If you’re into astrology, chances are you know who your sign is most compatible with, and who your sign is least compatible with. This is the kind of knowledge that some people pick up even when they don’t particularly care about astrology. Some of this stuff is even embedded in pop culture if you really think about it. While these basic things are important and can help you avoid some awful relationships, that’s not really all there is when considering star signs and relationships. Some of the worst relationships are the ones you find yourself stuck in. The relationship may not be a total mess, but it’s not really filled with love and happiness, either.

It’s a horrible feeling knowing that you’re settling for someone who might not deserve you, but it’s an even worse feeling when the person you love is just settling for you while they look for someone better. Let’s get real here: a ‘good’ relationship is relative, and if someone says that they’re too good for you, you’re probably too good for them. That being said, while you might have a perfectly nice relationship with some guys, the two of you might be settling for each other, or even end up resigned to being stuck with each other, which is even worse. Here are the 25 worst star sign relationship combinations where if a man finds himself in these relationships, he’s probably settling.

25-A Cancer Man Won’t Fight With A Sagittarius Woman, But He Won’t Talk To Her Either

A Cancer man and a Sagittarius woman seem strange together because they really don’t have anything in common on the surface.

The Sagittarius woman is a wandering spirit while the Cancer man needs to have roots put down in order to feel happy.

However, these two won’t really fight because they both like to avoid conflict and go with the flow, so communication here would actually be pretty good and they’d bring the best out in each other. However, they might also feel like the other could never understand them so they just won’t talk to each other. They could have great communication skills together, but it wouldn’t matter if they won’t talk to each other.

24-A Virgo Man Will Get Along With A Virgo Woman, But The Love Won’t Last

A double Virgo relationship can be a real issue because while both of them will get along, the issue here is that these two won’t learn anything from each other and they won’t become better people. That’s a real problem for Virgos of any gender because they need to feel like their significant other motivates them to do better. Instead, these two will create an insular little world for themselves instead of doing anything new. Eventually, the love just won’t be there and they’ll have to leave each other to find someone that compliments them.

23-A Capricorn Man Might See Hope For The Future With A Gemini Woman, But They’re Not Naturally Compatible

A Capricorn man and a Gemini woman will have a hard time in a relationship together, but out of all the relationships where there’s trouble starting out, these two could actually end up happy together for a really long time, maybe even forever.

The issue here is that while these two make each other better people, they’re not often as patient with each other as they should be.

They also sometimes have issues giving each other what they need to really thrive. Once they work that out, it’s pretty smooth sailing, but it’s far easier said than done.

22-A Leo Man Won’t Find Love With A Scorpio Woman Since Both Need Power All The Time

A Leo man and a Scorpio woman won’t work out super well, despite what you may think. The Leo man needs to be in the spotlight and craves attention, and the Scorpio woman is totally cool with letting him have that spotlight. That is because the Scorpio woman doesn’t care about getting the attention in the relationship, she cares about power. These two alpha personalities need to have the power, but what saves them is that the Leo man and the Scorpio woman have different ideas for what power means. Unfortunately, that often isn’t enough.

21-A Leo Man Will Try To Make It Work With An Aries Woman But Once The Adventures End, The Relationship Ends Too

A Leo man and an Aries woman make great friends and companions, getting along well together.

If there’s a couple on your Instagram feed that’s often making you feel jealous of the many adventures they go on together, that couple is probably made up of a Leo and an Aries.

That being said, these two need things going on or else they’ll feel stuck or bored, so, unfortunately, the relationship tends to die when the adventures do. That means these two will often find ways to keep the fun going so they don’t feel tied down.

20-A Scorpio Man Won’t Feel Comfortable With A Scorpio Woman

A double Scorpio relationship is honestly going to be a mess. This is because Scorpios of any gender need someone in a relationship that’s going to compliment them, not mirror them. They need someone to fill in the gaps that they can’t fill, not take on their bad habits. On top of that, because these Scorpios are mirroring each other, they’re essentially showing each other the things they hate most about themselves, which leads to discomfort and self-loathing and makes it that much harder for these two to love each other.

19-A Gemini Man Won’t Find Love With A Taurus Woman Because They’ll Stress Each Other Out

A Gemini man and Taurus woman will just stress each other out. This is because while these two will have fun together, they need different things in a relationship that the other just won’t be willing to give them.

The Taurus woman needs stability and that’s not really in the Gemini man’s natural vocabulary.

Meanwhile, the Gemini man needs the freedom to do what he feels like and be unpredictable, which will make the Taurus woman feel a little lost. It’s just a lot of stress that doesn’t need to happen.

18-A Cancer Man Will Try To Find Love With An Aquarius Woman, But It Will Never Work Out

A Cancer man and an Aquarius woman are, more often than not, doomed. This sounds crazy because, on paper, these two should work out fantastically. These two understand the other’s needs and speak each other’s language, so that should be that. However, these two just don’t click naturally. The Cancer man will get frustrated by the Aquarius woman’s natural detachment from the world around her, while the Aquarius woman will get annoyed by how needy the Cancer man seems.

17-A Scorpio Man Won’t Find Love With A Gemini Woman Because They’re Much Too Alike

A Scorpio man can’t find love with a Gemini woman because they’re honestly just too alike. You’d think that wouldn’t be an issue but it totally is for these two, because both are just too stubborn. On top of that, both of them can be a little cold and neither of them is good at admitting when they’re wrong.

Fights are a huge issue, and they can get intense because both the Scorpio man and Gemini woman fight pretty dirty.

It’s just a lot of saying things you’ll regret and hurting each other before things end.

16-A Leo Man Won’t Find Love With A Leo Woman Because Neither Will Play Their Position

Leo men will never be able to find love with a Leo woman. Well, that’s kind of an overstatement because Leos find love together all the time. However, the double Leo relationships that stand the test of time are the ones who know how to trade off being the star in the relationship. Both Leos want to be the center of attention and in relationships, that’s just not possible. Once they find a balance that makes sure both of their needs are being met, it’s smooth sailing. However, before that understanding happens, the Leo/Leo relationship is doomed.

15-An Aries Man Won’t Find Love With A Pisces Woman Because They’re Bad At Communication

An Aries man and a Pisces woman are going to have some problems communicating, and honestly, that’s a major understatement.

The Pisces woman knows what she wants out of a relationship, but has a hard time voicing her needs.

So she’ll drop hints, with the hope that her man will know her well enough to pick up what she’s putting down. Unfortunately, an Aries man doesn’t understand subtlety, relying on clarity in order to provide for his significant other. Neither person can figure out what the other needs so the relationship just dies.

14-An Aquarius Man Won’t Find Love With A Pisces Woman Because There Are Too Many Trust Issues

The issue with an Aquarius man matching with a Pisces woman is that their emotions are on opposite ends of the spectrum, which breeds a lot of drama. Sure, this relationship isn’t a boring one by any stretch of the imagination. However, the problem here is that they seek out different things. A Pisces woman wants a life-changing love that will make her want to change her priorities, while an Aquarius man is just too distant to really empathize and feels like he needs to change to prove he loves her. There’s just too much doubt and lack of trust here.

13-A Taurus Man Won’t Find Love With An Aries Woman Because They’ll Annoy Each Other

A Taurus man and an Aries woman know how to annoy each other to death, which in turn can spell death for the relationship.

The Aries woman is going to get fed up with the Taurus man being more of a homebody than her. Meanwhile, the Taurus man will feel like they’re never in control of the relationship and that he’s the one who always has to compromise. On top of that, their values are organized a bit differently as well. Those things will get in the way of these two making a real connection.

12-A Capricorn Man Won’t Find Love With A Libra Woman Because They Don’t Bring Out The Best In Each Other

Capricorn and Libra are both able to balance out other signs in possession of more extreme personalities. However, a Capricorn man and a Libra woman will simply bring out the very worst in each other. Both signs are really materialistic, which can make them a little shallow. That being said, this relationship can work because these two won’t really fight. The problem is that while there won’t be much conflict, these two won’t really challenge each other, so they won’t grow as people. That will become a problem going forward.

11-A Leo Man Won’t Find Love With A Taurus Woman Because The Jealousy Will Eat Them Both Alive

A Leo man and a Taurus woman can theoretically work because both are strong personalities who prefer straightforward communication. However, this couple will either fizzle out fast or descend into a toxic relationship for one reason and one reason only: jealousy.

These two are the most jealous of all the signs, and that jealousy will be a real problem.

Add in these signs’ stubborn natures, meaning they’ll butt heads nonstop and find it impossible to reach even simple compromises.

10-An Aries Man Won’t Find Love With A Capricorn Woman Because They Go The Same Speed But In Different Directions

An Aries man and a Capricorn woman are basically on opposite ends of the spectrum. Capricorns tend to be pretty conservative in how they do things, though they know what they want to get out of the world and have no problem playing the game to get it. Meanwhile, the Aries man never wants to feel controlled and basically will just do whatever he wants. Both ways of doing things are valid, but they won’t see the value in the other’s approach.

9-A Taurus Man Won’t Find Love With An Aquarius Woman Because They’ll Always Pull Away From Each Other

A Taurus man and Aquarius woman will basically exhaust each other because they see the world so differently that they can’t find any common ground.

To be fair to these two, they make pretty good friends because they teach each other things they might not learn on their own, but romantically they’ll always pull away from each other. The Aquarius woman will feel stifled, while the Taurus man will feel like he’s constantly chasing the wind.

8-A Capricorn Man Won’t Find Love With An Aquarius Woman Because They Don’t Have The Same Lifestyle

A Capricorn man with an Aquarius woman is basically a man whose patience is constantly wearing thin. These two just don’t really live similar lifestyles. These two will bond over their shared view on intellectual connection, and they’ll definitely always have something to talk about. That being said, when it comes down to making a relationship work, these two will butt heads over their totally different lifestyles. They would need to find common ground beyond classic ideas in order to make things work.

7-A Gemini Man Won’t Find Love With A Cancer Woman Because They Won’t Give Each Other The Right Amount Of Support

A Gemini man and a Cancer woman can be really special when it works, but more often than not this couple is just a mess. It all comes down to foundations and support: a Cancer woman needs the support and consistency that a Gemini man simply doesn’t have the patience or the attention span to give.

The Cancer woman wants to settle down and the Gemini man just isn’t about that.

That being said, when these two get on the same page and have good communication skills, this is actually a magical pairing, so your relationship mileage may vary.

6-A Cancer Man Won’t Find Love With An Aries Woman Because They’re Not Going At The Same Pace

While a Cancer man and an Aries woman could theoretically find lasting love together, this relationship is going to be an uphill battle. The issue with these two is that they’re just on different tracks in life. The Aries woman lives a fast-paced life and the Cancer man is more content to take things slow. With the right people, an Aries woman/Cancer man relationship can go really well, but more often than not these two are just too different, and approach life too differently to find lasting love.

5-A Taurus Man Won’t Find Love With A Sagittarius Woman Because They Want Different Things

A Taurus man and a Sagittarius woman are basically a mess, romantically. Fortunately, these two make great platonic friends, but when those lines get blurred and they start trying for an actual relationship, they might find that an emotional connection doesn’t translate into a functioning love connection.

While these two will get along, what they want in a relationship is vastly different.

The Taurus man might try and stick it out because he wants to settle down, but eventually, this will end because the Sagittarius woman won’t.

4-An Aries Man Won’t Find Love With A Scorpio Woman Because They’re Both Too Hotheaded

An Aries man and a Scorpio woman are a really toxic combination primarily because they’re way too similar. Both of them are hotheads and get angry really quickly, and on top of that they both feel the need to be the best, so they’ll find themselves competing with each other over things that don’t really matter. Most likely, this relationship will go nowhere because these two will continuously struggle over power and seize any little piece of it they can get.

3-A Sagittarius Man Won’t Find Love With A Capricorn Woman Because They Don’t Share Any Values

A Sagittarius man with a Capricorn woman has almost no overlap when it comes to shared values.

The two are just so different that they might not even have any fun together. Not only will they find it hard to make a connection, they actually don’t really like each other all that much. In the event a relationship actually happens, the relationship will fizzle out before it really takes off, or it’ll basically fade into resentment.

2-A Gemini Man Won’t Be Happy With A Virgo Woman Because He’ll Feel Smothered By Her

When he’s with a Virgo woman, a Gemini man might feel smothered beyond words. These two will likely drive each other insane before their inevitable breakup. The only reason these guys aren’t considered the absolute worst astro combo is that at least they’ll have something to learn from each other, and that’s what they need in a relationship. The Virgo woman will understand that people aren’t projects and she’ll never be happy if she feels like her significant other’s parent, while the Gemini man will learn how to value his freedom.

1-A Scorpio Man Won’t Find Love With A Taurus Woman Because They’re A Toxic Combination

A Scorpio man with a Taurus woman is simply asking for trouble.

Honestly, that Taurus woman has probably taken leave of her senses as well. These two will just bring out the absolute worst in each other until the relationship implodes in a fiery inferno of toxicity and jealousy. Both the Scorpio man and the Taurus woman are incredibly stubborn, but on top of that, communication between these two will be brutal as well. This is just a toxic combination that shouldn’t happen. However, when they’re inverted, a Taurus man with a Scorpio woman, while still hard work, will have better results.


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