Have you been unfaithful to your boyfriend or are you being now?

Have you thought about the decision to confess to him or not?

The cleverest solution to this is honesty, to confess deception and deal with the consequences of hurting and betraying your partner.

But, you should know there is no simple rule to help you know whether or not to tell your boyfriend that you were unfaithful. For some couples, honesty can really help them start their relationship over, but for others, facing the truth can be much worse.

Keep in mind there is no answer that does not have a negative side. Being honest and open about the whole situation may seem the best solution, but the decision to keep the secret of an infidelity could also save a relationship and avoid deeply hurting another person.

When has the time come to confess?

A moment of weakness is one thing. It is quite another to have a more lasting relationship with another person involving other emotions.

Ask yourself if you spend your time thinking about the other person.

Do you talk to him constantly?

Do you think about that person?

Then, maybe you have an emotional, rather than physical relationship. In this case, confessing to infidelity is crucial.

Your infidelity could also be a sign that there are things missing in your current relationship, such as a more active s** life, or the need to be understood by your partner.

Another case in which it is best to tell the truth is when your partner suspects your infidelity. Lying and making your partner feel like he is crazy to be suspicious can be very harmful. Not only can it make it harmful for the relationship, but to your partner too, as you can make him doubt his perception.

Times when you simply have to confess your infidelity:

  1. When your new lover tries to blackmail you.
  2. If you want to break up with your boyfriend and you are trying to find some excuse.
  3. If some friend of your boyfriend catches the two of you kissing or in some other position.
  4. The last, but most important is, if your partner finds about the two of you, having the necessary evidence. If this happens, do not let yourself to tell him that it’s not what it looks like.

When should you not confess?

If you are unfaithful and your mistake makes you value your relationship more. You realize its importance and repent. Then, perhaps the idea of confessing is not the best. It may relieve you of telling the truth, but the harm you might cause to your partner can be much worse.

Think about what caused the infidelity and what lack in your relationship led you to betray your boyfriend. To live with the secret, you have to know how to deal with guilt. Make a huge effort not to let it affect your relationship and find ways to calm your peace of mind.

While lying is considered to be bad, there is no obligation to tell the truth. This type of request varies according to each person and relationship.

Another recommendation to clarify this is to ask yourself what kind of relationship you want. You are probably looking for one based on honesty and trust which results in a better intimate and emotional relationship.

Confessing an infidelity is difficult, something that embarrasses you and will probably change the perspective your boyfriend has of you.

If you want to save your relationship, think about it.

The damage of infidelity is already done; the facts can no longer be changed even if you decide to confess it or not. Can you live with your mistake, learn and continue with your relationship? Can you take the consequences?


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