Diseases of the signs of the Zodiac – Very useful INFORMATION !!! Since each sign of the Zodiac is responsible for a part of the body, organ or system of organs, you can successfully use this information to diagnose a person by horoscope. Having carefully studied the horoscope, it is possible with a high degree of probability to point out the most vulnerable places of the human body, along which the disease and the time when the mechanism of the disease is launched, will go.

In this case, the disease is formed not only by the solar sign, but often by the signs and planets that are most damaged by negative aspects. The most negative aspects, according to my observations, are the compound and the squares (especially the evil Tau-squares).

When writing this article, I used my accumulated experience, which was verified with the data of astrologer Larisa Nazarova (I recommend reading this author’s book to anyone who is deeply interested in medical astrology).

Aries Diseases

The master of Aries Mars is associated with the upper part of the head, the face (without the lower jaw), the brain, the maxillary and frontal sinuses, the eyes, the outer and inner ear, the teeth, the nose. Mars also provides oxygen to the brain through blood circulation. In astrology, Mars provides the principle of activity, in the body it is muscular activity that enhances gas exchange in the body. The better the muscles work, the more physically active a person is, the better his cells are saturated with oxygen, the less he gets sick.

If the energy of Mars is not fully utilized, it leads to various injuries (when a person is dissatisfied with something, he is bruised all the time), inflammatory diseases, headaches, and disorder of the cerebral circulation. If Mars or Aries has intense aspects in their horoscope, then problems with blood circulation and energy depletion are very likely.

Problem Mars often testifies to a strong irritability of a person who takes all his strength from him. Constant emissions of adrenaline lead to nervous exhaustion, and when the body is weakened – it begins to cling to various sores. “Favorite” diseases of Aries – inflammation, fever, neuralgia. Unused energy of Mars is against the carrier itself and can cause great harm to health.

Therefore, in the prevention of diseases in the affected Mars, sports are mandatory, which will enhance health and make a person stronger and more resilient. In addition, Aries simply need independence, they need to feel that a lot in life depends on them. Since Mars is especially strong in the masculine maps, this statement is especially true for all men – the sense of being the master of the situation makes a man strong and confident. However, slavish submission is also contraindicated for women with strong Mars – otherwise all this will result in aggression and health problems.

Taurus Diseases

As a rule, Taurus has good health, if the horoscope is not very impressed. Taurus has a great ability to resist disease, and if everything in his life is harmonious (the ruler of Taurus is Venus – the goddess of beauty and harmony) – then he will not be seriously ill.

But if there is no harmony, then Taurus can become depressed and his body’s resistance will greatly decrease. Taurus’s weakest point is the throat, so all sore throats, pharyngitis, laryngitis and other throat ailments are his loyal companions. The throat often becomes a hotbed of infection for the entire body.

Taurus also includes overweight, diabetes, and thyroid disease. In addition, Tauruses are prone to diseases of the genital sphere (in the opposite sign of Scorpio). The best cure for this mark is a pleasant and well-paid job. It is also very useful to sing Taurus – the whole organism is stimulated through voice vibrations. A good outlet for Taurus is working in the garden, growing flowers.

Gemini Diseases

The ruler of Gemini – Mercury is responsible for nervous activity, and is associated with the cortical system of the brain, in which thought processes take place. He is responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses to the commands of the brain, and this is the essence of Mercury, as a conductor and mediator. Frequent Gemini diseases are nervous disorders, insomnia, and vascular dystonia. Gemini is also responsible for vision (therefore, there are many myopic among the representatives of this sign), speech, respiratory system, hands and fingers.

In stressful situations, Gemini can be quite speechless, they may have difficulty speaking, stuttering. Often, representatives of this sign suffer from nervous cough, bronchitis, asthma. For Gemini boredom and immobility is destructive. They need to be in society, to communicate, to move a lot, to learn something new – then their vitality will be in order and the disease, even if it appears, will quickly pass. Also, the twins are shown breathing exercises and sports in the fresh air.

Cancer Diseases

Mistress of Cancers – the Moon controls the stomach and esophagus, as well as the process of digestion and assimilation of food. Any information that goes to Cancer, he must, what is called digest. If the “food” is not absorbed – it is rejected – this is the essence of the psychology of Cancer.

Cancer also controls the body’s fluid, mucous membranes, but most importantly – the mucous membrane of the stomach. Therefore, if Cancer is not satisfied with life, if he has constant stress, then all sorts of gastritis, ulcers, indigestions, nausea, and other manifestations of “gastric” ailments are pursuing him.

If Cancer is not satisfied with his family life (and he is rarely satisfied with it), then he falls into neurasthenia, which also finds a way out primarily in diseases of the stomach. In women, the moon is also associated with maternal function and breast, therefore diseases of the reproductive sphere and mammary glands (tumors, mastitis) are possible.

For health, Raku needs home comfort, timely and proper nutrition, water treatments, work that brings satisfaction. Do not forget the Cancers about the cycles of the Moon, especially about the full moon and the new moon, during which you need to ensure yourself the most sparing mode.

Leo diseases

Leo is the most vital sign of the zodiac, because its ruler – the Sun – is a symbol of life itself. Leo is associated with creative disclosure, creation, love, eternal life, manifested through the birth and upbringing of children. Leo is the central sign of the zodiac and it controls the central organ of the human body – the heart. If Leo’s heart aches, it means that he could not realize himself, could not achieve recognition. Confession and love – the key to well-being and good health of Leo.

If in the horoscope of the solar Leo there are tense aspects to the Sun, this will create difficulties in realizing your “I”. Negative aspects to the Sun create obstacles in creative self-expression, problems in love, childlessness. As a result, Leo is deeply unhappy, his heart is squeezed by anguish, which is the first sign of angina pectoris.

A lion who does not receive the proper love ceases to radiate love, he may develop serious heart and vascular diseases. The pledge of Leo’s health is the presence of love in his life, not only from others, but also to himself.

Leo needs to learn to love himself, not to accumulate hurt feelings, not to become hardened, but to maintain magnanimity, in spite of everything. In addition, it is extremely important for Leo to find a cause in life that would bring him joy and the realization of his talents. Only then will Leo flourish, quickly get out of all diseases, and will delight those around with the beauty and breadth of his soul.

Virgo Diseases

Virgo in the zodiac is in charge of health, she loves to care for her body. Therefore, if Virgo fulfills the principles of her mark: take care of her health and follow the rules of hygiene, then she can outlive her stronger peers. Virgo has two rulers – Proserpina and Mercury.

The first planet is responsible for the immune system, the second is associated with the activity of the left hemisphere of the brain. Virgo’s weak point is the intestines – many ailments of this sign begin with digestive problems. Flaccid intestinal peristalsis weakens the entire body, liver, nervous system.

Diseases begin to cling to Virgo – which ones exactly – will show aspects of this sign. In addition, Virgo can suffer from overvoltages (after all, this is the most industrious sign of the zodiac!) Up to a nervous exhaustion. Since Virgo is sharpened by intellect, prolonged brain strain can lead to severe mental fatigue and neurosis. Virgo needs to remember that her health is closely related to her activities.

The work should be to the Virgin in joy, it should contain the necessary analysis and synthesis for Virgo. This sign should be carefully taken care of the intestines, not to allow constipation, poisoning – it is important to monitor the quality of the food intake. It is also necessary to comply with the regime of work and rest, be serious about diet.

Libra Diseases

Libra is the patron saint of Chiron – he is responsible for harmonious relations with society and the world. Therefore, for Libra is very important among people, they are more than other signs in need of society, in a partner. Finding the perfect partner is the meaning of life for many representatives of this sign. The second ruler of Libra – Venus gives Libra charm and sensuality, sharpening for good relations. If Libra’s personal life or marriage does not add up, Libra is deeply disappointed, which can severely undermine health.

First and foremost, Libra suffers from kidneys. Another weak point of this sign is the lumbar spine and nervous system. Also, the disease can go through the endocrine system, which is the most important factor in maintaining homeostasis in the body. The homeostasis is broken, in other words – the harmony in the body, and the diseases begin to overlap one another. Therefore, if Libra is in a depressed state for a long time, this is a signal that it is necessary to pay attention to the kidneys.

Otherwise, chronic infections may begin, the metabolism may be disturbed, the spine may ache … The main guarantee of Libra’s health is psychological harmony. Any conflicts are destructive for the representatives of this sign, it is important for them to please everyone without exception. It is important to pay attention to the appearance, because internal harmony begins with external harmony. It is necessary to spare the lumbar region and from time to time to do urine control tests.

Scorpio Diseases

Scorpio is the strongest and most unusual sign of the zodiac. The master of Scorpio – Pluto rules death, s**, mystery, deep transformation, magic, the ability to resurrect from the ashes. All superpowers of a person are connected with Scorpio: the ability to survive in the most inextinguishable conditions, to overcome insurmountable difficulties, to look into the very depths of the unknown … Scorpio lives, as they say, on the verge.

Outwardly calm and withdrawn, he seeks or creates critical situations – it is in such situations that he feels fully. He is attracted by risk, extreme, borderline states of consciousness, s**ual ecstasy. If Scorpio does not find a way to release a powerful s**ual energy, then it becomes unusually conflicting and poisonous – it will not be good for anyone who has fallen into his path, and if there is none, then Scorpio himself.

Unrealized Scorpio energy unusually destructive. This leads to various mental illnesses (phobias, mania), a problem with the genital area, with small pelvic organs (uterus, bladder, rectum), with the endocrine system. In severe cases of defeat Pluto malignant tumors occur.

Typical diseases of Scorpio are s**ually transmitted diseases, ectopic pregnancy, diseases of the rectum. The path to health in Scorpio is through the culture of s**ual life and the development of the ability to go towards a partner. If Scorpio can give up his passions and live in the name of others, then he will live a long and happy life. Scorpio can miraculously conquer even the most terrible and incurable diseases – if it has an incentive and the meaning of life is not lost.

Sagittarius Diseases

The ruler of Sagittarius – Jupiter is considered to be the planet of happiness, good luck, ideological searches and social justice. From Jupiter Sagittarius receive cheerfulness, energy, the desire to help and patronize others, to teach everyone life, to strive to expand the boundaries of their consciousness. Sagittarius from birth, as a rule, endowed with good health, love sports, travel, active lifestyle. Since Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System, and in everything that Sagittarius does, scale is felt.

They don’t like to be mean about trifles; the most important thing for them is to formulate an idea, set a task – and how to carry it out, let other zodiac signs decide. One of the archetypes of Sagittarius is Prometheus, who brought fire to people, for which he was chained by the gods to the rock, where an eagle flew every night and pecked his liver.

The liver is one of the weaknesses of Sagittarius, therefore all liver ailments (cirrhosis, cholecystitis, hepatitis) are frequent satellites of representatives of this sign. In addition, the energy of Sagittarius is associated with the hips and pelvis. Therefore, fractures of the pelvic bones, neuritis and sciatic nerve impairment are also in the risk zone of the Streltsy.

Constraint, the impossibility to manifest scope in affairs are detrimental to the Sagittarius – this plunges him into a severe depression, and if you cannot change the situation, then a disappointed Sagittarius becomes cynical, “junk”. Bile poisons life not only Sagittarius, but also his entourage. Other diseases of Sagittarius are obesity and sclerotic processes. Sclerotic changes lead to vasospasm, which can cause strokes. To avoid health problems, Sagittarius should always have a big goal in life. As soon as he has a new idea – the blues flies from him overnight. And if, at a hearty meal, Sagittarius recalls the vulnerability of the liver, then it will easily bypass all ailments.

Capricorn Diseases

Capricorns often have poor health in childhood, but with age it is strengthened. This happens because the ruler of Capricorn – Saturn has a reputation as a malicious planet until a person learns how to work with its energy. And it takes years and even decades. Over the years, along with self-discipline, patience, humility and asceticism, health improves, vitality increases, and Saturn gives a person extraordinarily valuable qualities – wisdom, hard work, originality of thinking. Sometimes the energy of Saturn is compared with the cross, which a person needs to carry all his life.

Therefore, the backbone and the joints are the weakest point of Capricorn: the burden may be too heavy … Particularly heavy loads on Capricorn are knee joints, which are the reference points of the entire skeleton. Among the frequent diseases of Capricorn are arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, sclerosis, radiculitis, paralysis.

Often Capricorns have bad teeth and skin. The second ruler, Uranus, can trigger bone fractures, hemorrhages, convulsions, gallbladder rupture. The thorny path of life and unbearable stress often leads Capricorn to tears, which can lead to illness. Capricorns are ill for a long time, recover slowly and often the karmic meaning of the disease is a rest, which Capricorn really needs.

Rest Capricorn just needed. If the activity of this sign is connected with physical work, then passive rest is shown: theater, cinema, beach, forest or just at home with an interesting book. If the work is sedentary, then Capricorns definitely need to play sports, spine exercises and swimming are especially useful. Also, this ascetic psycho-type should not forget about good nutrition: fruits, meat, nuts, be sure to include in the diet foods rich in calcium: cottage cheese, cheese, milk.

Aquarius Diseases

The ruler of Aquarius – Uranus gives him such a powerful “electric” energy that not every representative of this sign can manage it. As a result, the lightning that occurs in the Aquarius brain beats him. For example, Aquarius may be so keen on some idea that it will greatly overload its nervous system, which, together with Mercury, controls Uranus. But if Mercury controls the transmission of information in the nerve cells, then Uranus is responsible for all nervous tissue and ensures the highest nervous activity of man.

Under Uranus there are also all the fine structures: the brain, eyes, the auditory nerve. Prolonged and intense brain activity leads Aquarius to sleep disorders, hysteria and nervous disorders, which manifest themselves on the somatic level. It can come to light in the form of heart disease, gallbladder disease or weakness in the legs.

Among the typical diseases of Aquarius – thrombophlebitis, leg cramps, pinching of the sciatic nerve, ankle sprain. Also to the “Aquarius” sores include neuralgia, visual disturbances, circulatory disorders (strokes, heart attacks). Among Aquarius frequent accidents with electricity, lightning, radiation.

The best cure for diseases for Aquarius is to support friends, unusual activities (other worlds, secret knowledge), various adventures. It is important for Aquarius to master the principle of the second planet of the ruler of the sign of Saturn – to learn self-discipline and planning, then the results of Aquarian’s mental tension will be visible not only to him, but also to others, and recognition will be a balm for this sign that saves from all ailments.

Pisces Diseases

The ruler of Pisces – the planet Neptune is associated with the right hemisphere of the brain and is responsible for abstract thinking, therefore Pisces more often than other signs live in a world of dreams and fantasies. Fish are incredibly sensitive, so the imperfection of the world is almost unbearable for them.

In the quality of protection, Pisces uses self-deception and a departure from reality, hence such “fish” diseases as alcoholism and drug addiction. On the physical level, Pisces is associated with the endocrine system (since Neptune is responsible for glandular tissue), the lymphatic system, which, firstly, cleanses the body, and secondly, is part of the immune system.

While Pisces is dreaming and swimming imposingly in the ocean of their invented world – they are healthy and vigorous. But as soon as Pisces has to face the harsh realities of life and survive prolonged stress, the body begins to accumulate adrenaline decay products and the lymphatic system is clogged with poisons.

The clogging of the body with toxins leads to allergies, various skin diseases, the most common of which are eczema and psoriasis. If Pisces has an allergy, then the immune system has failed. In addition, the vulnerable place of Pisces is the psyche. Fear and anxiety lead to sleep disturbances, anxiety, obsessive states. Vision may suffer, including internal, which in the normal state of Pisces is developed incredibly well.

With the energy of Pisces associated foot, so it is also a weak point of this sign. Fish often suffer from flat feet, deformities of the foot and toes, foot fungus, cracked heels. Pisces need to carefully monitor the health of the feet, do a foot massage, which helps to remove negative energy and restore balance in the body. In general, since Pisces is a mutable sign, they are characterized by incomprehensible states and unclear diseases that are difficult to diagnose and treat. Pisces often develop intolerance to drugs, which further complicates the treatment process.

Basically, Piscean disease is called “from the nerves” and the disease recedes when the source of constant stress disappears. But if there are no negative aspects to Neptune or Pisces in the horoscope, then Pisces will most often find a way to get out of any unpleasant situation. Pisces should not lose faith, it is their rear and their support. Even in the most difficult situations, sincere faith that God will not leave us works miracles.


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