We dream of perfect love and we all dream about men like those from Nicholas Spark’s movies. But, unfortunately, nor life nor love work that way. You don’t get to have a perfect-Hollywood-it’s-all-okay kind of love. And you shouldn’t. Because you should accept the role life gave you and make the best out of the imperfect love you get.

You don’t get to have it all in life and that’s the ugly side of it. But the beauty lies in accepting the imperfect love. Because it’s much more than we think at first.

Because we refuse imperfect love and run after those perfect-looking guys, we end up getting our hearts broken.

That’s why you shouldn’t run after perfect men. To not get disappointed. Not because you don’t deserve a perfect man but because when you get close enough, you’ll see that they’re not as perfect as you might have expected them to be. They might look good next to you, but they don’t make you feel happy. Because the perfect man doesn’t really exist.

So, forget about perfect men. Stop running after those men whose looks are breathtaking. Go for a man who makes you forget to breathe when he does something just for you. Go for a man who’ll make your stomach ache from how much he made you laugh and who’ll take your breath away because of the way he treats you. Wait for this man, because one day, he’ll make you feel like you deserve all the love of this world.

One day you’ll find someone who’ll make you feel like you deserve all the love in this world if you just give him a chance.

Somebody will come along and crush all your doubts in a heartbeat.

Somebody will come along and stay. He’ll make it clear that he won’t disappear.

Somebody will come along and help you fight through your hardest days.

Somebody will come along and heal all the pain you feel from the past.

Somebody will come along and proudly say how he feels about you and won’t be afraid of it.

Somebody will come along and notice how valuable you are even before you see it yourself.

One day, you’ll find somebody in whom you’ll never lose hope because he will never give you a reason to doubt him.

The love he gives you won’t be perfect—and please don’t expect it to be. The love you get will be completely mundane, and it will be full of mistakes and wrong decisions, but accept it anyway.

Accept the imperfect love he brings to you because although it might not be perfect, it will always be honest. It might not be perfect but it will always be true. It will be full of efforts and new tries, and it will make you feel like you’re the center of someone’s universe. And one day, all those little imperfections will mean more to you that somebody else’s complete perfection.

One day you’ll find someone who’ll make you feel like you deserve all the love in this world, but it’s up to you if you’re going to give that someone a chance.


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