Are you sure that he is the same, and is ready to be with him “both in grief and joy”? Then why tiring waiting, vague hints and attempts to catch a bouquet at other people’s weddings? It’s time to shine on your own! Be bold and honest – make an offer to your beloved yourself. The main thing – to choose the original way, because men also deserve romance!

Add a little adventurous

A ring in a champagne glass is too boring for your lover? Then you should choose a way that awakens excitement in a man and turns the proposal into a real treasure! Think up a fascinating quest with riddles, tests and obstacles. Tasks can be related to the history of your relationship and remind your chosen one about the happiest moments. In the final, the main prize will be waiting for him – a ring or a postcard with cherished words. Having survived an interesting adventure, a man will understand: even if you make an offer yourself, it’s not easy to win you!

Give care

Home, family, dog – next to your man, this ideal picture began to seem desirable and realistic? Then start with the last one: buy it or take it at a puppy shelter. On the collar, you can hang a note with an important question: “Let’s grow the dog together?” Give the puppy to your lover and when he reads the inscription, tell me about the most important thing. Who can resist such a nice offer? In addition, taking care of your little four-legged friend will unite you, make you even closer and be the first step towards a joint future.

Stop the moment

Do you want to capture an important moment, but do not want someone nearby to be a third? Or are you afraid that the presence of a photographer may make a man suspicious and spoil a surprise? Come up to the question creatively and invite him to a photo booth instead of a restaurant or a roof, so typical of the proposals. While the camera is preparing to shoot, ask an exciting question, and may the sincere emotions of your lover be saved in a memorable photo.

Shout about love to the whole world

Or at least for the whole of New Arbat, a street along which thousands of people walk daily. If your man is a romantic and lover of wide gestures, please his truly beautiful offer. Orbit gives you the opportunity to display important words on a huge screen in the center of Moscow: just log in via social network and leave a message on ORBIT-PROMO.RU. Soon it will appear on the media facade at Novy Arbat, 2, and your man will see an impressive offer while walking along one of the most beautiful streets in the country. Be confident and feel free to show feelings!

Do not sing a song?

Let the serenades under the balcony remain for men, but a simple and sincere song about feelings will allow you to show your talent and reach the heart of your chosen one. A few basic chords on the guitar, honest and pleasant words – a gentle musical message will surely touch and conquer it. Execute the song after a romantic dinner: it is not so important how you sing and how the guitar is tuned, the main thing is how the man is tuned. If he is happy and impressed, then let the proposal itself be the final chord!


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