Let go of all the things going away. They were never meant for you anyway.

Every goodbye has good at its root. Sometimes we just need time to find it. The thing is sometimes we need to look for it really closely. It’s a long and complicated process.

After a breakup, you have to have time to grieve, to contemplate your loss. You reflect on everything,  all the bad but mostly good scenes that happened during your relationship.

It’s like the repeat button in your head is switched on and you don’t know how to stop it.

You can’t stop the tears either. Maybe you aren’t supposed to. You are allowed to cry don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Crying is good for you. It cleanses your soul. The pain comes out through tears. The pain gives you the strength to fight and move on. 

After you pick yourself up again, you see that not everything is that hopeless that there are far better things in front of you than the ones you left behind.

The first and the best thing you got from goodbye is a fresh start.

You have to value that chance of starting over in every aspect of your life. All the problems you had in your relationship are left in the past. And your future is as you make it.

It should be like that regardless of your relationship status. But sometimes we lose ourselves in the process of loving someone else.

We adapt and change things. We make some decisions that were good for both of us—now it’s all about us. The time has finally come to put ourselves first. 

The chance to discover our own way—that’s the second thing you get from goodbye. It gives you the chance to be the person you really are.

You give more emphasis to self-love. It was all about the other person or it was all about ‘us’. The time has come for you to love yourself more.

You have to be satisfied from within and realize that you can make it on your own. That’s the basis for you to achieve everything you put your mind to.

Hard times reveal true heroes.

You will realize you are your own hero. You will mend your wounds, you will rise no matter how many times you fall. You turned your pain into your superpower.

Other than yourself, you can rely on your family and friends.  It’s easy to spend time with somebody when everything is going great but when hardship and darkness knock on our doors it’s a whole different story. 

The ones that stood by you in this phase are really unique. They deserve all of your love and respect. You learned to appreciate them even more.

You are stronger now. It sounds like a cliché, but it’s God’s honest truth. You find strength within you didn’t even know exists.

Love hurts differently and more profoundly than anything else. When your heart is ripped to pieces and you find a way to put it back together, that’s where you learn your own strength.

You realized you deserve better. You don’t have those rose-colored glasses anymore.

You can see clearly now, and all of a sudden, you realize that not everything was that perfect. As the healing phase passes, you become more aware of that.

You didn’t even realize all of those bad things. You know how it’s not him that you are missing. You miss the idea of him.

At the end, when pain is gone, you are happy that everything happened the way it did. You are glad you experienced the love and everything good and bad inside of the relationship.

You learned a lot. You learned to take life as it comes. With all of his ups and downs. You know you can suffer and endure pain. And it’s part of the growth you have to go through. And smile when it’s all over.

You are happy that it happened and you are grateful for that goodbye.

It spread your wings and made you fly.


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