing for long periods of time often.

“Pisces may take weeks or months to call you back,” says Elite Daily’s Astrology expert, Linda Furiate. “They may become MIA for long periods of time, then return and expect their date to be okay with that extended absence.”

22-Libra Girls Can Be Superficial

Kim Kardashian is a Libra, enough said. To put it plainly, Libra girls can be pretty superficial at times. According to The Insider,

“They can be vain and want to be taken care of, and they can’t take initiative sometimes. They’re kind of superficial sometimes. Also, indecisive. They don’t want to commit a lot of the time.”

Libras are usually known for being one of the most balanced signs. Their best personality traits include being fair and sincere. However, on their bad days, they can be manipulative, spoiled, and vain.

21-Libra Guys Are Too Laid-back

Don’t expect a Libra guy to make the big plans during the relationship. They are notoriously indecisive and lazy. If it were up to him, he’d never have to call the shots. This can get real annoying real fast for anyone dating a Libra guy. Sometimes we just want to scream at them.

 “Learn to steer the relationship every now and then!”

No one wants to have to make all the decisions all the time. Libra guys have to learn to become more assertive in relationships, so that their dates don’t see them as some spineless, pushover jellyfish.

20-Taurus Girls Focus Too Hard On The Little Things

In most situations have a great attention to detail is wonderful, but for Taurus girls, their intense focus on all the little details can actually hurt their dating life.

She has a bad habit of paying too much attention to the little things and missing out on the bigger picture.

Taurus girls definitely like to nitpick at the minor imperfections their date has, instead of choosing to pay more attention to the whole package. She might end up missing out on some great prospects because of her tendency to focus too hard on the little things.

19-Taurus Guys Are Stubborn And Always Need To Be Right

Taurus men can be great dating partners. However, they often let the stubborn side of their personalities influence relationships.

Taurus guys have the need to always be right and they fear any big changes. Can you blame them, though? They are the bulls.

Once they have their mind set on something, it is going to be difficult to sway him any other way.

Taurus guys have a seriously persistent nature to them, and they aren’t afraid to make that known when dating new partners.

18-Capricorn Girls Focus Too Much On Work

Capricorn girls are responsible and one of the most disciplined signs. They are natural born managers. Sometimes, though, they let their work life take over their entire schedule.

Capricorn girls need to learn how to balance work and play. It’s hard for them to leave their work at the office, even if a date with Mr. Perfect arises.

They have a bad habit of only giving their dating life half of their attention and still expecting perfect results. “You can’t always be prioritizing your work over your dating life if you eventually want to find success in love,” explains Relationship Rules.

17-Capricorn Guys Have A Hard Time Opening Up

Because Capricorns are all work and no play a lot of the time, they have a hard time opening up emotionally to people close to them.

“Capricorns are too serious sometimes. They don’t open up and are very hard to read, which is a lot of work sometimes for the others,”

stated Ophira Edut, astrology expert for The Insider. Capricorn guys really don’t like making themselves vulnerable. If they want a relationship to last, they are going to have to learn to lose this bad habit. If you don’t open up to your partner, they are likely to feel like you don’t care.

16-Leo Girls Go Overboard With Romantic Gestures

There is a such thing as too much. Leo girls are creative and passionate. These are no doubt great qualities to have. However, because of their massive creative and cheerful nature, Leo girls have a habit of really overdoing it with the romantic gestures.

When they love, they love enormously. Leo girls don’t know how to hold back their passion, and even if they could, they wouldn’t want to.

It’s all great, but it can also be a little too much for a lot of people to handle. It’s always a good idea to take things slow until you have a good read on your audience.

15-Leo Guys Need Lots Of Attention

Everyone loves attention from someone they fancy. But no one loves attention more than Leo guys. These guys love to show off how courteous and powerful they are during relationships.

He is likely to put on a show whenever he has a chance and become your biggest hero.

All of this draws back to his desperate need for attention to be on him at all times. “They can fall for someone who gives them attention rather than someone who is good for them. They’re suckers for flattery,” explained Ophira Edut, from The Insider.

14-Aries Girls Can Come Off Too Strong

When meeting someone new, Aries girls tend to come off too strong. It’s great to want to be open and share things about yourself with a potential romantic interest, but you never want to overdo it. This could easily scare someone away. Aries girls are naturally brave and lead head first.

Their energy and passion move them to act fast and without fear.

“Aries want to consume all of their dates’ time and energy in the beginning of the relationship, and then burn out too quickly, leaving your date in a whirlwind of your non-stop energy,” states astrology expert, Linda Furiate for Elite Daily.

13-Aries Guys Can Be Impatient And Selfish

Aries guys have an extreme appetite for competition and success. They tend to feel they are always in the right and can be super impatient and selfish. A lot of the time, Aries guys mostly just think of themselves while dating.

In general, relationships with an Aries is not exactly a walk in the park. Aries guys have difficulty connecting with partners and realizing they need to think for two people and not just themselves.

He would rather do things alone and be independent than have to wait on someone to follow his fast-paced lead.

12-Virgo Girls Expect Perfection

Perfection is the goal for Virgo girls. They demand it and no one can really live up to their expectations. Virgo girls have a hard time grasping the idea that everything does not have to be perfect all the time, especially in relationships.

They tend to abandon a date once a flaw is revealed before realizing it could be a great relationship.

“Virgos tend to carry on elaborate fantasies about the perfect scenario with a person,” explains Furiate from Elite Daily. “When the date is not able to fulfill this perfection in reality, Virgos will quickly walk away without an explanation.”

11-Virgo Guys Have Super High Standards

Don’t show up on a date with a Virgo guy not looking perfectly put together. They have a very high standard for themselves and the people in their life. Oftentimes, Virgo guys can be overly picky and critical.

Virgo guys can be seriously annoying when they let this bad habit take over during a relationship.

His high standards and desire for perfection play into a Virgo’s extreme attention to details. They are, after all, one of the most careful signs. They like things to be exact, and if you aren’t exactly what they’re looking for they are likely to move on.

10-Cancer Girls Like To Air Out Their Dirty Laundry

Cancer girls have a hard time determining when they are spilling too much information. It’s totally great to open up to your date, but some details don’t need to be shared right off the bat.

Cancer girls are all about family, so it makes sense why they’d want to talk about family. However, talking too much about family and future family can become too much for a date.

According to Elite Daily, a “close attachment to your family might come off as nervousness to pursue a real relationship down the line.”

9-Cancer Guys Can Be Very Clingy

Cancer guys might be totally loyal and sentimental, but they are also very insecure people. He has a vast need to connect on a deeper level with those he enters relationships with.

He has so many loving qualities, but oftentimes, these romantic traits can make him act super needy, too.

“They want to rush into being domestic, and they are very hypersensitive and insecure,” stated Ophira Edut, from The Insider. If he learns to control his need to be wanted all the time, he could easily be a great romantic partner.

8-Aquarius Girls Send Mixed Signals

If there is one thing Aquarius girls are good at, or should we say bad at, it’s sending mixed signals. Aquarians generally have a hard time reading other people’s emotions, and sometimes that leads them to stop trying to make an effort in sharing their own emotions.

Some would say Aquarius girls are full of surprises, but that “all or nothing, hot or cold mentality sends totally mixed signals to potential partners, leaving them wondering how you really feel,”

according to Elite Daily. Once Aquarius girls get over that whole mixed signals thing, though, they can be pretty loyal companions.

7-Aquarius Guys Are Out Of Touch With Their Emotions

Aquarians are known to be one of the most eccentric signs. They are imaginative and can seem a little strange at times. According to professional astrologer, Rachel Lang for Bustle,

“Aquarius has five other conversations going on in their heads at the same time. And this can cause them to seem rudely zoned out during convos.”

All of this makes them appear out of touch with their emotions. They give mixed signals and don’t open up to just anyone. If it were up to Aquarius guys, they’d spend all their time off exploring the world instead of sharing feelings.

6-Sagittarius Girls Cancel Plans A Lot

Sagittarius girls are wild. They are no doubt the life of the party. But they are also super flighty. Trying to pin a Sagittarius girl down can be difficult, especially when she has the bad habit of cancelling plans all the time. “A Sagittarius will also call at the last minute to want to hook up,” explained Furiate for Elite Daily.

“It’s hard to get Sag to agree to a long-term commitment because they relish their freedom and spontaneity.”

She bails way too often, and usually doesn’t even have a good excuse for cancelling. This is something Sagittarius girls need to work on if they want to make a relationship last.

5-Sagittarius Guys Can Be Impulsive

Sagittarius guys can be some of the most entertaining people you’ll ever meet. They are so full of life and are driven by adventure. That being said, Sag guys can let their energy get the best of them.

According to The Insider, these guys are “way too impulsive and even wild sometimes. They can be hard to trust a little bit, hard to pin down, and impatient.” They live for the pure excitement of life and are natural-born risk takers. Though their reckless behavior is something they definitely need to work on, it will likely also make for an thrilling date.

4-Gemini Girls Talk Too Much

Geminis are excellent communicators. They are witty and quick with their words – all great qualities. But when it comes to dating, Gemini girls are more about talking than they are about listening. They have a hard time shutting their mouth long enough to let their date get a word into the conversation.

We’re sure they have wonderful things to say and that their date is interested in hearing them out, but it’s important to give the other person room enough to express themselves, too. Gemini girls need to work on keeping those long, drawn out stories to a minimum.

3-Gemini Guys Are Never Satisfied

When we think Gemini guys, we think of the word fickle. Gemini guys, ruled by the twins, are both indecisive and unpredictable. They are typically never satisfied with what they have and are always on the lookout for the next best thing. According to The Insider, Gemini guys’ flirtatious personalities can make them seem untrustworthy, but really they are just having some fun.

However, when in a committed relationship, it is very important for Geminis to learn to reel in their spontaneous social butterflies for the sake of their partner’s sanity.

You never know which personality you’re going to get when you date a Gemini guy.

2-Scorpio Girls Overthink

Scorpios are some of the most intense and focused people. When Scorpio girls get on a specific subject, it’s hard for them to let it go. They tend to overthink everything, and this can cause a lot of problems with new relationships.

According to Elite Daily, Scorpio girls have a bad habit of taking something their partner says and thinking way too deeply about it. When Scorpios start overthinking and overanalyzing, it can lead to them also jumping to conclusions. Scorpio girls are going to drive themselves crazy trying to figure out what their date really means.

1-Scorpio Guys Can Be Mistrusting

People typically feel Scorpio guys are pretty mysterious. This is because Scorpios like to keep to themselves until they have a good feel for a situation. Scorpios are secretive by nature, so it’s hard for them to let go and openly trust another person.

According to The Insider, Scorpio guys are very slow to trust and need the other person to show their hand first. This bad habit can easily become exhausting for anyone who comes across a Scorpio. They are obsessive and precise. Scorpio guys need to learn to relax and go with the flow when it comes to dating.


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