Competing is a common behavior in humans but not all of us do it in the same way. Now and thanks to astrology we can know our way of competing according to our zodiac sign.

Zodiac Competition 


 ARIES : is one of the most competitive of the zodiac and usually acts very strongly and vehemently. The fury when competing is evident as well as the pleasure to look for new adventures and competitions in which it can enter to impress.

TAURUS: This sign is especially competitive when it comes to taking care of your possessions or getting more. He is very protective with his belongings as well as he is very ambitious.

GEMINI:On the other hand, when it comes to competing, it uses its intelligence to be favored. Know that many times intelligence can give more fruit than strength. This sign also seeks to maintain a good social position, which drives them to compete.

CANCER: they are very intelligent and strategic competitors. They seek to act in such a way that their opponent can not have any advantage on their part. They behave very perfectionist and this leads them to have many times the advantage in situations. Their control of emotions also gives them an advantage when competing and is that they are very strong and this often leads them to victory.

LEO:look for skills in which their chances of winning are very high. They do this as they seek to gain greater recognition as winners. The tools to compete are your authority as well as your strength and identity. Lions should learn that admiration is possible to gain without having to dominate.

VIRGO: this sign when competing is very strategic and practical. For example, if the strategy used in a competition has favored the strategy will certainly not change it. The Virgos do not adapt very well to changes and do not tend to innovate too much. In any case before competing reflect very well on the benefits that can be obtained, on the previous errors and also on the consequences of their actions.

LIBRA: they are not usually very competitive and they always seek to avoid conflicts and instead want to establish calm and harmonious relationships. When competition can not be avoided they are very flexible and fair.

SCORPIO: are the competitors who can not tolerate losing and is always looking to win regardless of the price they have to pay for it. When they compete they do so fiercely and without fear of hurting the opponent. It is more Scorpio seeks to eliminate from its path to anyone who is presented as a rival. One of their most used strategies is to frighten the rivals in such a way that they put themselves aside. If they do not succeed, they will attack with ferocity, being strategists and applying different tactics.

SAGITTARIUS:At the moment of competing a feature that stands out in this sign is the loyalty with which it acts. In terms of its most used strategy is to show up as very strong and tough competitors although many times they are not. When it comes to competing in addition to seeking to earn what they want, it is also learning from experiences. In the case of losing it, it will also represent a profit, although on many occasions he prefers to join his opponents in the face of defeat.

CAPRICORN: Competing for them is common and they do it with a lot of authority, persistence and planning. Each step that a Capricorn takes when competing is very well thinking in such a way that nothing is done at random. This sign has a great ability and intelligence to compete, which often makes it to victory.

AQUARIUS:Your best strategy to compete is one that is based on the phrase “confuse and reign”. To confuse their opponents, they reveal their differences and individuality. The behavior of Aquarius is very innovative and tends to socialize with its rivals to seek to impress them.

PISCES: they are very emotional and sensitive but above all they have a great intuition to recognize the mood of their opponents. For this sign, an essential strategy when competing is using different roles that allow confusion. They also tend to be aggressive when they are left behind.


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