How often it happens: you try to find a man to once and for all, but instead of the contented mumbler, another frivolous rake tucks up that marinated you for a certain amount of time, but you didn’t have plans to live with you …

And it happens the other way around: non-binding communication with a man turns into a serious romance and even marriage. How so? That’s because in the first case, the relationship was easy for him (or non-binding), and in the second, ease reigned in the relationship. In an alliance that does not oblige to anything, it is difficult for a woman, because she wants certainty, and she begins to demand it from a man, gets offended if he does not advance in a relationship, tries to push or adopt his initiative.

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 Remember: difficult relationships do not last long – this is the law! And if the relationship is light, pleasant and joyful, filled with positive emotions, then both men and women wish to continue them. Perhaps for you it is still messy and incomprehensible. But let’s continue the conversation, and you will understand everything.

Carry me, cab driver!

Remember the proverb: a woman with a cart, a mare is easier. Often women are heavy in relationships: loaded with bitter experience, when they were betrayed several times, offended, disappointed – in a word, professionals on flying out of a wagon – they believe that now you need to cling to a man with all your strength in order not to fall down again. However, such a heavy ballast is useless for a man. Therefore, he will get rid of him, and all will again end in departure – read: a break in relations.

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But that is not all! For a man, the light must not be a woman, but the journey itself. So that he himself would like to seat a woman on his cart and take with him, that is, take him as a wife, and not drop him halfway to the altar, inviting the other maid to sit with him.

But a woman, as a rule, does the opposite: she clings to a man, as if she ties a goby to a peg, wanting him to graze on her meadow. She doesn’t know that for this it is necessary not to tie, but to make YOUR meadow beautiful and desirable! So that the bull stayed there with great pleasure, and at the neighbors the grass seemed to him more yellow …

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Retreat from funny metaphors: you need to bring ease to the process of relationships. Do not push a man into imposing himself, but give him a motive for conquest. Otherwise, he will do everything to slip out of your tenacious embrace, leaving you with a broken heart and wet pillows in the night. Then you will complain for a long time: “Oh, he is such a rascal rascal!”

But in fact you made mistakes yourself! And, while there is a chance to do everything correctly and accurately, I will give you my author’s recommendation on how to bring ease to relationships, and not to make them easy for a man.

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Dressing table of male interests

You do have a personal arsenal, where do you keep cosmetics, accessories, perfume? Create the same useful set of qualities and skills that will allow you to remain interesting for the man and give him a pleasant feeling. Here are the most necessary of them:

1. Remain a woman – both in behavior and in communication.

Let him try to show himself as a man, running after you, and not you behind him. And the more courage he has, the more chances you have of serious interest on his part. In communication, avoid male initiative, directive communication models. Involve the stock of “strong” female roles: Lady or Goddess, Inspirer, Women-Wives. Slightly season them with the notes of a Girl, Mistress, Caring Mom, but don’t go too far – these are weaker roles. Be different for him, but equally pleasant (by the way, I tell a lot about women’s roles in my webinars and articles – come in and shake your mustache).

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2. Shine the skill of easy communication.

To do this, confidently support the topics of conversation, ask questions and skillfully answer them, know how to serve “tasty”, carry yourself. It is very useful skill to easily pass sophisticated provocations. And a man will be very happy about your generosity for compliments – this is one of the fastest ways to a man’s heart.

3. Turn on body language.

It is a powerful tool for influencing a man. Pay attention to your gestures, gait, static and dynamic positions, look, voice – in general, how you communicate with a man without words. How to learn this? Just focus more often on graceful, plastic movements. At home, dance and relax more often, rehearsing a conversation in front of a mirror in different outfits and accessories, so that when you meet you do not look like a grandmother or wooden Pinocchio in his eyes.

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4. Be the mistress of their relationship.

It is the woman who is responsible for the “weather” in them. Masterfully go through quarrels and unpleasant situations in a relationship, gently bending around sharp corners, controlling the amount of criticism and disputes between you. Do not burden the relationship with regular removal of the brain to a man, but, on the contrary, broadcast a pleasant energy, feel a man, give attention, caress, care, smile.

5. Grow. Accumulate female wisdom, study male psychology – knowledge does not put pressure on your shoulders.

This will help you learn how to build a union “in length” (for many years), and also cleverly distinguish between dead-end and prospective relations.

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