Love is one of the most powerful feelings that a person can experience. Often this is the love of money, power, or certain things. But in most cases it is love for another person. It is this kind of love that inspires us, makes us commit insane acts and real feats. The feeling of love is incomparable with anything, it is unique and inimitable. And if in reality a person does not have love, he begins to invent it.

If one assesses the love of a person as if from the side, then one can notice that the image of a loved one or a loved one living in the heart does not coincide with the real image of the object of love. In such cases, relatives and friends are perplexed: “What did he find in her?” We tend to idealize the object of our love and give it the best, in our opinion, qualities. From this it follows that love , even real, and not invented, is a very subjective feeling.

In most cases, at first a person experiences not love, but love. Thanks to her, he attributes to his beloved or beloved qualities, which in fact they do not have. It can often be noted that when the euphoria of feelings of love passes, a person becomes disillusioned with his chosen one, and cannot understand where all those positive qualities that he had previously had gone.

But if the majority of positive qualities existed in a person earlier, then after love has passed, disappointment does not come, and love turns into love – a deep and long-lasting feeling.

It turns out that love and love can be invented by man. This happens when a difficult period comes to life and you need to be distracted, or if a person cannot recover from a previous relationship. Then we choose our object of love and give it the most ideal, sometimes just incredible qualities. Think of yourself as a teenager: surely you had a favorite musician, actor or athlete. Remember how you dreamed of your idol, hung his photos on the walls, and considered him to be the best in all respects, even though you did not even know him.

If there is no real love in your life, try to invent it yourself. A man in love looks wonderful: a mysterious gleam in his eyes, a flying gait, a slight smile on his lips … In addition, love transforms our inner world, increasing efficiency and increasing creativity. A person becomes attractive to others – and there is not far before real love appears on the horizon.

Invented love is a wonderful psychological method, thanks to which you can increase your self-esteem and become an attractive and interesting person. Use this method, and true love will surely come to you much earlier than you think, and there are facts.


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