Breakups are some of the hardest times of our lives. We invest an immense amount of time into a particular person to only find ourselves ending up with a broken heart. Whether we initiated the breakup or not, we always find ourselves having to take some time to ourselves to mend our broken heart.

Our romantic relationships are one of the most important elements of our lives. We spend an endless amount of time with a certain individual who catches our eye and gives us the inspiration to create something together. We totally invest ourselves in the other person and completely open up. Letting our inner secrets, desires, and most importantly, our fears out in the open to the other person.

Sadly, when these relationships come to an end, we feel as if we’ve lost a certain part of ourselves to the other person. That’s why we thought it was only right to create an article that illustrates how long each Zodiac sign should be single to regain sight and mend their broken heart.

Everyone has their own internal clock as to how long they need to figure out their next steps. Even though breakups are incredibly hard, remember that you have endless strength within yourself to work past it all. We’re positive that you will eventually regain your happiness through taking some time to yourself.

Sit back and get ready to find out as to how long it will take for you to mend your broken heart after a breakup!

24-Aries Woman: A Couple Of Months

You’ve completely invested yourself into your previous relationship and are pretty down to figure out that you the two of you just didn’t work together. It seems as if your energy didn’t work together as that the two of you just didn’t seem to fit. You totally thought that this was the right person for you, however, sadly it just didn’t work out.

That’s why it’s only right that you take the time to yourself for a couple of months to get used to not being in a relationship. Since Aries are immensely dependent people, it’s hard for you to find yourself without someone who’s always going to be there for you.

We completely understand that its difficult for you to be alone, but don’t worry it’s for the best.

You have to remember that you can’t be dependent on another person. Instead, you have to find your own independence and learn to rely on yourself.

Most of all, remember that these sad feelings only last for a little while and will eventually pass. You’ll soon start to adore your independence knowing that you don’t need anyone around you to depend on. Your strength is endless and you know it’s time for you to rely on yourself as no one else.

23-Aries Man: 24 Hours Seems Right

You really couldn’t care less that you and your latest girl just broke up. You weren’t invested what so ever and you were just seeing if it could even work with her. You totally found out that the two of you shouldn’t be together at all and that it’s best to just move on.

As an Aries, the last thing you want to do is be in a depressed mood over some girl. Instead, you’re already looking to date someone new and have a good time. You’re not looking for anything official whatsoever and are simply just trying to have a good time.

We love your positive attitude and that you couldn’t care less to obsess over something that didn’t work out. There’s no point in wasting your negative energy on it, as it just isn’t important to you. Instead, you’re looking to your future to have everything that you truly want.

You knew it wasn’t going to work out with the previous girl, so you couldn’t care less at this point. You’re already onto the next to figure out if they’re the girl for you or not. Don’t stress over finding your dream lover, as they’ll come into your life eventually. You more than anyone knows you have to live your life and let the universe deliver whatever it is you want.

22-Taurus Woman: A Few Weeks

With your previous relationship coming to an end, you’re neither happy nor sad. Instead, you’re a little confused as to how you even ended up with the person. They totally weren’t the right one for you and you’re happy it’s come to an end.

While you don’t exactly have to begin mending your broken heart, you should still take a few weeks off.

Focus on redefining what type of relationship you actually desire so you don’t end up with yet another person who isn’t right for you.

Maybe during this self-reflection, you’ll even figure out that you don’t even want to date anyone.

Take the next few weeks and truly come to a conclusion on some of these questions. Do you want a boyfriend? Are you ready for a serious relationship? Should you keep trying to make it work with someone that you’re not completely into? You totally overlooked these questions with your previous relationships, bringing it to an end. In order to make sure that it doesn’t happen again, make it clear to the universe what you really want.

If you end up deciding that you’re just not interested in being in a dedicated relationship, then don’t. Instead, take the time to yourself to focus on what it is you truly want. If the right guy eventually comes along, you will know within your heart.

21-Taurus Man: Half A Year

Your latest break up has left you as a complete mess not knowing what to do. You truly thought she might be the one so it’s incredibly hard on you right now. Don’t stress at all and remember that you have all the time in the world to build yourself back up and eventually find the right person for you.

As a Taurus, you invested yourself completely within the relationship. You gave your full heart, and sadly you’re left with it broken. While it feels like you can never love again, we guarantee that you will. This is simply just a difficult time for you, but it will eventually pass.

Spend some time reconnecting with yourself and your goals. Make sure to take your mind off of what happened and invest yourself in your work. If you have any projects or goals you want to achieve, now’s the time to do so. The last thing you want to do is sit around and constantly think as to what went wrong and if you could’ve done something different. It’s time that you let go of the past and take your mind off of what happened. Slowly, but surely you’ll start to feel like yourself and ready to date again!

20-Gemini Woman: Take All The Time You Need, Beautiful

We know your latest break up has left you truly feeling heartbroken. You kept hoping that you and your partner could make things work, but it just wasn’t in the cards for you.

Since Geminis are incredibly anxious people, we know how important it was for you to have someone there you could always depend on. Whenever you reached a low point, you knew you had someone there to love you. However, it’s time that you find that strength within yourself to grow, rather depend on someone else to comfort you.

We don’t have a certain time frame for you since you have to take all the time you need. There’s no certain date that you will be ready to enter the dating world again. And truthfully, you have no desire to do so.

Take this time to come to terms with what happened in your relationship and work on growing as a person.

Remember that everyone around you is ready to support you on the recovery of your broken heart. Most importantly, remember that at the end of the day you have to put your happiness first, before someone else’s. Don’t be scared to put yourself first, instead of yet another boy.

19-Gemini Man: It All Depends On You

Breakups are incredibly hard, and you couldn’t agree more. You and your current girlfriend have just called it quits and it’s left you absolutely distraught. We know you truly had your hopes up in your latest relationship, and this is the last thing you wanted.

Take this time to yourself to work on truly getting over this heartbreak. The last thing you want to do is jump into a new relationship in order to get over your previous one. This isn’t what you need and instead is incredibly unhealthy.

You have to take this time to truly get over your previous relationship and come to terms as to what happened. No one knows how long this will take, as it all depends on you. Take some time for yourself and follow whatever your emotions lead you. If you need to mourn initially, that’s totally fine. This relationship was a large part of your life making it seem as if you truly did lose someone.

If you feel like you have to go out and have a good time, then, by all means, go crazy. What’s important is that you take this time to focus on yourself and nothing else. Follow your internal energy and let it out into the universe. You’ll eventually begin to feel much better and stronger. We’re positive you can get through anything.

18-Cancer Woman: Until You Meet The One

Your last relationship didn’t work out as you had hoped. However, you’re already slowly starting to gain the strength to move on. As a Cancer, you’re incredibly strong and are able to overcome almost anything. You wasted no time crying over your last boo, and are focused on making sure you’re okay.

Keep up this powerful energy and keep focusing on yourself. We recommend that you stay single until you meet the right person meant for you. Don’t keep dating random guys in hopes on meeting the right one. Instead, we know that if you keep focusing on yourself, the universe will eventually bring you to the right person. You’ll fall completely head over heels for them and the two of you will live happily ever after.

Sadly, until you reach that point you still have a ton of work to do.

You have to invest all of your time and energy into making sure that you yourself are okay, before stressing over a new guy entering the picture.

Pick up some new hobbies to invest your time into. Preferably hobbies that will better you such as a new skill. Think about dedicating yourself more to the gym, or perhaps taking up a new sport. Whatever you do, keep up this positive attitude and remember that you’re strong enough to get through whatever is thrown your way.

17-Cancer Man: You’re Back In The Game Already

As soon as you and your last boo called it quits, you were already calling up a new girl. Basically, this is how you do things.

You totally don’t have any lingering feelings for the person in your last relationship. Whether it was her or you who called it quits, you couldn’t be happier. While most of the Zodiacs on this list are heartbroken over their previous lover, you couldn’t care less.

While we applaud this positive attitude of yours, we think it’s time for you to truly think about your lifestyle. You’re simply hopping around from girl to girl trying to find the next person you’re going to date for a few weeks. You’re totally not into settling down and prefer to keep your independence.

While it’s for sure your life and you can make any decisions you want, maybe it’s time for you to truly question as to why you keep living this type of lifestyle.

There’s a high chance that you or someone close to you was heartbroken in the past, which truly traumatized you. Perhaps this motivated you to not seek love and instead seek a good time. You’re not ready to give your heart fully to someone and would prefer to keep your distance. Consider if past trauma is something that you’re still not over and are carrying deep within.

16-Leo Woman: Being Single Just Isn’t For You

You just exited out of a serious relationship, and you’re already ready to hop into the next. As a Leo, you’re always thinking ahead and had your future boyfriend already planned in the back of your mind.

Overall, you just can’t stand being single. You prefer to always have a boyfriend at all times since it makes you feel secure. Even if you just finished a relationship, you’re already on the hunt to find your next catch.

While we respect your desire to be with someone, as we know the awesome feelings that come along with it, we think you’re a little off in your pursuits. It’s time that you take the time and truly figure out as to why you’re constantly looking to find yourself in a relationship.

Simply, we think you have way too much of a dependence on other people.

You adore knowing that you always have someone there for you who’s willing to do absolutely anything. While we understand this lets you feel as if you have a safety blanket, it’s completely unhealthy.

You have to find your independence and learn to be single on your own. Acquiring self-dependence is absolutely critical for you as it’s what you truly need to feel safe in life. It’s so unhealthy to push yourself into a relationship in order to feel protected and cared for. It’s critical that you take the time and achieve that for yourself.

15-Leo Man: You’re Already Dating Around

Even while with your previous partner, you’ve already been sniffing around on other girls. You for sure don’t take relationships seriously and are always on the prowl for someone new.

That’s why there’s not exactly a certain time frame in which you should be single before getting into a relationship. Instead, you’ve already been flirting with other girls and may have even been in a few relationships at once.

While we can’t tell you to change your ways, we can say that you shouldn’t be cheating on your partner. Not being fully invested in someone is one thing, but cheating is a whole other story. Instead, we recommend taking some time for yourself and figuring out if you even want to be in a relationship.

Remember, going on dates is way different than being in a relationship. Instead, dating allows you to get to know other girls, without making any serious agreements. This is totally a better option for you than settling down for someone serious. We’re sure no one can change your ways, and can just recommend time to bring you into truly wanting to settle down. Once you finally meet the girl of your dreams, you’ll be completely swept away and willing to do anything.

14-Virgo Woman: A Few Days And You’re Onto The Next

While you were sad for a few days over your latest break up, you’re already onto the next. The reason why you even were hung up for a few days over your latest boo is that you’re shocked he wasn’t willing to fight more for you. You totally couldn’t care less that it ended between the two of you, but you would’ve appreciated more effort from their end.

That’s why the next time you find yourself single; all you need is a few days in order to move on.

As an independent Virgo, you’re not willing to wait for absolutely anyone to come around. Instead, you’re always looking for your next catch to try things out with.

We know that the only reason you move so quickly is that you’re hoping to eventually come across the right person for you. Yet, we can’t guarantee that your quick serial dating is what will exactly bring you a new lover. Instead, you have to take your time and look around for the perfect person for you. Don’t simply rush into a relationship with someone to see if it’ll work out. Instead, get to know someone on a deeper level to see if you feel that spark between the two of you.

13-Virgo Man: A Month

You often find yourself pretty sad that your latest relationship came to an end, but also think it’s for the best. Now you’re just one step closer to finding the perfect girl for you.

While you’re not exactly heartbroken, we still recommend you stay single for a month before jumping into things with someone new. You have to take the time to re-assess what went wrong in your relationship to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Perhaps the issue is on your end. Consider if you’re doing something wrong that keeps pushing your partners to the edge.

If you’re convinced that it’s not you, then look at the type of people you date. Is there a certain characteristic that they all share that causes the relationship to fall? We’re sure that you take a month to truly come to the conclusion of what’s going wrong in your relationships is the perfect step. This helps you steer clear from ending up in another similar relationship and allows you to fix anything within yourself that is causing distress.

If you keep jumping into new relationships all the time, you will totally see your lack of analysis coming to haunt you with the same issues happening yet again.

12-Libra Woman: 193 Days To Be Exact

Your lovers always leave you in a heartbreak that is almost unmanageable. You feel as if you’ll never meet the perfect someone for you and are constantly heartbroken. That’s why it’s going to take a lot of days for you to get back on your feet and enter the dating world. We actually recommend 193 days to be exact. Just over 6 months.

Take this time for yourself to truly re-build every element that you feel you’ve lost. Focus on bettering yourself and re-gaining that strength that you lost in your relationship. Maybe you’ve become too dependent on your partners and need to shift the power to yourself.

Since this is a pretty hard time for you to get through, we recommend spending some more time with your friends. They’re always there for you through any heartbreak, as they truly understand how hard it is.

Focus on showing your best friends some love for always being there for you through endless heartbreaks. You definitely don’t give them the attention they need when you’re swept up in a new relationship.

That’s why it’s only right to show them how much you care for them for always being there. They’ll appreciate this newfound attention, and you’ll feel support from people who love you.

11-Libra Man: Until You Love Yourself

We understand that your break up has left you completely distraught since you genuinely believed you found the right person for you. However, it’s critical that you understand that the pain will eventually pass and you’ll one day find someone new.

Take this time to learn to re-love yourself fully. You know deep within that a part of your relationship didn’t work out because you don’t fully love yourself. You’re still embarrassed by your past and aren’t able to get over it. This negative energy totally leached into your relationship causing it to not work out.

Learn to stand up for yourself and express how you feel. You often find yourself in relationships in which your significant other calls the shots and maybe belittles you. It’s time that you learn to love yourself and not let yourself fall into such negative relationships. While this may be hard, no happiness will come to you unless you learn to let go and come to terms with who you are. While we can’t tell you how long it will take, we can tell you that it all depends on you. Once you take control of your life and want to create a positive change, it will come.

10-Scorpio Woman: A Few Years Might Do It

Every time you find yourself leaving a relationship, you’re totally distraught over it all. It simply feels as if you will never love again and that there is no one left out in the universe for you. While you might be absolutely shocked to hear that you need a few years before you end up back in a relationship, it’s the truth.

It’s time that you take all of the time that you have and invest it back into yourself. You have to re-build yourself back to the woman you once were. We understand that you feel completely broken and depressed over your breakup, but you have to work on yourself.

This will take a ton of time and effort but we’re more than positive that you can get this done. Find your inner strength buried deep within your soul and let out all of your positive energy.

It may feel like complete torture trying to get yourself back together and mending your broken heart, but eventually, it will become easier. We completely believe that you have all the energy to get your spirits back to how they once were.

Remember that the universe will thank you for your efforts in working to redefine yourself. Great things will come to you as long as you put in the effort.

9-Scorpio Man: Maybe You Shouldn’t Even Be Single

You’re already prepared to hop back into a new relationship, even though you just ended one. The single life just isn’t for you and you prefer to always have a woman by your side. Even though we know you adore being in a relationship, we recommend you consider why that is. As a Scorpio, pride is one of the most important elements within your life.

You’re always trying to be the best in whatever situation you find yourself in. That’s why it’s only right that you always end up in a relationship to show off to the people around you how desirable you are. You feel as if being single is depressing and would rather be with someone even if you aren’t crazy about them. This unhealthy mindset has to be thrown out of the window as you’re entering relationships you don’t even want to be in. it’s time that you learn how to be single and on your own instead of hiding behind another person.

We can guarantee that no one is looking at you as a loser since your single. Instead, set your standards high and look for someone who meets every quality that you are looking for.

8-Sagittarius Woman: Half A Year Should Do It

As a Sagittarius, you absolutely hate having to go through any type of negative emotion what so ever. That’s why whenever you experience a breakup, you finally let out all of the negatively you’ve been bottling up and become a complete mess.

It’s only right that you end up staying single for half a year before jumping into yet another new relationship. Lay all of your emotions out flat on the table and go through them all. Figure out why your past relationships didn’t work and what you’re going to change in the next one. Most importantly, it’s time for you to spend some time on yourself and rebuild. Construct every element that you feel as if you lost through your heartbreak.

If you’re feeling weak, learn how to develop the strength to get through anything.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of your new responsibilities since your partner always did them, work on establishing self-discipline.

Remember that this is the most ideal time to grow and work on whatever you feel as if you lost.

As a Sagittarius, you’re always ready for a new challenge to tackle. If you’re ever feeling stuck, remember that your self-growth is the most important thing you can do.

7-Sagittarius Man: You Already Moved On While Still Dating

You knew deep within your heart during your relationship that the end was near. It was clear to you that things just weren’t working out between the both of you, and truthfully, you actually didn’t want them to. Instead, you were just waiting for your relationship to completely fall so you could move onto the next person.

Luckily for you, you don’t exactly have to go through a terrible heartbreak. You’re ready to hop right over into the next girl and see where things between the two of you begin to go. Even though you feel as if you’re ready to move on, it’s time to re-asses why things didn’t work out in your initial relationship.

You totally knew that the girl you were dating just wasn’t for you. Instead, you decided to stick around in your relationship and see where things between the two of you went. You obviously knew it wasn’t going to work out, but didn’t feel like ending it.

You completely have to stop dating people that you aren’t 100% invested in. You should be completely into the people you date, as it’s just totally not going to work out in the future. Take some time to yourself and don’t rush into any new relationships too quickly. If you find yourself in love, then jump right on in!

6-Capricorn Woman: As Long As It Takes To Mend Your Heart

There’s no exact formula as to how long you should wait before jumping into a new relationship. You’ll have to stay single and refrain from dating until you feel like you have truly mended your broken heart.

If you jump into another relationship way too quickly, you might feel like your heart is going to unravel and come undone yet again.

Instead, its time that you take one day at a time and focus on working on yourself. We understand your heartbreak and wish you didn’t have to go through the pain. Yet, remember that this experience is going to make you even stronger as you learn what you’ve been doing is completely wrong.

Take up some hobbies to take your mind off of the pain. Spend some more time with your family and friends to truly feel supported and loved. Invest yourself in your career and work on establishing some new skills. Most importantly, work on developing your internal strength to get through anything that’s thrown in front of you yet again. This is exactly what you need to do to slowly get over your broken heart. While the process is incredibly long, we guarantee that eventually, you will be able to mend your broken heart.

5-Capricorn Man: Remain Single Until You’re Ready To Put Yourself Out There

Being deeply in love is for sure one of the best feelings out there. That’s why it feels like a bullet in the chest when you find yourself broken up from the person you thought you would spend forever with. Similar to the Capricorn woman, there’s no certain amount of days that it will take for you to mend your broken heart.

Instead, you’re going to have to work hard on rebuilding yourself until you feel as if you are ready to put yourself out there in the dating world. If you throw yourself straight into another relationship and get your heart broken yet again, it may be even more painful.

Spend some time on your own and focus on what’s truly important to you in life. Find a new output to invest your energy into. Catch up with the people you’ve become distant with. Most of all, try to experience some new things in life with those you love to truly excel your growth.

Deep within your heart, you will find the right moment to finally take the step with someone new. There is no rush what so ever to find this perfect someone. Instead, take your time and you will be happy you did so.

4-Aquarius Woman: A Few Months

While your relationship was everything you hoped it would be, sadly it fell apart. As an Aquarius, you’re usually able to fix anything, however, weren’t able to with your past relationships. That’s why it’s only right that you take a few months to yourself and work on recreating yourself.

You’ve completely lost your connection with yourself and aren’t sure who you’re becoming. Sometimes it feels like you can’t even recognize yourself in the mirror.

Your reality is completely out of touch with your desires, causing you to be in constant distress.

While you’re not completely distraught over the fact that it didn’t work out with your previous relationships, mentally you’re a complete mess. It’s time for you come to terms with who you really are and regain that connection. You’ll feel even better once you learn to love yourself yet again. While this process might take some time, it won’t take forever.

Eventfully you’ll come back in touch with all of your desires and goals in life. You’ll redefine the path of life that you were on and will be chasing your dreams. Just make sure that whatever new relationship you will end up in, that you will never lose track of what’s important to you again.

3-Aquarius Man: Being Single Doesn’t Even Faze You

Every time you find yourself facing a breakup, you really couldn’t care less. Your chill attitude protects you from feeling completely distraught over what went down and didn’t work out. While you do care for the people you date, deep within your heart you know they’re not the one.

That’s why there’s no exact time frame for you to be single. The very next day you can already find yourself in yet again another relationship. Or instead, maybe you’ll take a few months to yourself to relax before jumping into things with someone new. The best advice we can recommend is just to give yourself some time and focus on yourself.

Your last relationships weren’t anything special so there’s no point of jumping into yet another one. Just go with the flow of your life and if the universe wants to plant a special someone for you, then try to create a relationship with her. There’s no point of rushing things if you aren’t that interested. You will totally feel deep within your heart if you’ve met the perfect person for you. Instead, stop stressing over your past failed relationships and simply do what makes you happy. No one has control over your life besides you!

2-Pisces Woman: Until You Meet The Right Person

You’re constantly throwing yourself in random relationships in hopes that they’re the perfect person, however, they’re not. Instead, you constantly find yourself becoming hurt over the fact that you can’t seem to land the right person for you.

It’s time that you take a break from obsessing over having the perfect boyfriend and live your life. Focus on what makes you happy and gives you meaning.

Following these two principles will lead you down a path of independence focusing on yourself and no one else. Once the universe sees your dedication to bettering yourself, the perfect person will finally appear.

Make sure to never give up hope as we can guarantee you that you will find your Prince Charming. While it might take some time since there is no time frame, we’re positive you’ll be thrilled with the person you’ll meet in your future.

Spend this time coming back into tune with yourself and learning to love all of your strengths and weaknesses. Develop into your best self to truly wow your future partner. Ponder what you want to improve in your life and begin changing things. There’s no rush to find someone new, instead, it’s time to simply focus on yourself!

1-Pisces Man: You Know Deep Within How Long

While heartbreaks might truly be one of the most difficult things to experience, if not the worst, you can get through anything. Pisces are incredibly dedicated to everything that they do and always make sure to never settle for anything less than what they deserve. That’s why it’s only right that you let go of any unhealthy relationships and instead begin focusing on yourself.

You’ve lost a large chunk of yourself in previous relationships that you have to gain back. Whether you were taken advantage of or not respect, it’s your time now to grow. You yourself are in charge of your future with the paintbrush that can paint any picture you desire. If you feel as if you only need a few months until you’re strong enough to date again, then that it is. If you feel as if instead you need a few years to truly gain strength for yet another relationship, then all power to you.

Simply remember that no one is in charge of your fate except for you. If you feel as if you are ready to jump back into a relationship then go ahead, if instead, you need more time to yourself, then do so. Follow your heart in whatever conflict arises, as you know it’s the best thing to do.


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