The first wedding night is the beginning of a new life of two lovers’ hearts, this night fills future intimate relationships with energy.Of course, it is difficult to imagine that the first wedding night will be magical after you got up early on your wedding day and spent the whole day on your feet. From the very beginning you were doing make-up and hair-dress, and in the meantime you were worried about the upcoming wedding. And in front of the whole day in a dress with a tight corset, a trip in a limousine, a photo session, and finally, a feast in a restaurant. The holiday continues until late at night, and even until the morning. What kind of wedding night is there? The only thing that newlyweds are capable of after such a marathon is to sleep in a deep sleep. Hence the simple conclusion – the wedding night should be organized not on the night after the wedding.

In preparation for the first wedding night, everything will matter, but above all the venue. There are a lot of options, everything will depend on the size of your wallet, time of year and personal preferences. Naturally, you need to strive to ensure that the night was romantic, so that the option of a night walk on a yacht is an excellent example. 
Next, you need to make sure that your chosen place was properly decorated. It is desirable that you were surrounded by flowers. Here the choice is also at your discretion.
Even if your first wedding night will be held in the apartment in which you will live with your parents, you can make it unforgettable. First you need to send parents to the cottage, to relatives or friends. If parents are sleeping behind a wall, then there is no time for romance. Next, you need to decorate the apartment and especially your bed. Candles, flowers, silk bedding – everything will be used. The main thing to include fantasy.

In order for the bride and groom to have strength for a stormy night, you need to take care of a light dinner. In this case, seafood would be particularly relevant. The dishes must be served good wine or champagne. The main thing is not to overdo it with alcohol.

After dinner, you can proceed to action. However, you should not hurry, it is best to start with an erotic massage, using special aromatic oils. After the massage, you can go to love games. Fortunately, there is sex in our country today, so it’s easy to find relevant literature if necessary.


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