Wedding bells are ringing! As we walk through the streets of our respective cities we can almost always hear the faint ring-a-dings of wedding bells dancing through the air. While it might not be our time to get wed (yet), that doesn’t mean we haven’t thought about it. Many of us have grown up watching weddings on television. With the rise of social media, it’s only gotten easier and easier to watch friends, family members, and celebrities tie various knots. That just fuels us, even more, to patchwork together our dream weddings. “Her dress is amazing,” we might say, saving the picture as a reference for 10 years down the line. “Those flowers are perfect,” we say again, looking up the florist and pricing out potential centerpieces. The one thing we can’t get a sense of from pictures? The music.

Music is an important aspect of a wedding that sets the tone for the whole night. Walking down the aisle is easier if there’s a beat to step to; trust us when we say that it doesn’t have to be Pachelbel’s Canon anymore. But what’s the best song to pick? We’ve got it covered. Believe it or not, but signs actually make for great deciding factors when it comes to wedding music. Go ahead: find the sign and find the song.

20-Capricorn: Walk Down The Aisle To Haley Reinhart’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love”

It’s not that popular singers need to stay away from the main event. In fact, Capricorns will often appreciate the talent of a musician regardless of the genre they play in. “Can’t Help Falling In Love” is a classic song that people have been walking down the aisle to for years. Capricorns, those detail-oriented individuals, would likely rather opt for the Haley Reinhart version. Reinhart’s a clear talent, and her version is much smoother than the original. While Capricorns wouldn’t normally go for a popular singer, they’ll make an exception for this song, which fits a little better into the sweet wedding theme.

19-Virgo: Set The Mood With A String Quartet Playing “At Last” (As Sung By Etta James)

Virgos have a soft spot for anything that perfectly marries luxury and practicality. If any sign was going to have a live band at their wedding it’s going to be a Virgo. Virgos like to keep it real, and appreciate the power of a solo, duet, or quartet adding to the atmosphere of a wedding. They’re not so traditional that they’ll get stuck with the same three classical pieces, though. Virgos know the importance of individuality. Their song to set the mood for their wedding is going to be something along the lines of “At Last”, but adapted for a traditional wedding string group. Jazzy, classic, and very on-theme, it’s the perfect blend of tradition and innovation; perfect for a Virgo!

18-Taurus: Welcome Guests To The Reception With “Good Life” By Kanye

Taurus is by far the most luxurious of all the Earth signs. They’re definitely not the bridezillas of the group, but they do tend to have specific goals and ideas that they’ll work towards. Tauruses tend to like pleasure and joy. They’re typically going to have a shorter ceremony and a longer reception, as they would rather feel the love by mingling with their friends and family; not by being in the spotlight. Kanye’s “Good Life” is the perfect choice for releasing the guests into the wedding reception. Upbeat but laid back, luxurious but down-to-earth, this is an excellent reception welcomer for a Taurus wedding.

17-Earth Signs Need A Classic Song Style To Set The Mood

The most grounded of all the signs, this means that a traditional wedding is likely in the works. Earth signs hold tradition and respect very highly; the two values are intertwined for Earth signs, and they believe that it’s often difficult to have respect for the bond if the wedding doesn’t retain some traditional elements. For signs that aren’t wanting to rock the boat too much, classic song styles are the way to go. Starting off the wedding ceremony by playing music is a strong choice for keeping guests entertained before the real show starts. Just be sure it’s on-theme with the rest of the event.

16…Which Means We Won’t Hear Top 40 Until The Reception

Earth signs tend to be very controlled. They’re often some of the most determined signs, and don’t usually struggle with over-indulgence or impulsivity. However, they certainly still know how to have a good time! Their love of cohesiveness and planning should make it pretty obvious that the ceremony and the reception will pair well together without being exactly the same thing. While Earth signs might opt for traditional or classic music during the ceremony, top 40 hits are still invited to the event. They’re just going to make their appearance solely at the reception, rather than the ceremony. That being said, there’s always a few exceptions.

15-Aquarius: The Beatles “All You Need Is Love” For The Processional

If anyone was going to shirk a traditional wedding march it’s going to be Aquarius. Aquarius is the creative brain of the bunch. They like sharing ideas with people, even though emotionally opening up might be a little bit more difficult. The ideas they generate are usually unique, thanks to that creative mind we mentioned earlier. The processional of a wedding is the perfect place to get creative. Watching the wedding party all walk down the aisle is the ramp up to the bride or groom walking up the aisle. The Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love” is unique, fun, and perfectly connects the audience to the wedding’s essential theme: Love!

14-Gemini: A Perfect First Dance To “Lucky” By Colbie Callait And Jason Mraz

Gemini are sometimes said to be of two minds, but we think they’re a little more cohesive than that. Like the perfect couple, Gemini folk can often give themselves everything they need. Many times, however, they get locked into this idea of fulfilling other people’s expectations. Geminis just need to trust themselves throughout the wedding planning process. We believe “Lucky” is a great first dance song. It’s romantic and sweet, and is sung as a lovely duet. Plus, it’s a little more fun than typical first dance dirges. This means Gemini can be themselves through and through, and show off all the sides of themselves.

13-Libra: Kick Off Their Ceremony With Ray LaMontagne’s “You Are The Best Thing”

Don’t know this song? Think again. This is an under-the-radar classic. Few people know who sang it, but everyone recognizes the song once they hear it. In a way this is like the Libra. Libras are often some of the smartest folks in the room, but they never want to step on anyone’s toes or make too much of a scene. They wait until they’re asked before sharing their thoughts, and even then tend to wait until someone else makes the decision on how to proceed. This low-key jam will get all the guests relaxed and looking forward to the ceremony.

12-Air Signs: Will Know A Song Is Right When They Feel It

Air signs love emotions just as much as Water signs, but they tend not to show them as much. While Water signs will keep all their extremes locked inside, Air signs are often the ones who take a step back from what they’re feeling. They’re good at processing, even if they’re not great at deciding how next to proceed. Since they’re so in tune with their feelings (in a one-step-removed kind of way) they don’t go into wedding planning with any sort of preconceived notions about music, decorations, or size. When something is right they can just intuitively feel it.

11…But Be Sure That The Music Is Actually Playing

That being said, Air signs have a different kind of downfall. Air signs can often make decisions if they tap into their intuitive nature. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen; they’re easily distracted by the more practical choices that get laid out in front of them. Thinking about all the details is a huge benefit to wedding planning, but it can sometimes result in big picture stuff getting overlooked. Big picture stuff like music! Air signs, don’t be afraid to look at your partner or your parents (or friends) for help with this wedding. Connection is the name of the wedding game, after all! Then we can be sure that no details (like music) get missed.

10-Sagittarius: Walk Down The Aisle To An Acoustic “Tenerife Sea” By Ed Sheeran

Take, for example, the Sagittarius. Sagittarius folk are the free birds out of all of our signs. They’re the ones that find themselves caught up in a conversation with a stranger at every party they ever go to. They love to learn new things, and their energy gives them the power to explore any which way their whims take them. However, they have a bit of a soft spot for sweet, sentimental music. Human connection is their main motivator. Ed Sheeran often brings out that delicate sense of human connection, especially in his song “Tenerife Sea”. It’s just classic enough to fit in with a traditional wedding mood, while still being the Sagittarius kind of unique.

9-Aries: An Energetic First Dance To The Branches Cover Of “I Believe In A Thing Called Love”

Real talk, we didn’t know what this song was until we were looking up wedding music options. Aries is a powerful sign, and they don’t always take things lightly. They’re very determined to see things through to the end, and don’t give up (even when the going gets tough). This kind of relentless energy means that they need a song that’s going to give them the opportunity to shine. “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” might not be a traditional first dance song, but the cover gives ample opportunity to both bop and boogie. Take the pressure off of the first dance with this fun jam, and use all that energy to just have fun, Aries!

8-Leo: Gets The Best Recessional With Blink-182’s “First Date”

If anyone gets the opportunity to go to a Leo wedding, definitely go. Not only will it make for a beautiful, star-spangled event (Leos are suckers for shiny things, after all) but it’s also going to be the most fun party of the year. The recessional is often the biggest celebration of the whole wedding. The happy couple walks back down the aisle with respective wedding parties in tow. Leos know how to celebrate, and want to kick off the reception vibe early. Blink-182 might not be a traditional choice for a wedding, but “First Date” is actually a fantastic upbeat recessional song.

7-Fire Signs: Still Want It To Be A Party

Okay, sure: wear a traditional wedding dress, plan a wedding day schedule, and organize a calm, on-budget ceremony. Wedding planning is all well and good, but Fire signs don’t want people to forget that first and foremost this is a PARTY! Weddings are a celebration of love, not schedules! Earth signs might shiver at the thought of letting a wedding be loosey-goosey, but Fire signs are all about it. They tend to love grand gestures and dramatic events, which means music is going to be one of the first things they think about. After all, what’s a get together without some cool jams?

6…Though They Do Understand That There’s A Place For Long And Slow

That being said, Fire signs are also the signs that like a little bit of structure. They don’t usually want to worry about anything on the day of the big event. Fire signs are the type to put all the effort in ahead of time, letting them relax and let loose, enjoying all their hard work. This also means that they understand the fact that long and slow is a valid musical choice. Who doesn’t want the majestic entrance of a traditional wedding song as they walk down the aisle, right? Depending on the Fire sign, that might just be the kind of dramatic moment they want to throw into their wedding.

5-Cancer: They’ll Play “I’m Yours” By Jason Mraz, When The Moment Is Right

Cancers don’t open up very easily, but when they do we can be sure that they’re devoted. The commitment that comes through marriage is often an important thing for a Cancer. They’re very family-oriented, and usually, prioritize family matters over all else. However, they’re not the most assertive folks. They offer ideas, but love collaboration more than anything else. They just want people to be happy, and will usually let others have the final say in decisions. Cancers like clarity, which is why the clear message of love in Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” is a must for their wedding day. Now someone just needs to build the playlist!

4-Pisces: Loves The Idea Of Walking Down The Aisle To “Earth Angel” (An Acoustic Version)

“Earth Angel” by The Penguins is a classic song. It’s a gorgeous song, and we feel it’s lasted for so long because it taps into a piece of the soul that’s reserved solely for feeling love. Pisces are suckers for romance. They love connection and affection and have always found themselves dreaming of love. An acoustic “Earth Angel” is the perfect choice for Pisces to walk down the aisle to. They’ll appreciate the traditional feeling of marching down the aisle to an acoustic song, but they’ll get more meaning out of this song than they would with dear old Pachelbel. Sure, it’s quirky, but isn’t that artistry another aspect of the Pisces persona?

3-Scorpio: Have The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven” Cued For The First Kiss

Scorpio, it’s finally time to shine. Scorpios are one of the only Water signs that haven’t been dreaming about their wedding since day one. They’re independent, and love commanding attention. They’re also incredibly passionate, which means they’ll quickly start hearing wedding bells as soon as they find The One. Since passion is the name of their game, we decided that they would want a little bit of drama to go with it. The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven” will be the perfect touch to a Scorpio wedding. Cue it right as the kiss happens and watch the crowd leap to their feet. After all, your wedding is whatever you want to make it.

2-Water Signs: Want Music With A Message

The name of the wedding game is love and connection, which is why Water signs are often the ones dreaming of marriage from an early age. Their whole lives are filled with love and romance and the dreams of both. Their emotions run high and strong, even though they might not be the most open about them. They tend to express themselves through actions, such as music, art, or even doing endless favors for those they love. This is why they want to ensure that all their wedding songs include a meaningful message. They may be less inclined towards those raucous songs and dramatic love ballads, but that doesn’t mean they’ll let their music be dull!

1…Even If It Means Bending The Traditional Values A Little

Something we really want to drive home is the fact that Water signs are undeniably themselves. They might not always wear their hearts on their sleeves, but they want to be able to express what they’re feeling in whatever way they can on their special day. This means that, even though they’re looking for meaningful messages, they’re not going to be stuck in shuffling through the same ten typical wedding songs. Bending traditional values a little is fine with Water signs. Especially if it results in an honest experience. Water signs dislike dishonesty, which we totally understand; nobody wants a dishonest wedding day.


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