Love at work has brought many statistics into its wake. But the truth is that no one knows exactly how big it is. However, if Cupid hits the office, chances are it will turn into a drama.

A quarter of American companies add a “love” addendum to his employment contract as it happens that romantic relationships come to parasitize productivity. This addendum does not strictly forbid all relations between colleagues, but forces them to reveal to human resources if there is a relationship. Moreover, we expect people who coo between the clock and photocopier that it does not interfere in their professional relationship. This clause crossed the Atlantic and it is “rife” today also in Europe.

Can your employer fire you because you are in a relationship with a colleague?Yes and no. Of course, he can not forbid you to go out with one of your colleagues since this is in the private domain. On the other hand, as soon as your romance interferes with your work, the area of ​​action of human resources is larger, because it directly affects your productivity. Relationships between an employee and his or her superior make the situation even more difficult since it entails gossip and suspicion of favoritism.

When the serenade turns into a nightmare
Everything is fine as long as we stay in pink candy. On the other hand, as soon as the honeymoon turns into a moment of gall and other weapons, atmosphere and work may suffer. Rupture can be accompanied by persistent rancor, demotivation, lack of concentration, or even depression. The problem can get worse when one of the partners is married. Are colleagues in the know and play the game when the person cheated on the phone or arrives unexpectedly? All this can plummet the atmosphere and thus disrupt your work.

Love made easier by the way we work
In general, love affairs in the office are better tolerated in large companies than in small businesses. If love persists and it is a relationship between a senior employee, it is commonly accepted that one of them changes jobs. With openspace and the team work that is constantly valued, there is a recrudescence of relationships at work. Just as the arrival of mobile phones and SMS has further eased the barriers. And since you spend an average of 8 hours a day and 200 days a year at your workplace, these are all opportunities to meet. According to a CareerBuilder survey on love in the office, 23% of love stories that survive the passade would end in a marriage.

No, an employee does not have that job in mind
A survey by Professor Stefan Lievens from the University of Ghent shows that 4% of respondents have already had s_- with one of their colleagues. And when it comes to simple romantic thoughts, figures go up again to 25%

Another research by Professor Iteke Weeda from the University of Wagenigen in the Netherlands tells us that one in three employees has views on a colleague and that 60% of managers have a relationship with a colleague. It is true that it is commonly accepted that managers have more testosterones.


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