Let’s talk honestly about relationships and bring to light everything that puts off fantasies and dreams and think clearly. Because it is about our well-being and our valuable time – something that we spend only for the right people.

There is a big difference between a young man who has not had many relationships yet, and a mature man who has experienced a lot of love in love and yet has decided to go the “idiot” way.

I mean, come on …. What good is it to meet someone who does not bother having a real date with you?

What is the use of being with a man who is not as interested in you as you are in him? What do you expect from him?

Because honestly, if you hang out with each other, that’s not a date. Seeing someone once a week and wondering if he cares about you because he did not call you back is not a relationship. If you ask me, that’s nothing but nonsense and insult to your person.

If a man is too scared to show you in public and hold your hand, then he may not be right for you.

Because a real man will not be afraid to tie himself to a woman. He will not turn his back on you the first time you reveal your feelings to him for the first time.

On the contrary, he will do everything he can to tell you how special and loved he feels. He will not hesitate to open his heart to you and he will not be embarrassed to share any secret, thought or opinion with you, because he will finally feel comfortable in his own skin.

Because he is just looking for the same as you – he is looking for a woman with whom he can lead a happy relationship, a woman he can surrender completely, not a girl with whom he can play games!

That’s why you deserve more.

You are worth more than gold, my dear.

You are worth more than you actually believe.

You should not wait hours, days, or even weeks to respond to your message. You should never get involved in his manipulative and immature games. You should not settle for less. You should not believe every word just because he swears that what he says is true, but his actions are in contrast.

You should not let him force you to do something you do not want. You should not pretend that your relationship is okay, although it is obvious that this is not the case.

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You deserve to be appreciated and loved for what you are. You deserve to be with a man who treats you with respect and kindness. You deserve to be with someone who can not wait to spend time with you.

You should let the man in your life to whom you can really give all your love and in contrast you get his for it.

I know that the data is anything but easy these days, but you have to believe me, good guys are not myths. They’re out there somewhere, but they’re pretty rare and you have to make an effort to find them. Mostly, we overlook them because we are looking for the wrong thing in the outside.

We fall in love with the sexy package, hanging out with a drink at the bar, but just looking for an adventure, and ignoring the nice and simple-looking neighbor who works in a shelter and always gives us a smile. But what if this is the right one?

So, as I said, it will certainly not be easy to find the perfect man, but once you have him by your side, every fight and every tear you shed will be worthwhile.

Because the right man will know how to love you with all your heart. The love you desperately long for will finally put your hands around your neck and redeem you. This man will change everything that you once believed to be true.

So my dear, if he ignores your worries, if he is not interested in having a real date with you, and if he avoids showing feelings in your relationship, then he is definitely not right for you. Do not try to justify his behavior and above all do not try to find a hidden message behind his actions.

No one says that will come to nothing. He can have a yearlong “relationship” with you, even marry you. But he will not change, the relationship does not get better. And if you do not want to keep shedding tears even after years, because you still feel lonely and unloved despite a man by your side, then it’s time to become aware of your own value as a woman and as a person, and this one Sort of men to give the pass.

The sooner you realize that it’s not worth fighting for some things, the better off you will be. Learn from others ‘mistakes, listen to others’ experiences, so that you invest as few moments as possible of this wonderful, unique life in the wrong.

Life is too short, my love. That’s why you can not waste that time on the wrong guy. Give your heart to the man who has earned your love and feelings, who appreciates them and does not take them for granted. With him the good and the bad in life will be worth it.

Until then, be yourself, cherish yourself, love you, grow and learn and please – as soon as you see that a guy keeps you at a distance, ignoring your messages and phone calls and spending little time with you, tell yourself STOP and turn around. 


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