How do zodiac signs behave in difficult situations. As different representatives of the zodiac constellation react to a life pip. How zodiac signs behave in difficult situations. Our life is so unpredictable that sometimes the course of affairs can take us by surprise. And not always everything goes smoothly, as we would like.

It so happens that in our life comes full kapets. But who can quickly “settle” the situation, and who will fall into despair, who better to ask for help …?

We offer you a very unusual characteristic of the signs of the zodiac. Find out how different members of the zodiacal constellation react to a living pipets. How the zodiac signs behave in difficult situations


If Kick overtook the proud Aries, Aries will cope with it. Any pipets. Without help. Silently. Proudly raising his head will go and decide.


T dace handle. Then he will tell about everything. And tell everyone. Better to tell on the radio. Or write to the newspaper. Even better on TV. To find out about it exactly.


They will not fight alone. The twins will share. But not with anyone. Try to shift Kick Aries. If you fail on Aries, they will shift it to Sagittarius.


This will begin to whine in advance, only when approaching Piptsu. The whining will reach its climax when CANCER collides with Pipz face to face. Only to stop this whining, there will be someone and will take the whole Kick on itself.

And another will wipe out CANCER tears, and at the same time blows nose. If the hero is not quickly found, the cancer will miraculously cope on its own. In general, it is not clear what was crying …


With the onset of Kick in the life of a lion will be convened all from small to large. With a full house, the LION will defiantly win Kipts. He bows, collects bouquets, gives autographs and proudly leaves the meeting.


Feel sad. Particularly acute Virgo will worry if Kipts was not planned by her initially. But a little thought, be sure to find a decent solution. Moreover, the conclusions will certainly be made.


Kick will definitely be weighed. Then weighed by Libra again. After the second weighing, it will most likely become clear that Kipts is too much on one and Kick will be completely weighed in by the Leo or Aries surrounded. An attempt to weigh the Virgin will end in failure. Virgo all pipets strictly on schedule.


Look carefully. Thoughtfully with the transition to fun Scorpion will say: “Yes, it’s just some kind of pipets!” And forget about him.


Upset. Cheer up. He will find a reason to laugh at himself, at the existing Pipetz, he will remember all the pipers that have happened in his life, will certainly tell the world about it and put it out of his head.

If Kick in Sagittarius does not pass by itself, Leo, well, or Aries will have to cope with him.


Will try to immediately otmazatsya from Piptz by any means motivating the reluctance to strain. In most cases, for some reason it works. If you still do not ride, Capricorn and he will cope in the best possible way.


Meet Pipeline Aquarius with curiosity, will be enthusiastically study. Will make a lot of discoveries. Perhaps he will publish a book about it.

If he finds that similar Kick has already happened, he will be sad and look for Scorpio. Kick from this does not disappear (Scorpio otmazhtsya immediately), but the sadness will begin to pass.


In something similar to Cancer, but quieter. Therefore, Picky in Pisces is unsolvable, lifelong. They cope with Pipz alone, no one helps them, and they don’t hope …


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