To understand how to be interesting for a man, let’s see what interest is in general, and for example let’s take a couple that has become known not so long ago.

Interest is a manifestation of attention to something, to someone. In our case, to a partner in a relationship. And what does it consist of – the one who wants to captivate and become a companion for life? Like any person, of three parts: body, mind and soul.

The most popular way to interest a man is to attract him with his appearance and forms. On this is built the whole world industry. Fitness, fashion, cosmetics, plastic surgeries, diets – all this huge mechanism works thanks to a single woman’s desire (!): To lure the stronger s**.

But the psychology of relationships is a very subtle thing, and does not like rude interventions with pumped h*ps or silicone br**sts.

It is also known that “the path to the heart of a man lies through the stomach.” Like it or not is not so important, but the fact that they love to eat tasty is an indisputable fact. And now attention! How does your darling feel when you are full? He loses interest in food. Do you understand? He is full, he wanders his eyes in search of something more exciting than a juicy, fragrant piece of meat. And always will be. After eating a man will want to satisfy the strongest hunger – curiosity! ..

Therefore, we proceed to the next method, how to be interesting for a man – with the help of the mind. For some reason, this property of the weaker s** is not favored.

Although those who know a lot about life prefer in women exactly the most s**ual quality of her – the mind.

In ancient Greece, heteras were famous for their ability to talk and have an opinion about different areas of life. The powers that be came to them not for s*x, but for communication. But here, too, there is a fine line – not to become a “blue stocking”, setting forth dry knowledge, but to lead a cozy conversation in a sincere atmosphere.

And here we go to the third part, how to be interesting for a man – spiritual qualities. Respect, love, creativity, mood. Men are more likely to pay attention to women, radiating joy. But as for the nature of the sublime, there is a danger of “flying into the clouds”, where to stay, not noticing earthly life and the environment.

What am I leading to? .. The main secret, how to be always interesting for a man is the harmony of three components: mind, body and soul. The question arises: “If a woman skillfully develops all of the above in herself, why does she need someone?” And here we come to the main point:

how to be interesting for a man? – means to be interesting to yourself!

Externally, hobbies, inner world – to be happy. After all, if you think about it, in the attention of a man, a woman is looking for confirmation of her qualities, which means she doubts them.

As an example, Anna Mironova and Jacob Stolman are the heroes of the detective series. How do they lure each other? – its self-sufficiency. Do you understand? The goal is not s**ual desire, but the desire for personal self-development and support to make the chosen one stronger – that is the true passion !

In conclusion – a little secret how to be interesting for a man –

when a woman is passionate about herself and her favorite business, a man has no choice but to win at least a small fraction of her attention to herself.


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