He believes he’s always right, so discussing it with him can be extremely unsightly.

If you’ve ever been in a relationship with a ram, you’ll know that making a guilty conscience is nothing unusual for him.


Nobody can be as forgiving as a Taurus.

He claims that he can forgive, but with every next argument he rubs his partner’s one or other mistake from times long past.


He is jealous and can’t do anything about it. He sees a threat in every person who approaches his partner.

Gemini’ jealousy is usually unfounded and results from their own insecurities and fear of losing their loved one.


Cancer can often be clingy. It is difficult for them to be separated from their loved ones.

Therefore, they will keep calling and writing until their partner is fed up with all the attention.


The extremely competitive lion always wants to be on the winning side.

He’s a bad loser and can’t stand it if his partner does better in life, career, or even something as trivial as a board game.


Criticism is definitely the most toxic attribute of a virgin man.

You can never do anything right for him; there’s always something he thinks you need to improve. His striving for perfection makes him so critical that sometimes he can hardly be endured.


He eats his feelings – the good and the bad.

The Libra man ignores problems instead of solving them, and if he collapses there is nothing left to save from the relationship because it will be too late.


Nothing is ever his fault – the world has conspired against him.

As if! The scorpion would much rather blame you than admitting that he made a mistake, and this can become extremely toxic in no time.


The thirst for adventure that lies in his blood and his seductive nature make the shooter a walking commitment phobic.

It is difficult for him to spend most of his life with just one partner.


Silence is typical of an ibex when something bad happens in his life.

When it is upset, it switches off completely. He is also known for his emotional inaccessibility.


Aquarius can become very passive in a relationship and let his partner do all the work.

So if all efforts come from your side, he will have no problem taking as much as you let him.


He is a dreamer and very emotional, which is actually good, but too much of a good thing can quickly get bad.

Pisces tend to relate drama in every way. Everything becomes turbulent for no reason because it creates problems where there are none.


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