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FROM WHAT ZODIAC SIGN YOU ARE DEPENDENT. If you ever felt that you are not able to resist the influence of any person for no apparent reason, then most likely you are faced with your “master sign”, which, regardless of your desires, is able to crush you as a person. To avoid becoming a hostage to this situation, read this article.

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Capricorn obeys Leo, despite the fact that the qualities of Leo, like the love of praise and special attention from others, he usually ridicules. The only thing that can “save” Capricorn in this alliance is maintaining common life. When he sees Leo in everyday life, he immediately takes off his rose-colored glasses and realizes who he actually contacted.


Although in ordinary life, Aquarius first of all thinks about his own convenience, in relations with Virgo he forgets about himself and begins to go on about the most pragmatic sign of the zodiac – to do household chores and make lists of necessary purchases.

Virgos are excellent psychologists and can easily find a key to almost any sign. Although there is a high probability that after some time Aquarius will get tired of living according to a precise schedule and will again begin to put their own desires in priority.


Since it is usually extremely difficult for Scales to make decisions, in this alliance the Pisces assume this function and thus fall into their own trap. Everything comes from the fact that in ordinary life phlegmatic and not always self-confident Pisces suddenly begin to feel their importance and necessity.


In this alliance, Aries has a lot of unpleasant emotions, because when you try to completely get the attention of Scorpio, in most cases it fails.

And in this case, the well-known proverb “the less we love a woman, the more we like her,” – as soon as Scorpio tries to break out of the total control of Aries, it starts with a redoubled force to achieve its goal.

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Sagittarius is able to permanently deprive Taurus of sleep and rest. This is because Sagittarius will immediately begin to subordinate the conservative Taurus to set new goals and objectives for themselves that require immediate solution.

But the problem is that the sluggish Taurus is extremely hard going through any changes in life and, looking at a more energetic partner, begins to delve into himself and get depressed regarding his insolvency.

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The twins admire the Capricorns’ ability to go to a goal systematically, to be always collected and to build long-term plans. Wanting to make their lives more orderly, they fall under the spell of Capricorn and try to adopt their character. But usually it only lowers their self-esteem and makes them even more unhappy, since it is difficult for Gemini to cope with its burden of change.

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In a relationship, Cancer does not like uncertainty and understatement, and Aquarius, in turn, is a master of hushing up the true reasons for his actions and bad mood.

Therefore, it is not surprising that in this alliance Cancer is constantly tormented, while his partner, on the contrary, feels extremely harmonious. If we consider that the majority of Rakovs cannot be called egoists, this can be a real boon for the narcissists of Aquarius.

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Pisces is quite difficult to get out of their melancholic state, therefore, despite all the actions of Leo, who, as you know, is striving to be the best in everything and is waiting for others to constantly confirm this fact, it will be extremely difficult for him to get along with unemotional Pisces.

Moreover, with a high probability, Pisces will also begin to subordinate their partner, noting his imperfections, which will be extremely difficult for Leo to survive.

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By nature, Virgo is perhaps the most non-conflict sign of the Zodiac. And as soon as Aries realizes that he will get away with almost everything, he will sit on his neck with great pleasure to his partner. Unfortunately for the Virgin, because of her modesty, she is unlikely to be able to reverse this situation in her favor.

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Despite the fact that these signs are very similar in their attitude to material values ​​and outlooks on life, their joint life is absolutely contraindicated for them. All because Taurus will forever want not what Libra will offer them.

And if we consider that Libra is already quite difficult to make a choice in favor of one thing, in this situation they will have to constantly offer alternative options, and this will drive them crazy.


Scorpio loves intrigue and puzzles, and, as you know, Gemini is one of the most mysterious signs of the zodiac. In addition, another important point is the fact that Gemini can intrigue non-stop, without even spending extra forces on it. And, as a result, in this alliance, the Scorpions will never be able to find answers to all their questions, which will hurt their pride and they will more and more plunge into the labyrinth of these relations.

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Despite the fact that the homely Cancer suppresses the unaccustomed to think about the everyday issues of Sagittarius, their union can be quite harmonious. Especially when you consider that Cancers really like to once again teach others how to cook borscht and farm, and Sagittarius is not against learning about something new. On the other hand, in such couples there is a danger that Sagittarius will still feel unfulfilled because of the constant need to deprive himself of the opportunity to spend time on conquering the world, and not on solving everyday problems.

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