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Breakups: almost all of us have experienced one at one point or another. Whether we were happy about it or not is beside the point. Most of us have lived through a breakup and likely will live through another.

But we hear so much about the power of positive thinking and how going into a relationship thinking about happiness and positivity is inevitably going to breed happiness in that relationship. Success Consciousness goes so far as to state in their article that positive thinking allows a person to “believe that he or she can overcome any obstacle and difficulty.”

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So, how does this tie into breakups? Sometimes positive thinking doesn’t lead to happiness. Sometimes we can go into relationships with the best energy and glowing happiness and it still doesn’t work out; we can’t overcome the obstacles and difficulties that come up between us.

But that’s not a bad thing! For anyone wondering whether or not their relationship is on the rocks (despite how positively they may or may not be thinking), this is the article to read. We’ve gone through and predicted how each sign’s behavior changes as they start to consciously or unconsciously think about breaking up, for both girls and guys.

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24-Gemini Women: Just Don’t Want To Follow Through With Date Night Plans

Geminis can be a little fickle at the best of times, but when dealing with the indecision that comes with potentially breaking up? Just imagine that fickleness growing tenfold. Gemini women might start to get frustrated with themselves.

They’re never ones to do something that they don’t want to do; their independence and self-love are too great to compromise their wants and whims like that.

Unfortunately, their excitement over date night gives way to mixed feelings and sometimes moans and groans over leaving the house. If date night plans are repeatedly getting changed or vetoed, it might be time to have a talk.

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23-Gemini Men: Find Themselves Getting Easily Annoyed

While Gemini women tend to turn frustration inward, Gemini men will direct the energy outwards. Gemini men tend to be more outwardly reactionary. If they’re getting frustrated with someone or don’t like something that’s happening in their lives, they’ll do everything they can to change it. This annoyance doesn’t just affect them, though. As anyone who’s been in a relationship with fighting knows, annoyed looks and comments tend to result in arguments and hurt feelings. Gemini men will likely need a little help getting to the root of these annoyances. Don’t be afraid to ask what’s really going on, and get ready for a long conversation.

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22-Libra Women: Get Down In The Dumps And Don’t Shake It Until The Dumping Is Done

Down in the dumps might have come around due to the fact that we tend to dump people we’re unhappy with. Shaking the blues can be tricky for Libra, who tends to have a rich (albeit kept inside) emotional life.

Libras are thinkers; they tend to process internally and don’t often talk out loud about their problems.

For a partner, this can make it tricky to know exactly what has Libra down in the dumps. Gentle support during this time can be the make or break up deciding factor for a Libra woman. Compassion and care are usually a Libra’s soft spot in relationships.

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21-Libra Men: Will Bring Up Old Grudges For Seemingly No Reason

Libra men are kind of like elephants. Everyone knows that old saying about how an elephant never forgets, right? That’s what a Libra brain is like. They’re incredibly practical and rational, though they’re always keeping that emotional balance in their head. Libras tend to hold on to moments more than any other sign; both the good and the bad ones. Grudges are seldom forgotten, and if they start coming back up it could mean there’s an issue in how the Libra man is feeling about the relationship. They’re likely reflecting on the good and bad things that have happened in order to try and work out whether it’s time to stay or go.

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20-Taurus Women: Live That “Treat Yourself” Motto To Its Fullest

Taurus women love luxury and are no strangers to girls’ nights, wine parties, and self-care Sundays. In a healthy relationship, the Taurus woman will make an effort to include their significant other. After all, they love to share experiences with people who also fully appreciate them.

When a relationship hits the rocks, though, “treat yourself” becomes a way of life.

Taurus women will tend to try and balance any negative feelings with more self-care, more little luxuries, and more positive things in their life. They usually stop including their partners in these, too, which is the true red flag that a break up might be looming.

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19-Taurus Men: Will Be Even More Stubborn Than Usual

Taurus men might seem easy going on the outside, but this Earth sign definitely has a stubborn streak. Earth signs love to forge their own path, and laid-back Taurus is no exception. While a Taurus man in a happy relationship will love to concede his desires in order to bring some happiness to his partner, a Taurus man in a less happy relationship won’t be so kind and giving. He’s more likely to diverge and follow his own wants and needs without his partner coming to mind. That’s definitely an attitude adjustment that signifies a major shift in the relationship.

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18-Sagittarius Women: Start Taking Steps Towards Freedom

We all know at least one Sagittarius in our lives. These are the folks that respect freedom, change, and individuality. They’re great at talking and almost always end up having the best conversations in the strangest of places. Sagittarius women are huge freedom lovers.

They want to have fun with their friends and often want a relationship that allows openness and freedom from both a creative and emotional standpoint.

If they start to feel stifled in any way, they’ll start to take steps towards freedom. Whether that means something as simple as joining a new club or something as big as going on a solo adventure is up to the Sagittarius.

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17-Sagittarius Men: Might Actually End Up Ghosting

Taking steps to freedom isn’t solely a Sagittarius woman thing, though. It seems to be a key feature of this sign in general, which is one that we’ve personally experienced ghosting from in the past. Sagittarius men love knowing things. They’re intelligent and tend to ask questions and dig deep very quickly. However, they’re not the most vulnerable sign. They can worry about getting locked into something as they wonder if they might regret it later. Sagittarius folks aren’t necessarily great at sharing their deep inner emotions with people, which is why this sign might opt to just plain ghost rather than face an awkward or heavy conversation.

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16-Aries Women: Act A Little More Confrontational

The strong Aries isn’t the only sign that has a shorter fuse. Aries are powerhouses and have a whole lot of energy inside of them at all times. This means that they’re the best sign to go to get things done. It also means that they tend to be a little impulsive. As much as that can be difficult for a sign that likes stability and routine, it’s also a whole lot of fun in a relationship! That changes as the relationship changes, though.

Aries tend to get a little more confrontational as they get closer and closer to a breakup.

It’s almost like they’re daring their partners to approach the topic first, which is definitely in line with that competitive spirit!

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15-Aries Men: Decide To Dedicate Themselves To Something Else

Whether it’s art, music, career, or fitness, Aries men almost always have a wide variety of interests and hobbies. They’re very dedicated signs, even though their focus can change at a moment’s notice. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though, as the passion allows them to get a lot done very quickly. When Aries men start to feel distance in a relationship, they tend to follow that impulse. They often get wrapped up in other things, dedicating more and more energy to themselves and their new hobbies rather than the relationship. If an Aries man is starting to take his fantasy football league or squash club like it’s his new calling in life, it might be time to have a chat.

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14-Virgo Women: Worry About The Little Things Until They Finally Talk To Their Partner

Virgos are a sign that really lives inside their heads. They value intention and are often not disappointed by a lack of follow through. Knowing that they’re being thought about is enough to give themselves value and validation.

Since they’ve got such rich minds and imaginations, however, worrying can be their biggest pitfall.

Not only do they worry, though, but they also don’t often speak out about these worries until they have legitimate, undeniable proof. Eventually, they will talk to their partner and will calmly and rationally explain why breaking up is positive. Whether or not their partner understands and accepts is a whole other thing.

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13-Virgo Men: Pull Further And Further Away

Part of keeping a rich inner dialogue going is the understanding that more curious signs will want to talk. Virgos prefer to bring things up when they’re ready and are confident that they have it all figured out. That kind of processing takes time and brain power, which often translates to alone time for the Virgo. If the Virgo man finds himself to be pulling further and further away from partners, friends, and activities that used to bring him joy, he’s probably dealing with something deep. Unfortunately, this can lead to a breakup conversation if he decides that that’s what he needs; once a Virgo sets his mind to something it’s hard to change it.

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12-Cancer Women: Make More Away-From-Home Plans Without Their Partners

Cancer women are not often the wild partiers. They don’t necessarily like all the hubbub that comes with going out and about. Parties aren’t necessarily the Cancer woman’s speed as she prefers to form intimate one-on-one connections with people.

We know that this means there’s something up when they start to hang out away from home more and more often…

Especially when it happens without their partners. Cancers are very attached to their partners and want to be with them whenever possible. When that starts to change it’s a clear sign that they’re having some second thoughts about the relationship. A breakup might be on its way.

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11-Cancer Men: Go Quiet And Give Up Communication

Cancer men might have some of the similar traits of Cancer women but oftentimes their expression of stress or struggle is a little bit different. Cancer men don’t always want to talk about what’s going on inside of them. Not only does it take a little while for them to open up about their internal struggles, but if they start to have second thoughts about a person, they’re quick to shut off that vulnerable opening. They might not always be upfront with a partner either, which can result in a lack of communication on the Cancer’s end. Ultimately they will confront this change in behavior, but it can often be followed by the phrase, “let’s take a break.”

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10-Pisces Women: Subtly Shift Back Into Fantasy Mode

We all know about those classic Pisces tropes; they’re romantic, they love fantasizing, and often choose dreaming over actually digging in and doing, which could risk disappointment

Luckily for the Pisces woman, this makes it easy to identify when something is off in her relationship.

Pisces are incredibly loving creatures and give their whole selves to a partner. Heart, mind, body, and soul join in the commitment of a relationship. When that relationship starts to expire, the Pisces woman finds herself slipping back into fantasies. Dreaming of love stories and even breaking out the old romcoms can all be signs of a relationship ending.

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9-Pisces Men: Will Start Trying Harder And Harder

Pisces men, on the flipside, don’t often envision the end of a relationship. Once Pisces men decide to commit to something, they’re in it for life. They’re the ones who tend to think that all of their relationships are The One. That’s not a bad thing! Remember the power of positive thinking we mentioned earlier? Pisces men are potentially the only signs that actually try harder when faced with a decline in the relationship. They’ll work towards improving the relationship rather than drifting away. Unfortunately, this tends to mean that the ball is then put in their partner’s court. Depending on the partner’s sign, it could end up meaning some broken hearts.

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8-Capricorn Women: Will Stay Okay To The Bitter End And Then Drop It All

Capricorn women are some of the most dedicated of all the signs. Not only will they stay until the bitter end of a relationship, but they’ll also even give people second chances if it looks like they’ve changed. While that’s a beautiful quality for the Capricorn to have, it’s certainly not without discretion.

If a relationship starts to become disrespectful, they’re not afraid to drop it all and walk away.

These are the ones who aren’t afraid to block numbers and warn their friends about mistreatment. Gotta look out for their girls, after all! Capricorns know that no matter how important a relationship was once upon a time, disrespect is unforgivable. No second chances there.

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7-Capricorn Men: Get A Little Fatalistic By The Time The End Rolls Around

By the same token, Capricorn men are also ones to warn their friends about the ending of a relationship. While Capricorn men might not be as ASAP with ending their relationships, they certainly will make it seem like it’s the end of everything they hold near and dear. In a way it is, to be totally honest. Capricorns get very attached to the people they love. They’re fiercely loyal and can end up taking a while to heal from a breakup. By the time the end rolls around there’s not much left to say except for “goodbye.” After all, the Capricorn is always going to stand strong behind their decisions.

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6-Aquarius Women: Want To Have More Heart-To-Hearts

Aquarius women are potentially the only sign in our list that actually wants to talk more when they start to feel a break up coming on. Aquarius is very intuitive, but this sign doesn’t always share what it is that’s on their minds. If the mood is right they certainly will share whatever’s eating away at them. But they don’t want to burden their partner.

By asking to have more heart-to-hearts, an Aquarius is actually asking, “I have something heavy I want to talk about. Can we build a space to do that?”

It’s considerate and non-confrontational; just the way Aquarius likes it. It doesn’t always end up in a break up either, which can be a big relief for their partners.

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5-Aquarius Men: Calculate All Those Little Negative Details (And Tend To Hold It Against Us)

If an Aquarius really isn’t feeling the relationship anymore, we might start to notice comments against us. Aquarius men are creative, yes, but they’re also incredibly analytical. They’re able to figure out complex ideas and subjects easily and calculate pros and cons of decisions thoroughly. Unfortunately, this extends to their relationships as well. If they’re getting tired of their relationship, we might find that they start to calculate all those bad days as strikes against us. Call it selective seeing or call it unfair; the Aquarius man sees the world from his perspective. His mind can certainly be changed, but get ready to have a deep conversation about it.

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4-Leo Women: Go On The Offensive

Leo women, despite what we’ve often been told, are not difficult to deal with. Leos are proud, yes, but they love to have people love them. This often makes them the people pleasers of the bunch. That is until they stop caring about what someone thinks about them. That’s when that fiery side comes out!

Going on the offensive can have a negative impact on a relationship, but it can also bring to light issues that they might not have been wanting to talk about over the last few months or weeks.

Don’t be afraid to discuss the underlying issues with a Leo; it’s likely they don’t even realize they’re being a little more blunt than usual, and the relationship might be able to be saved.

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3-Leo Men: Start Looking Everywhere But At Home

This could be interpreted a few different ways, but we’ll stick with the G-rated version. Leo men are notoriously charismatic. They command attention and love that fact. They even go so far as to seek out more of it when one source gets depleted. They’re often active on social media, making it easy for them to quell that attention hunger by gathering up a few likes. Normally their relationships are enough to satisfy them, though, which is why this action can be considered a red flag. They love to throw all their passion into a partner. When that partner stops reciprocating, though, the Leo might stray and start looking elsewhere.

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2-Scorpio Women: Change Their Appearance In A Dramatic Way

Scorpios are wild signs, but nobody would ever suspect it at first glance. They tend to fly under the radar, keeping their emotional life firmly locked down. Until it starts to bubble up, that is.

Whether they like it or not, Scorpios don’t actually have the poker face they think they do.

How they’re feeling always comes out. It might be through their art, the music they’re listening to, or their appearance. The latter is the most common expression, as it’s a pretty on the nose exclamation of wanting something to change. If a Scorpio has recently cut or dyed their hair, gotten a tattoo, or revamped their wardrobe, bigger changes could be afoot.

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1-Scorpio Men: Mostly Build Up Their Partners As The Bad Guys

Scorpios are passionate, but they’re also over-thinkers. This can be a tricky mix to navigate when negative emotions are coming out to play. When facing an inkling that something might be wrong, Scorpio men start to become distrustful. They might even begin to build up their partner as the bad guy, only seeing their negative traits and nefarious actions (whether those actions are actually nefarious or just misinterpreted is a whole other situation). Needless to say, a Scorpio can be difficult to talk to about a breakup. Partners don’t often get closure from a Scorpio, which means it’s important to catch the negative traits early. If we can intervene and have a conversation, even the most on-the-rocks relationship might succeed.

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