Magic words for signs of the zodiac that help to win and save love. By the way, for each sign of the zodiac they are individual! Knowing these Important words, you can win the favor of any zodiac!

Good things happen when your partner knows that you value him. This may be approval, a compliment or flirty flattery. The main thing – you should not demand something concrete from the man. It is important to learn how to find the right words in order to reach an understanding and save love. For each sign of the zodiac there is a compliment.


Magic words for Zodiac signs

“Brilliantly! I nikoga d rather not see and, to a ton of doing something like that! “ Purposeful, energetic, full of ideas, Aries is the leader of any team. It is important for him to be recognized as a pioneer and every initiative does not pass by. Just remind him that he is the only one.


Magic words for Zodiac Signs8

“How beautiful and sensual!”  Nobody appreciates earthly beauty like Taurus does. Literally in everything he can find a unique emotion. If he wanted to share his observations with you, do not disregard his impulse.


Magic words for Zodiac Signs6

“What will we try next time? What comes to mind? ” Twins are the universal source of movement and new ideas. Creativity is its fuel. Thus, support in him the desire to create something unique and immerse yourself in it with your head.


Magic words for Zodiac Signs10

“We can stay at home today, I will prepare a delicious dinner”  Despite the fact that the homebody Cancer and so likes to cook himself, the way to his heart still lies through the stomach. The more you take care, the more he gives you attention.

a lion

Magic words for Zodiac Signs2

“I do not cease to admire you!” Perhaps no one likes success and attention to his person more than Leo. As long as your compliments are sincere, he will adore his only queen.


Magic words for Zodiac Signs9

“I lack patience. Please help me figure it out! ”  Virgo is the embodiment of peace and loves to analyze every situation. There is no such problem that he could not solve. A virgin becomes even happier when they need his help.


Magic words for Zodiac Signs1

“It is important for me to know your opinion.” The  champion of partnership is Libra. Give him the opportunity to be part of an important business and you will see his eyes shine.


Magic words for Zodiac Signs7

“You’re the only one I can tell you about …”  Scorpio appreciates sincerity and respect. As soon as you share your secret with him, you will immediately touch his heart and he will trust you with all the most confidential.


Magic words for Zodiac Signs3

“Why don’t we just pack up and go somewhere?”  Even if the trip is definitely not planned for the near future, the thought of it will warm the heart of Sagittarius. He loves adventure, so fulfilling your desire will be the goal for him.


Magic words for Zodiac Signs5

“No one can do more than you!”  Capricorn has a rare combination of ambition, patience and responsibility. A little flattery in his address does not hurt, so he continued to work tirelessly for the sake of your happiness.


Magic words for Zodiac Signs11

“Maybe it’s worth doing things differently ?” The  freedom-loving nonconformist Aquarius is always looking for a reason to stand out from the crowd. Support him in those undertakings that no one else before him has done and he will become yours alone.


Magic words for Zodiac Signs4

“I feel much better with you!” Compassion and sympathy always go hand in hand with the sign of Pisces. Let him feel the emotional connection between you as much as possible, then he will always have the strength to give you happiness.


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