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There are so many different things that our zodiac can teach us about ourselves and our personalities as well as the people we date. It can tell us our likes and dislikes, and our strengths and weaknesses.

You may already be aware that we can find out if we are compatible with another person based on our zodiac sign as well as theirs. Believe it or not, but it can even tell us what kind of person we are in our relationships and how we may act when we fall in love with someone. As well as what we may or may not do when we really aren’t into the person that we are dating.

If you are curious to know if you can actually trust your partner, all you have to do is look at their zodiac sign, and it will be able to tell you. Did you know that some signs are more trustworthy than others? If you have ever wondered about any of this, you have come to the right place to find the answers that you have always been looking for!

Continue reading below to find out how men and women are in relationships based on their zodiac sign. You may even be able to gain some insight into your own relationship tendencies as well.

24-Aries Women: The Most Trustworthy

Aries women will go right along with what her partner wants to do when it comes to going out and having fun, even it what they are doing would seem like a “manly” event. But don’t get them wrong either, because they are still very feminine want to be treated like a woman and do the “girly” types of things. I guess you can say that they will roll with it, and can enjoy the best of both sides. They also happen to have a childish side that needs to be embraced.

When it comes to Aries women being in love with someone, they will always remain faithful. Their partner never has to worry about them going astray. They are also very trustworthy women. Actually, out of the entire zodiac, they are the most trustworthy sign of all. However, the bad news is that when it comes to unresolved issues from their past, they may create a web of lies to keep things hidden. They may not always offer up the information unless asked. But don’t fret because Aries women like to keep things moving forward, so they don’t look toward their past.

When Aries women aren’t in love, however, they tend to make things a bit difficult, and the relationship can be compared to a never-ending rollercoaster ride.

23-Aries Men: Will Fight For Who They Want

If you are expecting an easy relationship with an Aries man, you are wrong. They tend to find it easier being alone unless they really fall for someone. If you were to go on a date, it might consist of sports when you really wanted to see a romantic comedy at a movie theater instead. He is not really that romantic when it comes down to it, but he will try to do the typical things that they think women will like such as flowers, candy, and an adorable teddy bear. At times, he may even do the exact opposite of what you like.

Usually, when an Aries man is in love or has found someone that they find themselves really drawn to, they will go to the end of the world to make that person his. He will fight for who he wants if he has to in any way. However, at times, he may revert to the exact opposite and be at a loss as to how to show his emotions. This could even infuriate him if he cannot find the words that he is looking for.

When it comes to trusting an Aries man, if he is really just not that into you he will see you like a toy that he can just play with and put back when he is done. He will not see the need, to be honest with you. He is then not one to be trusted. But if he is into you, and you happen to be the one he truly desires, then you will be able to put your trust in him.

22-Taurus Women: The Easiest To Date

Taurus women happen to be one of the easiest women to date out of the entire zodiac. They are the kind of girls who don’t need romantic, fancy, and expensive restaurants because what they really like is a small place near home, whether it’s pizza or Italian, instead. These women sometimes get taken for granted by the person they date really easy because of their compassionate nature and the way they are able to understand others very well.

Taurus women can be like your mother, your cook, your lover, and your best friend all wrapped up in one amazing package. When they fall in love, they have this radiant natural glow to them and their amazing smile. They are the type of women who will give up everyone and everything to make her partner happy.

Taurus women take the time and effort to get to know their partners, and at the end of the day, if they feel the person they are with is worth it, they will gradually begin to trust them. This is because they have a deep-rooted fear of being hurt. They will be trustworthy as long as their partner is open and honest with them. If they get lied to, they have no problem lying in return.

21-Taurus Men: Need To Be Motivated

Taurus men can be lazy, and they often require a loving push from their partner to become motivated. They would rather lay around and be the spoiled boyfriend while they let their girlfriend do all the real work at times if he is left unmotivated. When a relationship is new to them, it seems exciting, and they will willingly want to get up and do things. But when they get comfortable, they may still need that extra push to keep them on track. Otherwise, he may even bore himself.

However, when they are in love, they can make a great partner. They have the tendency to do romance the right way, beautiful sunsets together and all. When he feels great about himself, he will do almost anything to win over the one person who has grabbed his attention the most – the one he truly has fallen for and loves. Being with a Taurus man can become a breath of fresh air for their partner. Very relaxed without any extra drama or stress.

When it comes to their trustworthiness, if he is in love then his partner will be able to put their full trust in this man. He would be very true to you, and never let you down. However, when he is with someone that he cannot relax and be himself around, they tend to lose all credibility when it comes to trust.

20-Gemini Women: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Gemini women aren’t one for a routine. They don’t like to be tied down, and they are very spontaneous and love to try new and exciting things all the time. Routines will bore them and make them want to take flight. When they feel trapped, they feel like it’s the end of their world and their independence. When dating them, try taking them to different venues, concerts, restaurants and more. They may even be the type that you could take skydiving to keep up with their wild side.

When Gemini Women fall in love, they will want to be around their partner and everything will feel just perfect. There can be lots of hanging out, cuddling, and all of that stuff that seems new and exciting. Kind of like young puppy dog love. But don’t interpret that as having a Gemini woman locked down because as easily as she stumbled and fell in love, she can just as easily fall back out of it.

When it comes to trusting a Gemini woman, as long as you give her the room she needs to speak, and you do not try to restrain her from speaking her mind, she will feel no need to lie to you. However, she may tell small little white lies about her everyday life to spice things up but nothing more. If you try to lock her down and restrict her in any way, she will begin to spew large lies very easily.

19-Gemini Men: Like To Spice Things Up

When a Gemini man is into the person that he is dating, he loves to be spontaneous and go to all kinds of different, new, and interesting places. There is no way that a person could get bored with this man since he likes to keep things interesting and spice things up a bit. Gemini men may not be the most reliable or dependable people in the world, however. He doesn’t intentionally try to let the person he is in a relationship with down; it just tends to happen that way sometimes. They like a partner who can get things done on their own and that are fully independent.

When Gemini men are in love, their moods, feelings, and the way they act change like the seasons. He could go from being fun loving and wanting to be with the partner more and more to put some distance into the relationship and maybe even come off as being cold. That does not necessarily mean that they love their partner any less. Gemini men love to live in the moment, and rarely want to stop and fully think about the future. He may even tend to get on his partners never when they try to plan things out for the long haul.

When it comes to putting trust into a Gemini man, you may be highly disappointed because, for the most part, they tend to be pathological liars. There is no telling how they will feel or act when tomorrow comes. However, he will share his life with the person that he is in love with.

18-Cancer Women: Want Long-Term Relationships

Cancer women can be very easy to date. Don’t bother taking them to a rowdy bar or a noisy restaurant because they tend to love a quiet, intimate setting where they can really get to know the person that they are dating. However, if it does happen to be a crowded place, they would rather it consist of people that they know. They often prefer their partner to be knowledgeable and have common sense than anything else – someone educated. They would also love someone who shares their love of traveling because more than anyone else they love to see the world.

Cancer women can understand what their partner is going through in life thanks to their compassionate nature. They make amazing listeners who also have the ability to place themselves in another’s shoes. When it comes to the person or people that they love, they feel the need to be very protective of them. They have a motherly instinct to them. And when they are emotionally stable, they prefer to be in long-term relationships that will last. They want to do what they feel is normal like settle down, get married, and have children. Women under this sign are also very unselfish and can often feel hurt when they are with someone who doesn’t feel the same way they do.

These women are very trustworthy and will do anything to keep the peace and love in their family – unless they are very hurt.

17-Cancer Men: Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

Cancer men are not for the people who love great adventures, and they could become boring to other signs that crave some excitement. They are the type of guys to take you to a nice family owned restaurant where the food is simply amazing. They don’t often need to take their dates to fancy and expensive dining establishments to sweep the person they are with off of their feet. Their partner may be surprised to find that they are often great cooks and won’t mind a nice, cozy, romantic dinner for two. Even if a guy under this sign wouldn’t have the cooking trait, he and his partner could team up in the kitchen to cook something up together. If you’re into going for nice walks together, these guys will make the perfect fit.

When Cancer men are in love, they can be intuned to their parent’s emotions and needs and often want to connect on a deeper level. They don’t really flock toward conflict, and when things get crazy, they have been known to stay calm. They can sometimes give their partner the silent treatment when they are irritated or angry. They are tender, loving and caring.

When it comes to trusting a man under this zodiac sign, he is very trustworthy. At times, he may confuse his partners need for privacy as being dishonest. He sometimes feels the need to protect himself against certain things in the world and will hold some of his secrets very close to him, but for the right partner, he will start to open up. The person he loves never has to worry about him looking for another’s company – meaning he won’t stray or ever cheat.

16-Leo Women: The Person They Love Becomes Their Sun

Leo women want to be treated well and with respect. Sometimes these women can be seen as high-maintenance, but this all actually depends on their upbringing and background. If they have have been overly spoiled growing up, you can expect them to want to continue to be spoiled with extravagance. But if they were raised to be down to earth, they will be satisfied being brought anywhere. They can turn anything into a good time, and their laughter and smile can be infectious. They want to enjoy the world and forget about anything that makes them sad. They can have extremely high energy levels and can achieve anything, and they may expect their partner to be the same way.

When they are truly in love, the person they are dating will automatically be able to tell because they would do literally anything for their partner. They may come off as seeming self-centered, but when they are in love, that person will become the person they revolve around like the sun. They would go to the ends of the world for their partner. When they aren’t really into someone, they can sometimes treat that person unfair. Leo women are very outspoken and sometimes lack the ability to know when to be quiet.

You should be able to tell naturally if a Leo woman loves you are not. When they are in love, you can fully trust them without a doubt. Because of their loving heart and giving nature, they will try never to let down the person they love and the truth will flow out of them with such great ease.

15-Leo Men: A Fairytale Come True

If a person has ever dreamt of a true fairytale, a Leo man will be their prince charming. These men are known to be the king of the zodiac. They often make their partner feel like a princess and will show them their love in extravagant ways. They can sometimes be a bit self-centered. It is important to build a good, sturdy connection with them, although, this can sometimes feel a bit more like a challenge and can seem quite trying at times. Someone who is shy may not be too fond of the grand ways that they show their love. Because of their self-centered tendencies, to make them more attracted to their partner, they need to show real interest in them. The more interest that is shown toward them, the more interested they will become in that person.

Leo men will often show off to the person they love as a means of seducing them. When they are in love, they will show a lot of affection and want to cuddle with their partner. But when the love comes to a screeching halt in a Leo man’s relationship, he does have a major problem of never wanting to give up and let things go. He may hold on to the memory of what was instead of searching for something new. When this happens, it zaps him of all of his natural energy. They need to be able to feel those loving feelings to thrive.

When Leo men are in love, their partner will be able to trust them. But it is the complete opposite when they could care less about the person they are with.

14-Virgo Women: Feel The Need To Fix Things

Virgo women are the type who needs to be asked out in a calm and gentle way in the beginning. Things do not work out when these women have to be the ones to do the asking. They tend to enjoy the typical routine of going out of dates. But be warned: Virgo women are manic cleaners and prefer to be in clean environments. So, if a person is thinking of taking one of these women to dingy little bars, they may want to consider going for a nice walk instead. These women will not react well toward a partner who comes off as being aggressive or too bossy until she fully develops feelings for them.

In relationships and in when in love, Virgo women possess the need to fix everything in their partner’s life that may be wrong. They are fixers and will try to make everything better. They will do everything for their partner from the cooking and cleaning down to doing any work that they feel their partner needs to do. These women do sometimes need to be stopped. They strive for perfection when perfection isn’t real. They have to know that they do not have to do everything by themselves.

Virgo women can be trusted to the fullest extent because they are very loyal when they are in a relationship with anyone. The only thing that cannot be trusted about them is when they decide to stop speaking. This can lead to dangerous decision making.

13-Virgo Men: Often Feel The Need For Change

Virgo men like to try different things in order to keep a relationship fresh so that it does not become dull and a routine. When choosing a place to go out to eat, like Virgo women, they like to choose places that are well known for their cleanliness. He may even make you feel guilty if you make a mess on the clean tables of a restaurant. He will let his partner choose where to go out, as long as it’s clean, but he will typically eventually grow bored with it. These men will often feel the need for change.

Depending on their partner’s preferences, Virgo men can either be just what they are looking for or come off as being annoying. Virgo men, when in love, can surprisingly become very romantic and caring individuals. These men will only let their partner get so close to them but know better than to let go of the person that they truly love.

They will be dedicated to their partner, but sometimes it seems like there are two different personalities in these men; one that can be fully trusted, and one that can’t. Virgo men can sometimes be the type that if they find one too many flaws in the person, they are with, they will set out to look for a new one.

12-Libra Women: They Know When They Are Ready To Settle Down

Libra women can sometimes be the type that a person can casually date, at least until these women know when they are ready to settle down. Once they are ready to start settling, they will only want to look for partners who can be in it for long-term. They will start to think about marriage and making and keeping those sacred vows and will look for their perfect match. They may appear to be very clingy and needy, almost like they cannot do anything by themselves. Once Libra women know when they are ready, this is where there is no longer an in-between for these women, if they date their partner, they want to try to marry them.

When Libra women fall in love, they may start to question everything. They have this deep need for their partner to be socially accepted. If they are, and it’s real love, women under this sign will turn to traditional values in their relationship. If it turns out not to be love, they may lose their initiative and see their partner as being weak and not good enough.

When it comes to Libra women being trustworthy, they will be faithful, but they have this tendency not always to say exactly what they mean. If the connection between them and their partner is real, they will be able to be trusted. But their partner also has to be able to be intuned with a Libra woman’s emotions.

11-Libra Men: They Like To Create An Image

Libra men can be very hard to understand, at times. They may sometimes do things based on how hard they think things are. They sometimes tend to act childish and feel insulted, and often take things very personally. When faced with too much responsibility, they will bounce back and forth between decisions; essentially making them indecisive. They can clean up nicely and be very well tailored and behave like a charming gentleman. This may even come naturally to some Libra men. However, they sometimes go for the opposite when choosing a partner and may even get on their partner about their own grooming and how they dress.

They like to create an image when in a relationship with someone, and the best way to deal with these kinds of men is to show understanding for how they like to show their love to the rest of society. When Libra men are in love, they will make the decision to stay with their partner for a long time.

When it comes to trustworthiness, they can only sometimes be trusted. When they fall in love and stay in love, they will usually not cheat. But if the love fades, or if he was never in love, don’t expect him not to shop around and try new things out.

10-Scorpio Women: Search For Change And Excitement

For Scorpio women, their biggest dream happens to be finding a great partner who will treat them right. If you’re looking for someone who likes routine and boring, mundane things – you will have to keep on looking. Being with a woman under this sign may be like going on a rollercoaster ride. Scorpio women love change, excitement, and adventure. They won’t be too pleased doing the typical things like a dinner and a movie. They want a partner who will take a road trip with them, or maybe even go on a little vacation with them. When these women are given exactly what they need, they will stick by their partner’s side! They know how to hide their emotions well, but they tend to bottle things up and have been known to end a relationship out of nowhere because of this.

When in love, Scorpio women can sometimes become possessive when it comes to their partner, but they are more than prepared to get back what they give out. Since they are known to hide their emotions, they can actually become the opposite when they are in love. They tend to show their love through actions and not words.

Scorpio women can be trusted unless they are deeply hurt. When that happens, they sometimes do not know how to act and will try to get exact revenge on the person who has wronged them. Kind of like seeing their own karmic justice.

9-Scorpio Men: Can Be Very Supportive And Loyal

How a Scorpio man will act on the first date all depends on his past relationships. He could either be very open right from the beginning or be like a combination that their date just can’t seem to crack. They look for romantic places and venues, some of which their date or partner may be surprised by. As long as it can be considered romantic in any way, they will go there. They can be the kind of gentleman that will lend their coat to their partner on a chilly walk, but if that person happens to say anything that men under this sign find offensive, and the reason why it offended them may not be clear, don’t be surprised if they snatch back that coat.

Scorpio men can sometimes come off as being obsessed and possessive of the one they love. But they will always support their partner in everything they do as well as being very loyal. They sometimes may feel the need to close themselves off in order to protect their heart if the need were ever to arise. They want a love that will be gentle, and that they can be protective of. Scorpio men can have an emotional understanding with their partner, as well as have a lot of compassion for them.

When they are in love, their partner can trust them with everything they have. But, when not truly in love with someone, they can also be very cold, distant, and will care less about the other person’s feelings.

8-Sagittarius Women: Don’t Expect Them To Change

Sagittarius women love a great adventure. Doing the same old thing over and over again is extremely boring and mundane to them. They may as well be listening to a teacher speak in a monotone manner for three hours straight. They crave excitement, change, and trying new things. They often find that they cannot rely on people to give them these kinds of things. So, they usually have no problem keeping things interesting all by themselves.

They try to make everyone happy and find that their relationships are really important to them. However, they can come off as being really pushy and unrealistic at times in their attempts to be a people pleaser. They can sometimes also give trust to those who aren’t deserving of it, and too much of this can make them seem cold.

Sagittarius women often tend to fall in love quickly. But even though they like changing things up, don’t expect them to change one single thing about themselves because it honestly will never happen. They can sometimes go through the motions and think that they are in love when in reality the feelings just aren’t there. Sagittarius women often rely on their partner, as well as others, to make them happy.

Women under this sign simply cannot lie, most of the time, and will sometimes fall in love with more than one person at a time. But they usually don’t hide it very well. It can be rather easy to tell when they have something to hide.

7-Sagittarius Men: Can Be A Bit Unstable

Sagittarius men need someone equally as exciting, interesting, and maybe even a bit as crazy as they are, but they will need their partner to be able to keep enough of a rational mind to know when things need to come to a halt. This is because they tend to believe in pure luck and will attempt or try anything no matter how dangerous the activity may seem. They will usually make for a very fun date! They can still do the typical things with their partner like going to the movies or a nice pleasant walk, but this definitely will not peak their interest.

These men are typically not very stable or reliable per say. This is because there is no telling how they will act or what they will do a few hours or even a day later. But when Sagittarius men find a partner who can keep up with their manic energy, they will usually become more stable and reliable. These men need their partner to help them find purpose and a reason to believe in the future.

When it comes to love, their partner may want to keep men under this sign at a distance for a bit until they can clearly see what a Sagittarius man’s intentions are in order to keep themselves from getting hurt. But when these men fall in love, they fall quick. It’s important to keep feeding these men new challenges, almost like trying to entertain a child.

Sagittarius men do not lie very well, so they, generally, don’t even bother to try. When they are unfaithful, they will usually be upfront. There are no guarantees how these guys will feel about their partner from day to day due to their instability.

6-Capricorn Women: Will Make Their Partner Happy

One thing people should be aware of when it comes to Capricorn women, is that they don’t mind being alone. Sadly, for many women under this sign, they can self-deprecate and won’t see their own value. The people who they date need to treat them so much better than they believe they deserve. With the right partner, they will be able to fully grow into an amazing woman. They usually don’t enjoy things that are over the top, and they will be perfectly happy with the regular types of dates such as dinners, walks, watching movies, or even relaxing at home with their partner. They need someone who will be loyal in their relationship; they will happily stay with someone as long as it doesn’t appear that they have the intent of purposely letting them down or disappointing them.

When a Capricorn woman falls in love, they will try to go about it with great responsibility and weigh their options so that they know they have not chosen the wrong person. Their love flows very deeply for the person they are in love with. As long as they are satisfied with their own lives, they will stay and can make an excellent partner. They are the type of woman who can truly make someone happy.

Capricorn women are usually highly trustworthy and loyal in relationships. If their partner is dishonest with them, they believe in the old saying “an eye for an eye.” But they also believe that karma will handle things the proper way for them unless they become very angry. When anger fully strikes them, they will get justice for themselves.

5-Capricorn Men: Make The Perfect Date

Capricorn men will treat their date like a princess and do everything right. They are the perfect date. They will say and do all the right things. They will take the person they are with to a fabulous, perfect place that they will end up loving. They will hold open doors and pull of chairs. If they are the driver, they will walk their date to their door and expect nothing. But when in a relationship with their partner they often become very difficult – when it isn’t yet love. They will be stubborn, unbendable, and inflexible. There will be no way to compromise with these men.

When Capricorn women are beginning to fall in love, they will not know how to act. They may even begin to act very strangely. They sometimes tend to pass up their first love, as well as their second, but there is the chance for them to learn how to act when they have found the right partner. All of a sudden, his old ways may begin to change. He will learn to start learning about the person they are with and stop looking at them as if they were from another planet. These men are fully capable of being in love and being in loving relationships as long as that love is returned.

When it comes to trust, only when they have fully made the decision, to be honest, will they be able to be fully trustworthy. They will never intentionally try to be unfaithful or hurt their partner. However, being under this sign, they can sometimes lose control of their own actions without so much as even realizing it.

4-Aquarius Women: Are Sometimes Overly Emotional

An Aquarius woman doesn’t want to do the same thing three days in a row when she is dating someone. She wants to take things to an extreme and go skydiving, bungee jumping, and rock climbing. She may appear to be a bit out of control, but that is not quite right. She can have control if she wants it, but she just doesn’t. She wants to let loose. Her upbringing will be able to tell you if she will be easy or difficult to deal with. The better her childhood, the easier it is to deal with her extremeness. But if it was the opposite, you can also expect the opposite.

Aquarius women are not the most emotionally stable people. They don’t really want to be locked down unless they feel their inner clock is ticking. They don’t usually want traditional relationships by any means. They will fall in love with a partner who is interesting and doesn’t care what society wants or thinks. They don’t want “normal.” They carry a lot inside them but are very understanding because of this.

A woman under this sign has opposite tendencies when it comes to if their partner can trust them or not. If they are in love, and their relationship makes them feel good about themselves and secure they can be fully trusted no matter what. If they are not into the person or they start to feel insecure, they most likely cannot be trusted.

3-Aquarius Men: Can Sometimes Make Things Difficult

Aquarius men can make it very difficult to be with them even if it is just dating. There is a very good chance that they will show up late to a few dates straight or maybe even every other one. They can cancel plans in an instant and leave their partner sitting in a cafe all alone. They sometimes may even appear to have a grunge kind of look about them, or maybe more like, “Messy hair, don’t care.” He’ll want to do something extreme on dates, just like an Aquarius woman. If their partner expected a relaxing night at home watching Netflix, they need to think again, because they may be going skydiving with their Aquarius counterparts.

In love, they may want to show exactly how they feel about their partner but just can’t seem to figure it out or get it together. They may actually make their partner keep some distance in between them because they sometimes tend to think that if their partner is their perfect match, they won’t mind waiting around a bit. They tend to take things way too personally, which means if their partner doesn’t want to offend them, they have to watch what they say and do.

For the most part, Aquarius men can usually be trusted. However, if he does decide to lie or be dishonest than the relationship is most likely in a lot of trouble.

2-Pisces Women: Love Falling In Love

Pisces women are exciting and will find tons of new, fun, and interesting activities to do with their partner. They actually love going on first dates, and they have a special spot in their hearts for special occasions. They want equality in a relationship and hate when it’s all one-sided. They want the time they spend with their partner to mean something. They love romance and everything about it and can fall head over heels with someone who is willing to give that to them. But they still need the room to be able to be themselves.

Pisces women love the feeling of falling in love. They will make their relationship last as long as they can see a good possible outcome. They are known to give their partners their full undivided attention. They can be very inspiring women to the person they are with. When they are in love, things that once appeared blurry can finally become clear. However, be careful with a woman under this sign because they sometimes tend to keep an eye out for someone who will treat them better or have a better possible outcome.

These women often feel the need to lie or tell a fib if they feel like something they have done will cause their partner to become angry or hostile. This is because they are fragile by nature and worry that they will not be able to protect themselves from someone who is angry with them.

1-Pisces Men: Are Very Romantic

Pisces men happen to be the most romantic out of every other zodiac sign. They will share their love for romance with their date or partner as long as they are willing to accept it. Dating these men can seem very magical, and they can make you feel like the only woman in the world. However, their relationships don’t tend to last very long at all. It’s best for their partner to cherish the moments they do have with them because there is no telling when they will be off to the next. When their love for romance is not greeted kindly, they will just as easily give these moments to someone new.

Pisces men fall in love, and every time they do they believe they have met their one true love. Which may be true for a little while. But they are known to have many great loves, and each one tends to vary from the last as their way to learn lessons in love. No two romances will ever be alike. They will feel like they are on top of the world and cherish each partner until there is nothing left. They are always on the move and looking for a partner that will better suit their personality and needs.

When Pisces men are in love, they have no reason to be dishonest to their partner until they are done with the person they are with.


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