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The astrological sign will determine in part the type of father you tend to be, and can find in this way your strengths and weaknesses in the framework of such an important task in life. Do you dare to discover the basic points of your personality in the paternal function? In the following article we tell you how is each zodiac sign as a father.

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They are characterized for being frontal, frank and vigorous parents. Sometimes they can easily get angry at a prank from their children. Many times they react in a rapturous way, later regretting their actions. They are also loving and funny parents.

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Homemade, concrete and, at times, stubborn until they become capricious. The bullfighting father tends by excellence to fulfill what he promises. Other characteristics indicate that they are patient and affectionate with their children.

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They are progenitors demonstrative and very flexible. However, they are very changeable, so they can show themselves as smiling and communicative parents on certain occasions or as self-absorbed and unconcerned at times.

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The cancer parent is characterized by being homeless, sensitive and perceptive. It will not promise outings of adventures, but incalculable games of table. He will share with his children movie and pizza evenings.

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He is one of the most competitive parents of the zodiac, that’s why his skill in sports. They are also happy and entertaining, so they can animate children’s parties and become the center of attention. 

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They will share with pleasure all kinds of artistic activities with their children, especially in adolescence.

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Virgo parents are very thorough and examiners, but also honest and unconditional. They will always be at the side of their children, in both positive and negative situations.

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They are loving parents and faithful companions of their children. Going out to see a movie, the theater and also painting shows will be the preferred options, because Libra parents are art lovers. With regard to the home, they will be responsible for making your children’s room a magical place.

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They are parents very accelerated, jealous, critical and strict (love discipline). In general, they do not support the whims of their children, that is why they will always be firm and solid in their positions.

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They like to share outdoor activities with their children such as fishing afternoons or jogging in a park, as well as intellectual activities such as philosophical talks, for example. They are parents who are characterized by awareness of the level of knowledge, language and content appropriate to each age, according to their teaching profile.

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They are clearly masculine, measured and cautious. As parents they will provide their children with great security, but at the same time they will respect and obey. They tend to control, but without drowning children and adolescents.

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They are enthusiastic and unusual parents, love above all the individuality and independence, therefore they will always respect the personality and tastes of their children, even from an early age. Sometimes they will surprise you with creative gifts, walks to the square at night and other eccentricities.

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These parents stand out for their emotion and their capacity to give love, being the most affectionate of the zodiac. As great storytellers of fantastic stories, they will entertain their children at night with tales as incredible as instructive.

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