Any woman who has a beloved man at least once, but doubted the sincerity of his feelings. After all, men are creatures cunning and cunning, and they can easily create the impression of love.They will give you compliments, give presents and look after you in every way, just to be in bed with you. But love implies deeper feelings. In fact, to understand what your man really feels towards you is rather difficult. However, there are several indirect signs, like body language, that can reveal his true feelings. If you observe several such signs, then most likely his feelings for you are completely different from what he says.

1. A man suddenly appears in your life, and then also suddenly disappears. At the meeting, he is very attentive and courteous, and after s** it becomes completely different or completely goes away, referring to urgent matters.

2. Forget the saying about the path to the heart of a man and his stomach – men love with their eyes. If you catch his admiring glance even after a few years, then this is definitely love. And by the way, the fact that you are at home is not yet a sufficient reason to look at home, otherwise he will look at you less and less.

3. A loving man always takes care of his woman. Because of their individual characteristics, they may do this a little differently, but they are always concerned about the comfort of their loved ones. An egoist and one who is not in love always thinks only of himself, and he will not ask for your opinion.

4. The words of a man in love rarely disagree with the case. If he misses you, he will call you regularly, if he wants to see you, he will quickly figure out all things and come. If he only promises, and does what he wants, then this is an alarming sign.

5. If a man is inattentive to your problems, then he is unlikely to have deep feelings for you. A loving man will always support in difficult times and will not leave you.

6. A bad sign is also a situation where your man does not introduce you to his friends. Friends for men mean a lot and this is normal. And if he does not introduce you – it means that he does not plan to maintain a long relationship with you.

7. Another indicator is familiarity with his parents. If a man does not introduce you to them, then apparently not planning a long relationship.

8. Men are very kind to their cars, so if he put you behind the wheel, then this is a sign of special trust in you.


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