How to keep the relationship between a man and a woman? Usually it is this kind of relationship that concerns more often than others.

We are not always able to save things that we use every day from damage or breakage. We prefer to place the most valuable behind the glass for safety and not to touch it. But these are hard objects, and then they break or wear out.

What to say about the relationship with your loved one – a very fragile substance? Save and improve relationships, not touching them like a valuable crystal vase, will not work.

Here, the only effective way is to touch! Touch the “sore spots” of the relationship.Access Bars session

For example, to disassemble the cornerstones in family relationships:

  • What are the rights and responsibilities of the family?
  • How to avoid family conflicts?
  • How to get away from affection in a relationship, and reserve the right to freedom?
  • how to keep the relationship after treason?

Ask why stir up family troubles, is it not better to pretend that everything is fine. Maybe.

But soon you will be overwhelmed by this rockfall of problems and silence, and analysis of the psychology of relationships will no longer be enough. What is it about? – health troubles will be added: migraine, depression, chronic pain, including gallstones and other parts of the body. Do you think they arise from errors in food and a harmful lifestyle? Not here it was – here the reasons are much deeper!

How to keep a good relationship? 32 ways

Do not be alarmed by this figure, now I will explain everything and show you.

When I offered to touch the problems in the relationship in the family, with a loved one, I mean in the literal sense. On the human body there are 32 active energy points, which are used in the Access Bars method. In translation, the name of technology means points (channels) of consciousness or awareness. Bars, or you can meet the Russian-language name “Bars”, are widely used by experts around the world.Access Bars session

Access Bars has its advantages:

  • This is a method for the lazy.

Yes, yes, do not be surprised. In the session there is no need to strain, squeeze the truth out of yourself, or remember the unpleasant moments of your past. A professional works with points on the body of a person who lies with his eyes closed in a state of relaxation, light or deep sleep.

  • not everyone who asks for help is ready and willing at the first meeting with a psychologist to share his problems, especially in personal relationships, in the intimate sphere.

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Paradoxically, but the conversation hardly comes to this, as a person chooses the second between “how to maintain a relationship?” And internal protest. Its “dirty underwear” in the first place unpleasant to himself.

Technique Access Bars helps to remove the blocks of psychological resistance without words. When touching the special points, the internal protection weakens, therefore getting and alleviating the problems turns out faster and easier.

  • The Bars method is a fast technique that saves you time and money, respectively.

Earlier, 10-20 years ago, it took many hours to obtain a noticeable result in working with any psychological problem. Especially, guilt, resentment, loss of loved ones, in the same series as maintaining love in a relationship, a relationship with a loved one.

Session Access Bars allows you to find the cause of a negative state easier and faster. You know, it looks like a well with muddy water. You can take a teaspoon of water from the top, and you can dive deep and clean the source itself, after which the water in the well itself will become clean and clear.

What points of Access Bars help preserve and improve relationships?

From 32 points Bars Techniques are the best to help preserve relationships:

  • point of life creativity,
  • Center of Kindness and Tranquility,
  • communication point
  • Points of Hope and Dreams.

Access Bars session

Soft touch to the points of Baram :

  • removes negative attitudes in relations with a partner, husband, loved one,
  • helps build love relationships with ease
  • eliminates sex blocks,
  • discovers the freedom of communication and creativity in relationships.

Everything can be changed. The main thing is the willingness and desire to let go of the past and accept change for the better.

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Relationships must develop into love, into a family, and not into a lump in the throat, which prevents to live.

Now, in order to skillfully start relationships, know how to save relationships and love, improve them, an accessible and useful Access Bars method has been invented.


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