If we were to adopt an eternal perspective, how different would our marriages be like?
If I see marriage with God’s eyes, I would see…

… a beautiful union of two children of God that reflects the intimacy among God the Father, Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit.

… Christ’s faithfulness to the church as I commit to my spouse till death do us part.

… God’s forgiveness as I forgive my spouse’s sins.

… God’s grace as I give and extend grace when we mess up.

… God’s redemptive power as He restores the hurs and brokenness in our marriage.

… a lifetime of opportunities to be sanctified in Jesus because we will magnify each other’s sins.

… God’s sovereignty in orchestrating two people’s lives and weaving us together.

… God’s goodness for blessing such a wonderful man to me.

… God’s unconditional love as my spouse loves me in spite of my imperfections.

… that my joy does not come from how happy my husband makes me but in how I delight in God.

If you were to see your marriage with God’s eyes, what would you see?


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