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All the signs of the zodiac have a particular way of expressing their dissatisfaction with a situation. The reactions are different, therefore also the people of the environment must be prepared to act according to the particularities of each profile. Do you know how each sign gets angry? We tell you briefly throughout this article.

Storm is a good word to define the way to get angry of the Aries natives. Faithful to their passionate nature, they will take everything ahead in order to make clear their discontent. Be careful with their reactions, they can be furious. Wait until they calm down to expose your point of view.

In general they are patients, but when they explode they can do it with unusual force. You will have to learn to recognize the situations in which they have been accumulating anger and from one moment to another they will explode. Despite all this, they always retain a touch of rationality.


Gemini anger will be directly related to language. They will use the word to hurt their opponent, with a mastery and precision that will amaze you. But it will be rare, because they almost always choose humor.

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They are like a sponge that absorbs each one of the emotions of the environment. If they are in a charged and hostile place, they will take that dark vibration and they can become aggressive. For their emotionalism, meanwhile, they are usually very susceptible.

They get angry when they touch their huge pride. If they take the contra, if they mark an error, if they attack a loved one … In those cases the leonine fury will explode with a direct and physical expressiveness. Beyond this intensity, they are not to hold a grudge.

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It is very difficult for Virgo to get angry with others. His tendency to perfectionism leads him to fight with himself rather than with a third.

Another of the signs that move away from the fights. Enjoy harmony and look good in any situation. It will be very difficult to lose its natural rationality, balance and good taste.

They know how to hide their anger very well, hoping that you neglect to attack. Be careful with revenge, they are artists of evil at the moment of taking bad action.

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It is a sign that does not get angry easily. However, when something unleashes his anger the response is very intense.


You will almost never see him angry, he always chooses to control his emotions. But if it gets out of hand, the answer is as strong as it is amazing.

They are very circumstantial, because Aquarius knows how to control what they feel. It is very difficult to lose your sanity. He has no problems with ideas contrary to his, is used to interact with very different people.

In principle always try to escape from the problematic situations, but when they can not do it explode with great fury. It will be a surprise, because it is usual to see them happy and with a smile.

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