Experience has shown that it is possible to find satisfaction in the virtual world and to feel a deep connection with a person.

This connection may or may not be transferred to the real world. Because when it comes to this, there are no rules. As we already know, love is very spontaneous. It comes when we least expect it, and that’s why it’s so unpredictable, so crazy, and so wonderful at the same time.

Did you ever go out with a man you met through social networks? Or has it ever happened that you were so disappointed by your date, because in reality this person was not like the one you painted in your head? Maybe this man was not as interesting or s_-y as you thought.

Because when he wrote you romantic messages or sent pictures from vacation, you found him very attractive. Unfortunately, such things happen very often. Social networking may have made it easier for us to find a partner, but it’s still hard to find love for life.

But how do I recognize the “right one” in the virtual world?

Is that possible? Is it possible to find the right partner based on just a few messages or pictures? There are many examples that claim that this is feasible. So … let’s have a look:

When we meet someone through social networks or through other dating portals, the personality of the other person is the first thing that attracts our attention.

For example, we pay attention to what words this person uses in their texts, whether they are capable of making us laugh with a good joke, whether they can impress us with their pictures, whether we find them attractive, or whether they can do it for us to inspire with their intelligence. Even more important to us is how it reacts to our way of thinking.

Sometimes everything is going great. You are attracted to the person and all the signs indicate that this is exactly what you have been looking for all the time. Of course there is always the possibility that our date lies to us, but that is a fact, with which one must make friends, no matter whether it is the “virtual” or “real” getting to know each other.

In other words, the people who are used to lying will do so in both cases and you can not stop them.


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