Going on a first date can be so nerve-racking, especially if you don’t know the guy too well. We’ve all been there before, and we all know how easy it is to get super anxious before the first date. It’s hard not to get all worked up! You know how it goes — you stand in front of the mirror for an hour, trying on outfit after outfit, just imagining what you’ll look like in his eyes. You wonder if your mascara looks right, you wonder if you look too fancy or not fancy enough, you debate over whether or not you should straighten your hair — the list goes on and on

Most importantly, you start worrying about how you can make a good impression on this guy. You start practising exactly what you’ll say to him and you try to predict how he’s going to respond to you. You get sweaty palms and flushed cheeks just thinking about flirting with him. Trying to figure out how to impress a guy on the first date is hard, but if you know his sign, it will be that much easier. Here’s how to impress him on the first date, based on his sign.

20-Fire Signs: Be Bold, Confident, And Self Assured

If the guy you’re going on a date with is a fire sign, don’t let him see that you’re feeling a little insecure — if you’re not feeling super confident, it is time to just fake it until you make it!

These guys are impressed by bold, confident women, because a fire sign guy needs a girl who can keep up with him!

Plus, these guys tend to be very social and love to meet new people, so he needs to know that you’ll want to go to parties and events with him and be eager to make new friends, too.

19-Aries: Take Him Somewhere Exciting

Aries men like to live on the edge, so when it comes to impressing an Aries guy, you don’t just want to take him on any old date. No, you really need something that will knock his socks off. This is the type of guy who would do something absolutely wild on a first date — seriously, if you asked an Aries guy to hang out with you and then told him that you wanted to go skydiving, he would be all in. Why not see if he wants to go to an amusement park and ride some rollercoasters for the day?

18-Leo: Invite Him To A Party With Your Friends

Yes, all men born under fire signs do tend to be social butterflies, but Leo men definitely stand out in this category.

These guys could walk into pretty much any room and have five new friends within an hour or so — they just never get nervous about talking to anyone.

If you really want to make sure your Leo guy has a good time on the first date, you should consider taking him to some kind of social event rather than just hanging out with him one on one. Make it a group date and invite some of your friends.

17-Sagittarius: Don’t Plan Anything — Just Go With The Flow

Sagittarius men are super laid back — that’s no secret — and every woman who has ever dated a Sagittarius guy knows that when it comes to making concrete plans, they pretty much have no interest. They need to know if you’re the kind of girl who can go with the flow because they don’t really work out well with women who have more Type A personalities. Want to prove that you’re the right one for him? Pick him up at his house and then tell him that you two can just see where the day takes you without making a schedule.

16-Fire Signs: Don’t Waste Time With Subtle Hints

Here’s another super important detail that any girl who is interested in a fire sign guy needs to know — there is no point in being subtle with these guys. Seriously, they would rather be with a woman who can be honest about her emotions from the get go.

Don’t feel like he will be scared off if you don’t play it cool — he will really appreciate it if you’re just open about your feelings and say what’s on your mind.

He doesn’t need subtle hints or anything like that — he just wants to know how you really feel about him.

15-Earth Signs: He Doesn’t Need Anything Elaborate

Want to know the great thing about dating a guy born under an earth sign? These guys are totally “no frills” when it comes to, well, anything. They put a lot of effort in when it comes to planning their days and such, but they don’t need you to reserve a table at the fanciest restaurant in town for a date.

They just want to spend some time with you and have a good night — that’s all there is to it.

So if you don’t want to plan something crazy, there’s no pressure on you to do so — what a relief!

14-Taurus: Cook A Delicious Dinner For Him

If you’re interested in dating a Taurus guy, here’s what you should know — they tend to stick to pretty tight budgets. This is another reason that these guys typically don’t plan fancy dates — they are always trying to save.

Plus, they just tend to find a lot of joy in all the simple things in life. They don’t need to spend a lot to be happy.

Instead of planning out a traditional date, why not invite him over to your place and cook his favorite meal? You can make it quite romantic with some candlelight, and a tasty dessert, of course!

13-Virgo: Offer To Help Him Out With Something He Needs

So, when it comes to Virgo guys, what you see is pretty much what you get. Just like Taurus men, these guys are no frills, straightforward, and don’t need much to make them happy.

You can plan out pretty much whatever you want to do for a date and they will still be satisfied.

So, what can you do to go the extra mile and impress him? These guys are always busy and have so much on their plates. Lend him a helping hand with something — he’ll really appreciate your offer, and you will have an excuse to see him again.

12-Capricorn: Get A Little Bit Competitive About A Hobby You Both Have

Okay, this might seem like it goes against all of the dating advice you’ve ever heard before, but trust us, it’s actually a great idea when it comes to Capricorn guys.

That’s because they love women with ambition, and there is no better way to show him that you don’t hold yourself back for anything.

Does he play a sport? Does he love a particular video game? Is he a fast runner? Make a joke about how you can totally beat him, and watch him rise to the challenge! You two will end up having a great time hanging out.

11-Earth Signs: Don’t Go Too Over The Top

Honestly, when it comes to planning a date with a guy born under an earth sign, the key is really to not put too much thought into it. If he can tell that you’re super nervous and trying too hard to impress him, he might not think the date is going so well. Just relax, be confident, and be yourself. That’s really all he wants to see. And the truth is, you don’t need to go out of your way to impress an earth sign guy. He will just feel so lucky to be spending quality time with you.

10-Air Signs: You’ve Just Got To Be Yourself

Men born under air signs are definitely independent and they are always going to be looking to date women who are unafraid to be themselves.

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, a bookworm or an athlete, a world traveler with endless wanderlust or a homebody who would rather hang out and watch Netflix, he will fall head over heels for you if you just have the courage to be yourself.

He doesn’t want a girl who is just trying to fit in with everyone else — he wants a girl who has the strength to march to the beat of her own drum.

9-Gemini: Surprise Him By Planning Everything

Gemini men are very spontaneous, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that they’re as laid back as Taurus men generally are.

Here’s the thing about Gemini guys, they’re not great at making plans and keeping dates and times together, but if someone else is willing to step up and do the planning, they always appreciate it.

So, if you really want him to fall head over heels for you, find out what he really likes to do and what his hobbies are before the date. Then, surprise him by doing all the planning and figuring out all the details.

8-Libra: Wear Something That Really Expresses Your Personality

Libra women and Libra men are absolutely the kind of people who will always take notice of what their friends are wearing! No one thinks twice when Libra women put in lots of effort to dress well, but some people are surprised that Libra men care so much about looking nice. If you want to date a Libra guy, just know that they are very visual, and if you really want to impress him on the first date, spending a little extra time picking out your outfit and getting second opinions will definitely be worth the time and effort in the end.

7-Aquarius: Focus On His Unique Interests

Aquarius men are definitely super independent. They never feel the need to conform to anyone else’s standards, and they don’t mind standing apart from the crowd when their opinion differs from the norm — they’re not going to change their minds to please just anyone.

So if you really want to catch the attention of an Aquarius man and have an incredible first date, it’s totally essential that you find out what his unique interests are in advance.

Ask him lots of questions about his hobby and show that you appreciate all the things that make him so different from other guys.

6-Air Signs: He Likes Women Who Stand Out From The Crowd

Really, the most important thing for any woman to know about dating a guy born under an air sign is that you simply need to let your real self shine through if you want to have a chance with him.

These men can just see when someone is faking it.

It’s one thing to take a couple of extra steps to impress him (obviously, he won’t be upset when you show up looking amazing), but don’t try to pretend that you have the exact same interests as him or share all the same opinions. He will know if you’re being dishonest.

5-Water Signs: Don’t Hold Back Your Feelings

Guys born under water signs are super emotional, so if you’re already feeling like you’re falling head over heels for him, you don’t have to hold back! Yes, you can go ahead and tell him that you would love to be with him on the first date — he may not be ready to jump into a relationship right away, but he is probably going to be open to the idea.

These guys never hesitate when it comes to love.

If he wants to be with you, he will be, and you don’t have to hide your romantic feelings for him.

4-Cancer: Give Him Some Kind Of Adorable Gift

Cancer men are so romantic and sensitive — they absolutely love the feeling of falling in love, but they do get nervous about first dates. Why? Because these guys tend to get their hearts broken pretty often. It’s sad, but it’s true. So, to put his mind at ease, see if you can think of a good gift idea before the date. Cancer guys love getting (and giving) gifts. If you can think of something special for him, he will feel a lot more relaxed about the date, and he will really appreciate that you took the effort to find a gift.

3-Scorpio: Don’t Bother Playing Hard To Get

There are many guys out there who would prefer that a girl plays hard to get. After all, a girl that announces her strong feelings right off the bat can be intimidating, right? Not to a Scorpio guy!

That’s because Scorpio guys are also super intense about their own emotions, so they want to know if a girl feels the same way before they get too invested and set their expectations too high.

So, if you’re going for a Scorpio guy, don’t think that the first date is too early to tell him how you feel — just say those words!

2-Pisces: Make The First Move

Pisces men are also prone to getting their hearts broken. They can’t help it — they fall for women so easily when they first start dating, but as they get older, they get a little jaded because they’ve been rejected so many times.

Because of this, they are usually hesitant to make the first move or be the first to say how they feel. So if you’re interested in a Pisces guy, just know that it might be a good idea for you to make the first move instead.

He will definitely feel relieved when you take charge of the situation.

1-Water Signs: He Wants To Know How You Really Feel

What do all of these men born under water signs have in common when it comes to dating? They just want to know how you really feel. Seriously they do not like to play games or waste time — it’s not because they’re in a rush or because they feel desperate for a relationship, but it’s just that if a water sign guy meets a woman he likes, he would rather just cut to the chase and get together. Why play hard to get if you could already be happy together, right? That’s how he thinks when it comes to first dates.


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