Here’s how the zodiac signs behave in family life! Isn’t it similar? Today, for the umpteenth time, I looked at the family of my close friend and wondered how much everything was different with our husband and I.

Although, in principle, our families can equally be called happy, not without quarrels and everyday moments, everything is like everyone else … After all, there cannot be families in which everything is absolutely the same. After all, people are different, with different characters and outlooks on life, different values ​​and moral principles. Astrologers believe that a person’s behavior in family life depends on the zodiac sign. My husband and I coincided about 98%! And you? Share with us in the comments, check whether the opinion of astrologers is true. Here’s how the zodiac signs behave in family life:


Wife: Fall in love easily, cool quickly. But if you are truly in love, then this love will last a lifetime. You are able to move a man to success. When communicating with Aries, you should maintain tact, since Aries are prone to resentment.

Husband: Aries can be called wise A closer to 30 years, while they are attractive and do not climb into your pocket for a word. Their wives are always on the podium. However, they often lack hardness, are a little impulsive, but this is not at all scary.


Wife: Light and very practical in nature is present in all Taurus. She will be a good housewife, caring. Divorcing them if they themselves do not want it is extremely difficult, because marriage is a very important thing for them and jambs here are extremely rare.


Wife: Twins – wives are very feminine and inventive. Love and beauty always come first. Beautiful mothers, they will give everything for the sake of their child.

Husband: “love is a game”, that’s all you need to know about the Gemini men. They love to flirt, and their remarkable intellect helps them in this.


Wife: Ideal spouse and mother. Most often, children are in the first place, even higher than their spouse. Great housewives and passionate lovers.

Husband: There is no meaning in life without love, that is how Cancers think men. Passion and feelings overcome all … Very loyal. Sometimes too economical.

a lion

Wife: Attractive housewives, culinary specialists. Passionate in bed. But they have excessive requirements for material wealth. I feel good in large companies.

Husband: Romantic, but they require complete and unconditional adoration. They love to give gifts and do not skimp on this business.


Wife: They always analyze, emotions go already for analysis. Perhaps they are too keen on their health and cleanliness in the house. Rational in everything.

Husband: Extremely controversial, cold but sentimental. Criticism is not tolerated. Often infinitely admire their wives.


Wife: Sentimental and feminine. She loves to be extolled. If he does not get what he wants, then he is very prone to depression. Extremely jealous. The coziness in the house is sometimes overshadowed by love.

Husband: One of the most faithful companions. Happy when everything is mutual, but set a very high bar for an ideal relationship. Very ambitious.


Wife: Dynamic, really does not like monotony and a smooth flow through life. They do not forgive cheating, and they do it right. Very loyal to children and husband.

Husband: The hottest of all representatives. Powerful. Love is everything to them. Owners and Jealous.


Wife: Least of all disposed towards romance and its manifestations. For a partner, they are primarily best friends. Hospitable hostesses. They value freedom and homeliness.

Husband: Good-natured and very sociable. Very sincere, but love is far from the first place. Great fathers.


Wife: Strive for influence and practicality. Very faithful. They themselves criticize, but critics cannot stand in their direction.

Husband: Very practical, but afraid of loneliness. Leaders in life. People are deeds, not words. They can cook well.


Wife: High requests to your companion, love stability. Great mothers and hostesses. Most of the time they spend on spiritual improvement.

Husband: Idealists by nature. In love, they are very constant and extremely faithful. Easy to compromise.


Wife: Entirely surrenders to the love and understanding of the husband. Faithful and faithful like no one else. Flattery is their middle name. They love to eat and cook equally tasty.

Husband: Very demanding of the physical and spiritual component of love. They never command or offend wives; they are treated as a support. Fixated on the bed.


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