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You’ve heard phrases like “hurts so good” or “it’s so bad that it’s good.” Well, it can work that way when we’re attracted to someone who is just wrong for us on all levels. We know that it won’t work out for the long-term, but we just can’t seem to get them out of our heads either. This, my friends, is called lust—not love. I repeat: this is called LUST, not love.

Some of the most incompatible signs are drawn to one another knowing fully well that they are not going to last. This is an unfortunate side effect of human nature. Incompatible signs know how to push each other’s buttons, and that is the exciting part for them.

To break it down, the most incompatible matches are between the following elements: Air+Earth, Fire+Water, Water+Air, and Earth+Fire. The Fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. The Air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. The Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Here are the 25 incompatible matches that will have some insatiable, intense chemistry between them. Enjoy these flings while they last—likely four months or less.

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25 Virgo And Aries Will Play Hardball With Each Other

Neither the Aries nor the Virgo is afraid of debate or a little confrontation. In fact, their attraction will because of the fact that they can push each other’s buttons. The Aries thrives on chaos and disagreement and the Virgo is nit-picky and quick to point out flaws.

Though the Aries might act annoyed by the Virgo’s tendency to tell them how wrong they are, they will secretly love it.

The Aries can come into the life of the Virgo with brutish behavior and no manners whatsoever- only to be put in their place by their equally hard-headed partner.

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24 Gemini’s Playful Mind Games Will Provoke Cancer’s Moodiness

Gemini and Cancer make for a rather curious relationship. Clear communication is what defines the Gemini, but the Cancer sign has trouble communicating their emotions due to their sensitivity. Still, Gemini’s quick wit and charm may encourage Cancer to come out of their shell.

When the Gemini’s mischievous nature leads them to say things that the Cancer doesn’t want to hear or they may flirt with other people. Though the Cancer will hate this, they will still want the Gemini to come back home only to them. The Cancer will get the flighty Gemini to slow down and take in the world.

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23 The Rebellious Aquarius Will Challenge Capricorn’s Old-School View

It is an easy assumption to say that the Capricorn errs on the traditional and restrictive side of life while the Aquarius is the opposite. The Aquarius likes to defy social norms and sees revolutionaries as necessary to better society.

Though they are ruled by the same planet (Saturn), the two signs can disagree in terms of their values.

An Aquarius wants things to be spontaneous and fast, while Capricorn likes to thoroughly get to know the person before they dive into a relationship. This will be a change of pace for both parties that will keep the attraction high.

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22 Fun-Loving Leo Will Be Entranced By The Creative, Artsy Pisces

The matching of a Leo to a Pisces will be that of two creative souls coming together and needing tending to. Leo is ruled by the Sun an expects the magic to come to them. Pisces is ruled by Neptune which is the planet of magic, mirage, and dreams.

When these two meet, they will communicate through abstract means and spend endless hours talking about music, movies, and literature. Where Leo enjoys the prestige of being a source of inspiration, the Pisces likes to draw upon that inspiration with their artistic talents.

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21 Taurus Will Love The High-Energy Of A Sagittarius But Won’t Be Able To Keep Up

Taurus might feel daunted and a bit apprehensive when they first meet a Sagittarius, but they will stir up a wild side in them. Sagittarius isn’t the type to make plans but acts on a whim in spontaneity. This will keep the reserved and calculated Taurus on their toes because they are used to making plans and making sure that things are in order.

At the end of the day, the traditional Taurus needs some stability from a partner while the Sagittarius has a freer standpoint and lives for independence.

Though they will have a wild ride, one of them will have to sacrifice a personal value in order for the relationship to last.

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20 Scorpio And Aquarius Will Eat Up Each Other’s “I Don’t Care” Attitudes

No other sign will put a Scorpio through the paces as much as an Aquarius does. Scorpio likes to put people under a microscope and dissect what makes them tick. Aquarius is like an alien specimen or some time traveler from the future for which the Scorpio has no frame of reference.

They are drawn to each other because of their unconventional way of thinking, which is contrary to mainstream beliefs and norms. They both stand out in different ways except the Scorpio has an inward magnetism while the Aquarius stands out like a sore thumb. In the end, they both might stretch too far out of each other’s reach.

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19 Aries Will Want To Rescue The Vulnerable Cancer

The vulnerable Cancer is like the signs’ Cinderella or “boy who couldn’t” who grow up in some way feeling like the damsel in distress. An Aries fancies themselves to be the rescuer in the fairytale, giving into that fantasy that the Cancer has been secretly pining for.

Cancers can be needy and an Aries needs to feel needed, otherwise they don’t feel important.

An Aries will want to know that they have played the hero in a Cancer’s lives. If it wasn’t for them, the Cancer would still be in some sort of predicament.

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18 Libra And Virgo Will Strive For Perfection Together… But Without Success

A Virgo and a Libra are likely to get together after they have both been scarred from past relationships. There is a calming effect that they both have on each other since they are types that want little to no drama in their lives.

These two signs strive for perfection. Where Libra can envision it, Virgo can get their hands dirty and carry it out. Their compatibility seems like a no-brainer on paper, until they both forget one thing: there is no such thing as perfection. Not in themselves, and not in each other.

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17 Capricorn Will Have Similar Goals As A Sagittarius, But Their Methods Are Divergent

The pairing between a Capricorn and a Sagittarius is likely to happen through a third party or mutual friends. Their chemistry isn’t outwardly obvious at first since they aren’t the type that the other would typically go for.

After some conversation, though, they will totally get each other’s sense of humor and goals in life.

They both have ambitious, lofty goals but carry them out in different ways. Sagittarius relies on luck and good fortune to get ahead where Capricorn relies on hard work and determination. After some time, each will realize that their outlook on life contradicts the other’s.

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16 Pisces Will Placate Gemini’s Streak Of Crazy

Pisces is confident but a bit on the reserved side. Gemini is talkative and rambunctious so they feel the need to rough up the gentle-hearted Pisces. Pisces is attracted to strong signs because they don’t like to be the ones in charge.

Gemini is sucked into day-to-day experiences so they don’t mind taking Pisces by the hand and leading them along. The Gemini will fall for the Pisces because they will allow the Gemini to reveal their quirky, goofball habits without any kind of judgment.

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15 Aries And Scorpio Is Possibly One Of The Sultriest Pairings

Scorpio is elusive and the commanding Aries will hunt them down like prey. Though the Aries might mistake the Scorpio for being demure and innocent, they are far from it. Scorpio has a dark, hidden quality about them that Aries just can’t seem to wrap their mind around.

The curiosity of an Aries is piqued by the icy demeanor of a Scorpio.

Since they are both ruled by Mars (the planet of fire and aggression), the chase will be insatiable and the pay off will be steamy.

14 Taurus And Aquarius Will Have An Amazing Friendship, But Rough Romance

An Aquarius is a quirky, evolved character that very much lives in their own head. They are attracted to gritty people that are somewhat of a brute and a Taurus fits that very definition. Taurus folk are grounded in the physical and appreciate life’s simple pleasures.

To a Taurus, the Aquarian’s extroverted personality will promise excitement and fun times. They both appreciate entertainment that is so bad that it’s good, like trash reality TV. However, what a Taurus really needs deep down is the security of knowing that their partner will be around when they need them, and an Aquarius is too fastidious for that.

13 Leo Will Want To Conquer The World With A Capricorn

When you think of a Leo and Capricorn combination, think of Barack and Michelle Obama as the definition of that type of pairing. This is an attraction that is based on challenge and is not something that will come easy.

Both these signs are powerful and have authoritative demeanors.

Leo is ruled by the sun and is appointed to direct those around them. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is the taskmaster that gives this sign expertise and mastery. Together, they can take on the world or have a power struggle battle with one another; it could easily go either way.

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12 Libra Will Get Sucked Into The Mystique Of A Scorpio

More than any other pairing, this one typically starts off as an affair, and can also end in one as well. Libra is ruled by Venus and is guided by light, whereas Scorpio is ruled by Pluto who is the God of the Underworld. Libra is used to people around them being open to their initiation but a Scorpio is a bit hesitate in letting new people into their life. Though this might frustrate the Libra, it will still intrigue or even entice them.

Scorpio is an immoveable creature both literally or emotionally. Libra, on the other hand, needs someone to make them feel free to embody their ceaseless stream of ideas.

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11 Sagittarius Will Want To Paint The Town With A Pisces

Sparks will fly when these two meet because both the Sagittarius and Pisces are both ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, ideas, and philosophy. The misty Pisces is a creature who lives in their own world of self-invention and Sagittarius is a wild force of nature that will give their partner vivid flights of fantasy.

The combination of these two signs means they project high expectations on one another and may experience a lack of reality.

That said, each of them will be unburdened by practicality and will try to achieve great heights in the relationship.

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10 Gemini Will Be Charmed By Taurus’ Endearing Qualities

Gemini is typically attracted to a gentle demeanor seeking to help speed their pace along in the relationship. Taurus can come off as shy and timid and that will make a Gemini want to take charge. Gemini is ruled by Mercury so they talk, move, and act in such a fast pace. Taurus, ruled by Venus, wants to appreciate the beauty in life one moment at a time.

Since Taurus likes to take things slow, Gemini might eventually get frustrated with their partner’s unwillingness to keep up with their tenacity.

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9 Aries And Taurus Both Have Strength, But Won’t Ever Back Down

Aries is ruled by the masculine, fire planet of Mars and Taurus is ruled by the demure planet of Venus. Aries likes to take charge, and Taurus doesn’t have a problem playing the beta for a short period of time. That is, until they feel like Aries has crossed a personal boundary with them and they have to draw the line.

Both these signs are strong-willed and determined.

With Aries being the cardinal fire that likes to initiate and Taurus being the fixed earth that needs to cultivate their goals on a gradual basis, this can either clash or end in harmony.

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8 Pisces Will Make Aquarius Feel Like They Are In Charge

When these two signs get together, they will feel like they have met each other before in a past life. This spiritual connection will be so intense that neither one will know what hit them.

Pisces feels lost in life, being the mutable water sign that represents nebulous mists and fogs. Aquarius is a fixed air sign, akin to that of a distant star that will serve as a navigational tool for the Pisces. Aquarius will be flattered that Pisces looks to them for direction. However, the emotional Pisces might be too much to handle for the logical Aquarius.

7 Both Leos And Scorpios Have That Sultry Allure

Both the Leo and the Scorpio can be more insatiable than most because their earth-shattering magnetism rivals that of the other. Leo is full of charisma and can light up the room wherever they go. Scorpio draws people in with their piercing stare and their ability to keep people guessing, wanting to get to know them more.

Leo is an open book that is ready to delve into any conversation where Scorpio is a bit more reserved.

Leo will keep wanting to discover the mystery and Scorpio cannot help but be flattered by their pursuit.

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6 Both Libra And Taurus Just Want To Live The Good Life

Libra is a peaceful individual who sees all human beings as equals. This type of person will come as a breath of fresh air to the Taurus, who hasn’t been treated as such in the past.

When these two come together, they are one of the most humble and unassuming couples in Astrology. Since they are both generally artistic types, they often bond over artistic interests and take their time in getting to know each other. After a while, they will become inseparable. Both ruled by Venus, they value their time with each other more than money.

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5 Both Gemini And Virgo’s Wittiness Will Keep Each Other Entertained

Both ruled by the planet of Mercury, Gemini and Virgo know how to keep up with each other and will enjoy flowing conversations. Gemini has a childlike quality about them that Virgo eats up like candy because they enjoy being the parent in the relationship. They are both mutable signs.

However, the Gemini is fast-changing in the fact that they are hard to pin down where the Virgo is malleable.

At first, the relationship might start off as platonic but grow into romance as they spend more and more time around each other.

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4 Cancer Will Get Whisked Away By The Debonair Libra

Cancer personifies a rush of constant emotion, and Libra can seem a bit “not of this earth.” Though this pairing is typically short-lived, they enjoy each other’s company to the fullest extent while it lasts.

Libra will find Cancer fascinating and sometimes infuriating depending on what mood they are in. The Libra wants to be the fun-loving one in their partnerships, and the Cancer needs someone who is more stable. Nevertheless, the Libra will show a Cancer a good time before things get serious and dissipate.

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3 Both Aries And Capricorn Want To Be In Control

Aries has a tendency to put their partners on a pedestal, sure. But with the commanding Capricorn, they can’t help but see an equal in the pursuit of success. Aries sees Capricorn as a shrewd adviser and someone who refuses to be trifled in the face of adversity.

Indeed, both Aries and the Capricorn are strong signs and will make for the ultimate power couple if they play their cards right.

If they don’t, it will turn into a back and forth competition where neither party will win.

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2 Leo’s Heroic Streak Will Make Cancer Feel Safe

Though this pairing might have a bumpy start, their attraction to one another is undeniable. Cancer has a big personality and can be boisterous in their bid for attention. Leo is quietly charismatic and is on guard for the obnoxious factor in other people. This is because after all, they want to be the center of attention.

Leo might see in Cancer someone that needs at least somewhat of an emotional rescue, to which they are happy to oblige. This allows them to establish their dominion in the relationship, which in turn makes them feel important.

1 Pisces And Libra Will Disappear Into Dreamland And Never Come Back

Both Libra and Pisces are the types that are easily lost in the sea of themselves, completely devoid of the harsh realities that are in front of them.

Libra is attracted to the Pisces’s total lack of regard for other’s opinions and their determination to realize their individual aspirations.

Pisces is impressed by the Libra’s cool head and independence of emotional triggers. It is usually the Pisces that is seeking the caretaking of the Libra, who leads them into a romantic land comprised of their collective fantasies.

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