If you still haven’t decided what costume you’re going to wear, or just how to celebrate this fright-filled night, maybe your Zodiac sign can help you with your creativity and help you let that alter ego of yours shine!

1. Aries

Your fearless spirit suggests that your costume choice should be a warrior. Pick your favorite fantasy warrior and let your spirit enjoy the Halloween thrill. Your frightful fun is toilet-papering houses and your favorite treats are Atomic Fireballs. The only thing you’re going to be afraid of this Halloween is not getting enough candy.

2. Taurus

The treats you enjoy the most are Godiva chocolates. You’r indulgent style serves up Halloween delights and thus your pick for the costume should be a butterfly! Your frightful fun is having a Halloween-themed dinner party. The thing you’re mostly afraid of is being sneaked up on from behind.

3. Gemini

Your Halloween style is anything involving ghosts and this should be your costume choice as well. Your frightful fun is, of course, sharing ghost stories. Your biggest fear is getting buried alive and your preferred treat is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

4. Cancer

You’re all about that old-fashioned Halloween celebration. You are slightly afraid of classic horror movies and your costume preference is any kind of vampire (we suggest a Victorian one). Your treat would be Tootsie Rolls, and your frightful fun would be passing out candy like this to kids.

5. Leo

As passionate as Leos usually are, they love a dramatic and fright-filled Halloween. You are still very self-centered, which is why your perfect costume would be a glam rock star. Your frightful fun is dressing up for a costume party and your favorite treats are Wax Lips. You do have some fears though, and the biggest one is of ouija boards.

6. Virgo

Virgos are known to be down-to-earth all the time, which is why you love a homegrown Halloween. As your sign suggests, there is no surprise in telling you to choose a fairy tale prince or princess for your costume choice. Your frightful fun is watching horror movies and you are most afraid of creepy graveyards. Your choice of treats would be Sun-Maid raisins.

7. Libra

You are one of the most creative signs when it comes to Halloween. Your frightful fun is putting up spooky decorations and you were born to dress as an angel. Your treat is Mellocreme Pumpkins and the thing that keeps you awake at night is a fear of zombie attacks.

8. Scorpio

The thing you are afraid of is daylight! Your ghastly Halloween style is dark and mysterious, but your costume was probably a vampire last year, which is why this year you should go as a zombie. Your frightful fun is prowling cemeteries at night and your treat would be a caramel apple.

9. Sagittarius

Your adventurous spirit seeks a happening Halloween. This year you should go as a cowboy or cowgirl and your treat preference is Hubba Bubba. Your frightful fun is a rowdy costume party and your biggest fear is running out of beer.

10. Capricorn

Classic tricks and treats are your kind of Halloween. The costume will probably AGAIN be a skeleton. Your treat choice is candy corn, and guess what, your frightful fun would be conquering a corn maze. The thing you’re most afraid of is a non-traditional jack-o’-lantern.

11. Aquarius

Your original spirit loves a strange Halloween.


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