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Every person on this planet wants to find “The One”, the sort of person with which they’ll share the same interests, goals, values, and of course a symphony of chemistry. Finding your soulmate can be a taxing process, so some turn to the stars for help. It’s helpful to learn early on how to connect and blossom with someone based on their star sign (and the four astrological elements) as they all function and think differently than one another. The four elements all lead to different personality traits as well; Fire signs are immensely passionate, Earth signs are stable, Air signs value intellectual stimulation above anything else, and Water signs sometimes let their emotions overflow.

Every sign has a weak spot when it comes to love, and the elements also play a crucial role in our ability to get along with one another. These energies can either clash or blend seamlessly, so once you know someone’s star sign you’re already halfway through figuring out what makes them tick!

We’ve analyzed the 12 astrological signs so you can figure out your guy’s absolute weak spot – while giving you some clues on how to ride the wave of whatever element he falls under.

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20Fire Partners Are Feisty Beings Who’d Rather Just Love, Instead Of Only Talking About Love

The three Fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, who are ruled more by action than by words. With the Fire sign signifying energy, this translates to relationships moving faster and deeper when it comes to love. Fire signs aren’t ones to sit around patiently and mull over whether or not they’re interested in someone – they want to express themselves fully the first chance they get, and expect the same when it comes from you.

Don’t be shy around these signs, take control and show them exactly how you feel. Remember that actions speak louder than words!

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19Aries: Challenge Him In A Friendly Debate, Showing How Passionate You Are

The Aries is a sign known for being passionate and having a feisty nature, so if your man’s sign is The Ram, be prepared to fight fire with fire in order to woo him. Aries loves to be antagonized, perhaps don’t pick a full-on fight, but feel free to indulge in a friendly debate, choosing an opposite viewpoint from him. This will pique his interest and his need to be in charge, so he’ll think about you long after you’re gone. Once he can’t get you out of his head, his desire to be around you won’t ever go away.

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18Leo: Show Him You Can Be Super Affectionate

Known for his magnetic personality and irresistible charisma, the Leo man easily commands attention in any room he’s in. Highly social, he loves being the center of attention and thrives in such environments.

When a Leo man falls for a woman, he’s 100% committed. Right off the bat, there is nobody else, and he’ll never have wandering eyes. Because he’ll be ready to shower you with affection right away, there’s nothing he loves more than a woman who can offer him the same. Flatter him and don’t be afraid to touch him in general, a little human contact goes a long way with the king of the skies!

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17Sagittarius: They Really Have No Type, So Be Yourself!

Oh, the Sagittarius. One of the most likable and magnetic signs of the all, the Sagittarius is happy-go-lucky and charming, both in love and life in general. Always driven by the heart, the archer is driven by his spontaneity and lifelong desire for intrigue and adventure. The best piece of advice for seducing a Sagittarius? Simply be yourself! They love nothing more than someone who is true to themselves and direct to a fault.

Besides, you’ll be way too busy being wooed to even have time to analyze the situation, as the Sagittarius is the most likely out of all the signs to absolutely seduce you.

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16Fire Signs Value Honesty Above Anything Else, So Make Sure To Stay True To Yourself And Your Opinions

Fire partners are strong and noble signs, with distinct ideas of what’s right and what’s wrong. Strong-willed, they value honesty above anything else, so be sure to share your own set of values, and be willing to stand by them. Because Fire signs are so intense, don’t be scared of fiery arguments if you do have opposing viewpoints. Like everything else they do, their disagreements are passionate, and they may allow their egos to take over. Keep in mind that there’s no malice here, however, and as long as you hold your ground they’ll respect you immensely. In the end, Fire partners will respect you so much more for having your own unique mindset.

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15Earth Signs Value Hard Work, So Woo Him With Your Achievements

Grounded Earth partners value facts and status, and will sometimes see things very black and white. Earth signs Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo, are all three very practical, with commitment hurdles based more on cultural and economic differences than passionate ones. These signs have goals for themselves that they’ll always put first, and they’ll expect you to have similar ones as well. They love hard workers and will mesh best with those that are just as aspirational as they are.

All three signs move at a slower pace, so be prepared to put in a lot of time if you’re interested in investing in your (quite literally) grounded earth mate!

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14Taurus: Show Him You’re A Beacon Of Stability

The Taurus man is a hard one to crack, as his patience and caution at the beginning can last for what seems like forever. He is strong and silent, a man of very few words. He’s also a hard worker, one who values stability and security for himself and the woman he chooses as his mate. Show him you can be that beacon as well, and are able to be grounded in your emotions and as well as your career.

As the Taurus man is one that keeps his thoughts and emotions to himself, you may have to be the one to make the first move, telling him how you truly feel and allowing him the security to confidently move forward with your relationship.

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13Virgo: Whenever You Need A Helping Hand, Call Up Your Virgo Man

Do you have a lightbulb that needs fixing? A screw that needs tightening? Your Virgo man is the perfect Mr. Fix It, loving every opportunity to show you how handy he is and how helpful he can be. Not just a handyman, he loves giving advice, and will always lend an ear to listen to any sort of problems you may have.

That being said, the Virgo doesn’t like helplessness either, so don’t ever make yourself out to be clueless! The trick is to make him feel like he’s the perfect guy for the job, boosting his ego in the process and making him feel like he’s in control.

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12Capricorn: Compliment His Achievements

The Capricorn guy is a traditional one through and through – a sign ruled by the serious Saturn, the planet of responsibility, commitment, and authority.While dating, he’s very unreadable, but will watch your every move like a hawk. What he wants is a smart and well-put-together lady, one that’ll be the Ying to his Yang.

Because he can sometimes be an old-fashioned traditionalist when it comes to dating, be sure to boost his ego and compliment his achievements, as he wants to be seen as a capable man that can look after you. The Capricorn has the most success with a girl that’s a bit reserved and traditional too, so keep that in mind when this Earth sign piques your interest.

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11Earth Partners Love To Stimulate Their Minds, So Feel Free To Chat His Ear Off And Show Him Your Intellectual Side

Since you’re in it for the long haul if you’re looking to seduce your Earth element guy, you may as well take the time to chat his ear off! Don’t be fooled that Earth signs don’t like talking, they can sometimes be quiet but still enjoy intellectual stimulation. They love educating themselves, so come well-equipped with topics that will engage them – they’ll be so happy that they’re furthering themselves with knowledge.

Suggest going to an art gallery, for example. It’s the perfect activity to chat about later. Make sure you don’t blitz through it, however, as your Earth guy loves taking his time, soaking up as much information as he possibly can.

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10Air Partners Are Lovers Of Intellectual Adventures, So Be Prepared To Offer Him A Rollercoaster Of Mind-Stimulating Experiences

The Air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, flighty creatures that are constantly overstimulated by the world around them. Unlike the Earth signs, Air guys love learning things rapidly and in succession, intellectually absorbing as much as is possible. As the Air element signifies ideas, the channel of communication should be open, as it’s the absolute core to winning over their hearts. The more you chat the more they’ll trust you, building that foundation that’ll make them feel that much closer to you.

As long as you stimulate them and support their mental pursuits, you’ll find a knowledgeable mate who’s sure to have a lot to share with you as well!

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9Gemini: Be Witty And Able To Bounce Back During Debates

The Gemini guy is a very clever and flirtatious one, always wooing you with his charm. In turn, he loves a witty woman as well, so be funny and ready to charge right back at his jokes! This will make him very impressed, as he loves a firecracker with a passion for life as opposed to a meek lady.

While some men are very visual, the Gemini man is turned on by his brain, so appeal to his head first and foremost! Talk about the things that mean the most to him, such as music, art, current affairs, or pretty much anything that requires you to do some thinking!

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8Libra: Be The Social And Chatty Butterfly You Are

The Libra is the most social of the signs, a fact that rings true for both men and women. As the Libra man is so easy-going, you may be tricked into thinking that things are going well. Paired with his flirtatious nature, it’s tricky to know how he’s truly feeling!

The biggest trick to seducing your Libra guy is to show him that you’re the life of the party. Be the social and talkative person you are, engaging his mind with your wit and charm. As much as he values physical attraction, highlighting your intelligence will go much further, as Libras love to have their thoughts stimulated by wit and banter.

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7Aquarius: Suggest New Experiences And Adventures For You Both

The Aquarius guy has his pace set on fast-forward. An earful of chatter, this eloquent and talkative man is a firecracker, attention-seeking constantly and always out for a good time.

Because he loves to grow his mind and experience as much as possible in what appears to be a short amount of time, suggest new adventures you can both go on! He’ll love that you’re interested in strapping on a seatbelt and going on for an exciting ride with him. You should also be able to show him that you’re completely cool with him running off for his own fun, as the Aquarius man loves his solo time so much sometimes, there’s simply nothing you can do but accept that about him.

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6Air Signs Are Jokesters, As Long As You Make Them Laugh You’re Winning

Your Air guy is the life of the party and he knows it. A social butterfly, he loves chatting up a storm, impressing everyone with his gripping stories, concepts on life, and witty quips.

Want to know how to woo such charismatic creatures? Make them laugh! If you can find a way to keep them giggling, these guys will see you as an intelligent and above all, fun individual that will also be their best friend and lover. Be careful not to get too emotional with an Air sign, however, as they can be quick to judge you as overly sentimental or dramatic, a total turn-off in their books.

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5Water Signs Are Ruled By Emotions, So Simply Trust Your Gut And They’ll Trust Theirs

Fluid water signs are ruled by emotion, and will always trust their gut rather than rational logic, even if it’s in front of them. The three Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, and if you happen to be a Water sign as well, you’ll be able to communicate and reason on a gut level that doesn’t need to involve words. If you can’t swim along with your Water mate in perfect harmony, you’ll have to learn how to trust your gut on an instinctive level just how they trust theirs.

Be patient and understanding with your Water sign crush, and you may even enjoy the level of emotion they bring, making you more in tune with your own intuition!

4Cancer: Show Him That Family Comes First

A sensitive fellow, the Cancer guy is a quiet one that may find you having to do all the legwork at the beginning of a romance. A family man at heart, he genuinely finds the most joy in being a homebody, cooking, and looking after his loved ones. Because he’s such an innate family man, your best bet to woo him is to show him how much you care for your family too, as he’ll see you as someone he can build a stable future with. Bonus points if you get along famously with his mom, as that’ll be something that matters the most to him!

3Scorpio: Don’t Ask Too Many Personal Questions

The Scorpio man is the definition of a brooding artist, an intellectually stimulated classic romantic that values mystery and the thrill of the chase above anything else. The longer the chase lasts, the more hooked he gets, so entice him with your allure and charm.

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Because he loves this mystery and unattainability about you, he expects to be an enigma, too. Unlike most men, who love to talk about themselves and adore being asked questions, the Scorpio man is very private, so keep the personal questions to a minimum. Instead, talk to him about his passions and his general interests, as this will engage him intellectually in the best way possible.

2Pisces: Be His Buddy First, Above All

A sign ruled by both the fluidity and turbulence of waves, The Pisces man has an emotional range that’s off the charts. Because of this, you’ll get to know a guy who will understand you better than most men will, and who’ll offer a compassionate ear for listening.

The Pisces is also immensely patient, so first and foremost he’ll be your best friend, wanting to figure out and solve any sort of emotional turmoil you’re going through – no matter how long it takes. First to put himself out there for you, he will always look for ways to help, so simply allow him to be that helping hand.

1Water Partners Have Tender Hearts, So Be Able To Show Him Your Sensitive Side

Your Water element guy is an emotional one, with a tender heart that beats rapidly and constantly. You’ll have to be in tune with your emotions and show your sensitive side, as he’ll definitely be doing the same. It’s because of this outpouring of emotion that you should always be prepared to show this sign how you feel, as open communication will level the playing field. In fact, if you speak to him about your greatest fears when it comes to love, you’ll perhaps be able to work through them together, which will bring you closer to one another in the long run.


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