What relationship milestone is the most exciting and romantic? Is it the first time that she hears those three little words from her boyfriend and realizes that they’re both nuts about each other? Is it when her BF proposed and started planning for the future? Or maybe it hasn’t happened yet because she wants to move in with her person and feel that sense of comfort, and she has a feeling that this is the year.

We might be the type of person who loves to dish about our relationship to our friends and get their advice at any twist and turn. Or we could be someone who is more private and only shares things once they’ve already happened. No matter what we’re like when we fall in love, we can all agree that it’s a thrilling experience.

Like so many aspects of love stories, our favorite relationship step or moment can be determined by astrology. It’s really cool when we think about it, and since so many of us love looking at our astro sign and seeing what it can tell us, this is totally up our alley.  Here’s what relationship milestone means the most to us, based on our astro sign.

20-Virgo Loves The Moment He Asks Her To Be His Girlfriend

What’s the relationship milestone that means a lot to a Virgo? That would be when the guy who she has been seeing asks her to be his girlfriend.

It’s a thrilling time because she’s been waiting for this moment. She’s called shy and quiet, but she’s also a really sweet person who would be a really loyal girlfriend. If this is our astro sign, then we can speak to the fact that we love this moment. This is when we can be ourselves and know that someone likes us as much as we like them. We don’t feel like we can really comfy around a lot of people, but once a guy becomes our BF, we totally can, and it’s awesome.

19-Taurus Thrives On The First “I Love You”

The Taurus woman may be stubborn… but she also likes when things are steady. And she likes when her relationship has become so steady that her boyfriend has said that he loves her.

The first “I love you” is definitely up there when it comes to the best relationship moments. It’s just so wonderful to know that someone feels the same way as us. Even if we’ve been in love a few times before, when we know that we’ve met the right person, it’s really nice to hear these words from them. It never stops being exciting. For Taurus signs, it’s the best thing ever.

18-Capricorns Can’t Wait To Meet Each Other’s Families

Tradition and family are important to the woman who is a Capricorn sign. For her, nothing is better than when she can introduce her new boyfriend to these special people. She’s also thrilled to get to meet his family, too, and see what they’re all about.

If this is us, then we know that meeting each other’s families is a really big deal for us. Depending on what kind of person we are, we could get crazy nervous beforehand and hope that they like us, or we could stay cool and calm and collected. But either way, we know that we’re happy that we’re at this place.

17-Virgos Also Like To Be Invited As A Couple

There’s another relationship milestone that Virgo women like: when everyone that they know sees them as a couple and invites them places together.

It feels really good to be recognized as a team and as partners, and she loves it. It makes her feel even more comfortable in the relationship, which is totally key for her. Even if this isn’t our astro sign, we can probably all relate to this, right? It’s nice when our boyfriend gets invited to stuff, too, and it’s exciting. It’s all part of things getting more serious and us spending more and more time together.

16-Earth Signs Love Finally Being Comfortable Around Each Other

In general, when an Earth sign is in love, she really wants to feel comfortable around her partner. The first moment that she realizes this is how she feels is a really big deal. This goes for Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus signs.

This means different things to all of us. For some of us, it could mean finally being able to just chill at home on a weekend with our new boyfriend instead of feeling like we have to go to parties. For others, it can mean letting our full personalities out, quirks and sarcasm and whatever makes us who we are.

15-The Leo Woman Adores Getting Engaged

Leos like to be the center of attention. They wouldn’t exactly be called shy or timid. Leo women love getting engaged because they would enjoy the chance to show off a little bit. They would love to post the ring on social media and see the comments roll in, and they also wouldn’t say no to the opportunity of showing people the ring in person.

When a Leo girl gets engaged, she wants people to say the ring is beautiful and ask her questions about how wedding planning is going. This is all part of the process for her, and it’s fun.

14-Sagittarius Signs Are Excited For The First Couples Vacation

Since Sagittarius signs love traveling, the Sagittarius woman can’t wait for the first vacation that she and her new boyfriend can take together. She’ll probably think about this from the very first weeks of dating, and wonder when it’s too soon to bring it up (and for her, it’s never too soon for a getaway).

Hopefully, her boyfriend loves travel, too, or there might be an issue because this is something that she holds so close to her heart. She’ll feel like the relationship is on the right track once those plane tickets are made and hotels are booked and restaurants are looked into.

13-Aries Likes The Six Month Anniversary

Aries signs are passionate, and Aries women are great partners once they like someone… but it takes them a while because they love adventure and challenge. Aries women also like to do things by themselves, so it seems like they make amazing and impressive single women.

When the Aries woman starts dating someone, she would love to reach the six-month mark. It would mean a lot to her since it would prove that she likes this person and they make a good couple and everything is working out well. Before that, she might be missing her single life or wondering if she wants to be in the relationship.

12-Leos Also Are All About Having A Big Wedding

Leo women also love having a big wedding, and this is something that they look forward to. From the minute that they get engaged, they’re thinking, “I want the biggest, best wedding ever and I can’t wait to plan it.”

Some other astro signs might want something on a tinier scale but not Leos. They don’t mind being the center of attention (in fact, this is totally their favorite place to be) so they would love to have an adoring crowd watching them during the ceremony and they want the reception to be a great big fun party. It sounds like the most amazing day and night ever to them.

11-Fire Signs Live For The First Kiss

Fire signs (Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries) are super passionate. When it comes to what relationship milestone they love the most, that would be the first kiss. Whether it takes place while watching a movie or at the end of the evening, they totally live for it.

We love watching characters who we have been shipping hard kiss for the first time on TV or in a movie. There is something so special and romantic about that moment. For the Fire signs, there is absolutely nothing better, and they probably can’t help but think about this moment for a long time after (and tell their friends all about it, too).

10-Pisces Loves The First Romantic Gesture

Are we a Pisces girl? If so, then we’re pretty emotional, and therefore, we really love the first time that our boyfriend does some kind of romantic gesture.

It could be anything from flowers on a special date like Valentine’s Day or our three month anniversary, or a great birthday present that proves he really gets us, or a random gesture that makes an ordinary day that much more special and dreamy. No matter what it is, it makes us so happy, and proves that our guy is just as sensitive and sweet as we are. It means so much to us.

9-Homebody Cancer Signs Really Want To Move In Together

A girl who is a Cancer sign loves moving in with her boyfriend. It’s what her homebody-self has been waiting for and dreaming of. Life couldn’t be more perfect when this happens.

If this is us, then we know that we jump for joy when we get to this point in the relationship. We don’t have to leave the house to see our special guy? What could be better? It’s like Christmas morning.

We also would prefer it if our boyfriend moved into our apartment since we’re so attached to our space and love having a cozy home, but we can probably negotiate this if we’re truly in love.

8-The Scorpio Girl Likes The First Sleepover

A passionate and romantic sign like Scorpios think that the first sleepover is a really great, important step in the relationship.

Scorpio women put a lot of thought into this milestone, and take it really seriously. They plan a perfect evening and they love getting the chance to spend more time with their new boyfriend. The first time that we sleep over at our boyfriend’s apartment (or vice versa) might be nervewracking for many of us. Not for Scorpio women. They thrive on this and love the romantic evening. (Maybe the rest of us can borrow some of their confidence and forget our nerves when we experience this, too.)

7-Cancer Signs Also Enjoy Getting To The Cozy Relationship Stage

The cozy relationship stage is what many of us are hoping to get to… preferably pretty soon after we start dating someone and realize that, yup, we can stand to be around each other.

This is the stage when we stay home together a lot and would rather stay in and watch TV or a movie than go out. It’s our dream… and it’s why a lot of single women are jealous of people in relationships. (Okay, single men get envious of this, too.)

Women who are Cancer signs also really want to get to this stage, and once they’re there, they enjoy it so much. It’s perfection for their homebody personalities.

6-The Water Signs Are All About Moving Toward A Future Together

The Water signs, from Pisces to Scorpio to Cancer, want to know that they’re on the same page as their boyfriend when it comes to the future.

We can all relate to this, even if we aren’t a water sign, right? There is really nothing worse than thinking one way about a relationship and being blindsided by a breakup or our boyfriend telling us that while he’s cool to stay together, he doesn’t want to get married, or kids aren’t in his future, or he’s not sure about us as a couple in general. Water signs are emotional and sensitive and love having these talks about the future.

5-Gemini Will Love The First Holiday Spent As A Couple

Since Gemini signs love family and tradition so much, spending the holidays as a couple for the first time will be super meaningful to them. Once Christmas plans are made, she will hardly be able to contain her excitement.

It’s going to feel so magical to wake up on Christmas morning and experience this great time of year together. This will mean more to her than almost anything that they could go through as a couple, and she hopes that her boyfriend loves this as much as she does. She can see many happy holidays in their future, and she can’t wait.

4-The Aquarius Woman Likes The First Argument (And The First Make-Up)

Aquarius women get along with others and like to have some social time, but they also have an inner world and think hard about everything and anything.

That being said, the Aquarius woman will actually enjoy the first time that she and her new boyfriend have an argument… but mostly because she likes the moment when they make up and all is well again. She likes the challenge of learning why they fought and what their fighting styles are. She’ll also learn more about the relationship and about her boyfriend through this experience, and that will be really fascinating to her.

3-Libra Loves The Moment Her Friends And Family Say They Approve

Libra signs are sweet, fair people who don’t like arguments. They really just want everyone to get along. When that doesn’t happen, it’s pretty tough for them.

If we’re a Libra woman, then we can agree that when it comes to what relationship milestone we really like, it’s when our friends and family let us know how much they love the guy that we’re dating. It’s so important to us to hear this, and we love it so much. We can hardly contain our excitement when we hear this from them, and we know that this means lot of happy times and social gatherings are ahead.

2-Gemini Signs Want The Security Of A Proposal

A proposal is a very magical, special thing. Sure, we get to wear a gorgeous ring, have lots of people ask us questions about the wedding, and, of course, experience a magical wedding day. But a proposal is also security… or at least that’s how the Gemini girl will see it.

Gemini signs don’t like being alone. If we’re a Gemini sign, then we would love knowing that we’re we’re going to be with this person forever, and it would mean a lot to us. While we will definitely enjoy the other moments that make up a serious relationship, the proposal will be our favorite.

1-Air Signs Enjoy Private Milestones That Others Don’t See

Air signs (Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra) are complicated. They love hanging out with other people and talking to them, and they also love to think hard about things and have that inner world going strong.

Therefore, when an Air sign is in a relationship, she is definitely going to enjoy any milestone that happens privately. She wants things to be special and just between the two of them. And, honestly, we can respect that, right? While it’s fun to post some couple selfies, a relationship is still something that is shared between two people, and it’s nice to keep some stuff private.


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