Two or three years after the start of a relationship, lovers begin to wonder whether their love is not a habit, and how to distinguish one from the other. Some people start to think about it because of their insecurity, others because of suspicion.

According to psychologists, the habit is nothing more than a “lightened” version of dependence, and if a habit has arisen, then love has gone. There is also a point of view that love without a habit just cannot exist. The ancient Greeks were generally convinced that the habit is one of the sides of love between a man and a woman or between relatives.

In fact, love is often difficult to distinguish from habit: the same routine family evenings, joint efforts and joys, walks and travels. However, when there is love, regular repetition of the same events brings pleasure, and when there is only a habit, such events bring only a feeling of discomfort. And it constantly accumulates.
In addition, some people themselves do not want brighter and stronger feelings than those that they already have. They rejoice in what they have, and in such emotional conservatism there is nothing bad. For them, this is a guarantee of stability of relations.

One of the main differences from love habits is that it is very much concerned with everyday life and joint actions. Such couples together simply because they are accustomed to each other, but at the same time they often start each other’s company. There is nothing special to talk about, the range of topics is narrowed down to 2-3. Physically, they are close, but spiritually on different continents. Of course, there are situations when such a situation does not in any way cause a person. So the couple is quite comfortable together, convenient and even beneficial, but they do not feel the joy of the presence of a partner. Sometimes people agree to such relationships only because they know that they will endure loneliness more heavily.

Why don’t such couples break up? First of all, this is because habits are vital for them, and stability is more important than risk. It is difficult for such people in other life situations to decide on changes. There is nothing bad here, just such a psycho personality.

In such people, even if this happens infrequently, the habit can turn into love over time. Often this happens after jointly experienced troubles and shocks.

And although the habit is not love, but there is nothing bad in it, if this situation suits everyone.


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