Pop astrology has made sun signs so famous that almost everyone knows at least something about their own sign and a few others (mostly those of their best friends and boyfriends).

So if you are a Cancer, you know you tend to have wild mood swings and want a big family one day. And if your boyfriend is an Aquarius, you know why he has always felt like a black sheep all his life and why the two of you often butt heads on the emotional vs. logical aspect of your relationship.

But what if I told you that there’s more to your sun sign than what meets the eye? That Leos are not just flashy drama kings and queens and that there’s more to a Gemini than their ability to talk your ears off? Would you like to know more about the hidden aspect of your zodiac sign?

If you nodded your head vigorously, you are in luck! Because in this article, we have compiled the secret side of each zodiac’s personality, depending on whether they are a man or a woman.

Trust us, once you read this, you will never see your zodiac sign the same way ever again.Continue Scrolling To Keep Reading

Sagittarius Woman: You Prefer Deep Conversations Over Superficial Fun

On the surface, you, Sagittarius woman, seem like a chirpy and jolly gal (and you are!), but what most people don’t know is that behind that clownish exterior lies a philosophical mind that loves exploring abstract concepts and engaging in debates with other intellectual types.

That’s why your closest friends are almost always those with whom you can talk until the crack of dawn and not regret losing sleep. People like the Aquarius girl or the Gemini man.

What can we say? You are a brainy girl behind that huge grin. And we all love you for it.

Sagittarius Man: You Are Extremely Analytical

You are an odd kinda man, Sagittarius. When other men compare the size of their muscles, you just roll your eyes at their pretentious masculine display and go your merry way.

After all, you know that you aren’t going to win any fist fights (you hate violence) even if you can take down any man twice your size in a battle of wits.

That’s the secret behind the twinkle in your eyes and the skip in your optimistic toes. You know your greatest weapon is your mind, and you always keep it sharp. And a sharp mind knows when to pick a fight and when to shut up!

Leo Woman: You Have A Big Heart

When people look at you, they get sidetracked by your larger-than-life personality and your awesome style statement, Leo woman. But only the few in your inner circle know that behind all that glitz and glamour lies a big heart that just wants to love everyone and be loved by everyone.

You really are one big warm hug of a person! How can you not be when your zodiac sign is ruled by the Sun?

Just think about it. We always get sidetracked by the brightness of the sun too and forget that without it there wouldn’t have been any life on Earth!

Leo Man: You Are A Family Man

Make way for the king!

Did that put a big smile on your face, Leo? We know it did because you love being the center of attention wherever you go. And for good reason too because you can’t help but be your exuberant self wherever you go. You are an old charmer, after all.

But what most people don’t know is that behind all that boisterousness and charisma lies a kind-hearted man for whom family always comes first. So much so that if he had to choose between keeping his fame or keeping his family, he would always choose to turn his back on fame and be there for his loved ones.

Cancer Woman: You Are Extremely Intelligent

They say you are an emotional wreck, Cancer woman. That you are so moody that your friends and family have to walk on eggshells around you so they don’t trigger a sulk session or endless waterfalls. That you wouldn’t last two minutes if you had to fight alone.

Well, they are wrong. Because what they see is just the mask you wear.

In reality, deep inside you actually are an extremely intelligent person who immediately knows when something is wrong—who is the pillar of strength for her friends and family. And who knows that human beings are social animals who thrive best when connected to others.

Cancer Man: You Are Afraid Of Criticism

It’s a fact that the whole world will never agree upon the same idea. That’s why, you will always have to face critics in life, Cancer man.

Some might choose to do it diplomatically. Others will choose to bring you crashing down with harsh words and biased judgments. But you can never escape them.

Unfortunately, that’s your greatest weakness and the hidden side of your personality: your inability to deflect criticisms.

But don’t worry. Nothing is set in stone. And most Cancerians are known to become more sure of themselves with age and experience.

Scorpio Woman: You Are Passionate And Resilient

According to astrology, we choose to be born as a certain sun sign because our soul hasn’t learned to deal with that aspect of life yet. And as a Scorpio, the lessons your beautiful soul chose to learn in this life are those of resilience, wisdom under fire, and passion.

That’s why you prefer maintaining a brooding and silent facade on the outside, Scorpio woman. It’s to keep your intensity from scaring people away.

After all, most don’t understand why you would choose to walk through fire instead of running away at the smallest hint of trouble.

Scorpio Man: You Are Wise

Wisdom is never gained in a vacuum. And you, Scorpio man, gained yours through trials and tribulations that razed your world to the ground and forced you to rebuild from the ashes.

But most don’t get to see this side of you because you know that certain lessons in life need to be learned the hard way. It’s the difference between telling people they need to love themselves and watching them realize the same thing once they come out of a bad relationship where they let their partner treat them like dirt.

Aries Woman: You Are Sensitive

You are a brave girl, Aries woman. And an open-hearted kid deep down inside. But what many don’t know about you is that you are quite sensitive too.

That’s why we said you were brave. It’s because even though you do fear failure and ridicule as much as anyone else, you still bravely go where your heart wants you to go, which is something most people don’t do.

And it’s also why you always steer clear of negative nancies in your friends’ circle. The sensitive side of you gets affected by their negativity quite fast, and you don’t want that to dampen your nerve.

Aries Man: You Are A Closet Romantic

You may seem like a hardcore masculine man who lives up to every societal construct of what a man is supposed to be like, but what many people don’t know is that deep inside you are a true romantic.

That means you crave a partner who makes your heart sing. Someone who brings out that impulsive but creative side of you, which makes you call them in the middle of the night and whisk them off on an impromptu road trip or a midnight cafe crawl. Someone around whom you can be your real, vulnerable self and maybe even cry like a baby when you are upset.

Taurus Woman: You Are Very Determined

Taurus is an earth sign. And like the stable earth underneath our feet, you, Taurus woman, are a dependable soul who likes her routines and stable lifestyle.

But while this can make you seem like a comfortable homebody who likes to lead a boring life, in reality, this stable nature of yours makes you a very determined person who will stop at nothing when she sets her mind on something.

And we say this is a hidden trait because most people fail to see the effort you put in behind the scenes to arrive at your destination.

No wonder you amaze everyone once your investment profiles come to light later on in life!

Taurus Man: You Want Justice

You can be a diehard traditionalist, Taurus man. And that’s because you believe that people shouldn’t try to fix things that are not broken. After all, traditions have lasted this long because they are tried and tested to work and take into consideration the best of everyone involved in society.

And that’s what is at the heart of your love for traditions: your need to live in a world where people are considerate about each other and live by moral guidelines.

No wonder you are a peaceful guy until people try to take advantage of you or your loved ones.

Virgo Woman: You Are Self-Sufficient And A Good Leader

You can be highly critical, Virgo woman. But that’s not news to you. You believe critical thinking is required if one wants to improve their life and their circumstances. And you don’t just keep it to yourself. You believe in helping others generously by pointing out where they can make their lives better too.

Well, all this makes you a natural-born leader. Surprised to hear that? Don’t be. Leaders aren’t always charismatic and great at delegating work. Sometimes they are humble and hardworking and believe in working right alongside everyone else on the team.

Virgo Man: You Secretly Doubt Your Intelligence

Who would have thought this was the hidden side of your personality, Virgo man? But you almost always have to battle self-defeating beliefs until you are significantly older and have developed more confidence in yourself and your abilities.

And the worst part is, just because you are often insecure of your intelligence, you can be quite critical of other’s intelligence too, which does not win you any brownie points in your friends’ circle or with your romantic partner.

So now that you know this, maybe it’s time to work that Virgo magic on your mind and build up your confidence one brick at a time.

Pisces Woman: You Are A Natural At Thinking Outside The Box

You have a bad rep, Pisces woman, of being a dreamy escapist. And that’s not completely untrue. You do like daydreaming a lot and immersing yourself in fantastical worlds, whether through books, movies, or RPGs.

But what most people don’t know is that behind all that dreaminess lies an incredibly creative mind that is a natural at thinking outside of the box. In fact, the box does not even exist for you! That’s how wild and fresh your ideas can be sometimes.

So next time anyone accuses you of escaping reality, tell them they are too boxed in their ways to even realize what is possible and what is not.

Pisces Man: You Are Kind To Strangers

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. That’s why this sign rules spirituality and transcendence. It’s almost like Pisceans are born to live out their lives one last time before their soul moves onto a higher plane and bids adieu to mortality.

That’s why you, Pisces man, are a very kind person with little to no materialistic attachments. A trait that allows you to help anyone who comes to you in their time of need, even if they are strangers or enemies.

You just don’t buy into the concept that one should help others only when it’s convenient or has something in it for them.

Capricorn Woman: You Are Optimistic About Your Future

On the surface, you seem like a stern and stoic individual, Capricorn woman. Someone who has her eyes fixed on a target, usually her ambitions, and is unwilling to let anyone or anything distract her on her way to achieving it.

Well, you aren’t winning any life-of-the-party awards for sure because of this personality trait, but what most people don’t realize is that you are extremely optimistic of your future, even when the odds are stacked up against you.

Why else would you be so single-minded about your goal? You believe they will come true, that’s why!

Capricorn Man: You Don’t Let Criticism Stop You From Reaching Your Goal

Like your female counterpart, you, Capricorn man, are a stoic individual who wants to climb to the top of the societal ladder and be the best in his field. In fact, you just don’t want to be the best, you want to be a few leagues ahead of the one behind you. That’s how ambitious you are!

And while everyone can see this side of your personality, what most fail to see is how thick your skin is towards criticism.

Because the truth is, people love criticizing others’ life decisions—especially those who dream big. And it’s truly a gift when you can see their lips moving and only hear nonsense coming out of them.

Aquarius Woman: You Are A Realist, Not A Pessimist

A mind that works a mile a minute is not easy to live with in these times of over-hyped empty promises and chaos. That’s why you are so revolutionary, Aquarius woman.

You can see the world for what it really is and know that what people consider is impossible is actually pretty possible. They just don’t have the breadth of knowledge you have to know that their ignorance is restricting their outlook in life.

And because of this, you seem pessimistic to many in these overly-optimistic times, when in fact you are a true realist who knows they are being taken for a ride.

Aquarius Man: You Are Very Loyal

As an air sign, you, Aquarius man, are very good at striking up conversations with people. That’s why you always find people who know you wherever you go.

And though you may not consider them friends (it takes a lot more than a casual meetup to really make it to your inner circle), you do treat them like one when you meet.

Unfortunately, people aren’t as bright as you are, and they often mistake your friendly manner to mean that you really are their friend and this creates a false perception that you are unreliable when they reach out for your help in something big.

In reality, you are actually a very loyal person. But that is strictly for those in your inner circle.

Gemini Woman: You Are Level-Headed

A chirpy Gemini woman might be a big gossip-monger, but she is always a pleasure to hang out with. That’s why you are always invited to all the big parties, Gemini woman. You bring the fun with you as soon as you walk in.

But behind all those animated stories complete with hand gestures and weird faces lies a brilliant mind that doesn’t take life too seriously. That’s why you are the one sign of the zodiac who is least likely to contract anxiety disorders.

You really are that level-headed.

Gemini Man: You Are Actually A Good Listener

A man who talks a lot is believed to be a bad listener. Well, Gemini man, there is a lot of truth in that statement, but not for everyone. Because the truth is, you love communicating with people because it helps you experience the world through everyone’s experiences.

The only problem is, most people aren’t natural storytellers like you and so can botch up a retelling pretty badly. And this can make your attention drift and make you engage that side of your personality that is just waiting for his turn to speak.

But the fact that you almost always start conversations with people using critical facts they shared with you last time is a big tell that you really are a good listener underneath it all.

Libra Woman: You Are Proactive

You hate conflict, Libra woman. You just want everyone to live merrily and achieve everything they want without harming anyone in the process. And while life doesn’t always work out that way, you aren’t one to give up trying. Especially in your close relationships.

And so you analyze everything (you are an intellectual air sign, after all) and try to address problems before they even arise. You like being proactive that way.

The only problem is, this can sometimes slip into the territory of overthinking and end up stirring up conflict. Oops!

Libra Man: You Are Introspective

You are an odd sorta guy, Libra man. You don’t like fighting, whether it’s the fist-y kind or the brainy kind. You don’t buy into the “bro code” that asks you to behave like a pig in the name of being “manly”. And your social skills are so good that you can often give the Gemini woman a run for her money in the gossip department.

But what many people don’t know is that you aren’t a complete extrovert. A part of you is actually quite introspective. And that’s where your true brilliance lies.


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