Do you want to nurture Love in your relationship and learn to express your feelings? How to please his / her partner everyday? Your relationship is on the verge of crisis and you hope to revive feelings?

Couples are often complex and you can quickly ask yourself these questions that will gradually increase your overall stress.

However, to improve your daily life and to maintain love in your relationship, it is necessary to define actions and to look at their results.

I regularly notice that we all seek to maintain the feelings in our relationship by seeking the exceptional while the simplest actions are very often the most successful.

Do not forget to say the magic word … “Thank you! ”

It is obvious that over the months and years, you could take your habits with your partner. In this case, you may not be able to identify what his good deeds are in order to thank him for that.

Here is a very simple first advice to put in place, that of saying “Thank you” to your partner when he / she will work to make you the meal, to iron your shirt, to mow the lawn, to recover in emergency the children at the nursery … In short, to facilitate your daily life.

It is also an action that will encourage your partner to make more effort in the hope of making your married life better .

How about anticipating your partner’s needs?

The best way to nurture love in a couple is to anticipate your partner’s needs. Imagine being able to perform the action that will satisfy your spouse without him / her having asked you?

It’s possible ! For this you will need to put in place a regular reflection on your efforts to provide in the daily and the results that you get.

I recommend that you take a few minutes on Sunday evening to analyze all your good actions of the week and your mistakes in the management of conflicts, in communication or in the expression of your feelings.

Thus, you can best anticipate its needs and program the little touches of everyday life that strengthen your love .

The right state of mind is already 50% of the work!

To start acting immediately, it is essential that you adopt the right frame of mind. What is it?

It’s very simple, I force you to wake up each morning with a big smile and to stay positive in all circumstances.

The more positive mood you have in your relationship, the better the stability of your relationship.

Sometimes these 3 tips to maintain Love can not be enough because your couple is in real perdition. In this case, it is necessary to fuel your efforts by taking a distance. This one will be able to recreate links during your reunion and allow you to value your good actions.

There is no point in placing yourself in demand and wanting to impose yourself. You should rather wait for the right moment by fueling your efforts with a strong personal rebuilding.


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