Words Are As Important As Actions In Love – Cute Quotes For Your Girlfriend

The dilemma between words and actions is ever-present. Some people prefer words, while others may give importance to actions. On the other hand, some may weigh both words and actions as equally important.

Words are as important as actions in love

So, there are cute quotes for your girlfriend to woo her if your actions fail to bring her around.

But, how does this dilemma between words and actions operate in love? Is love only shown through actions or is love only limited to those three words, “I love you?” Every person will have a different answer to this question.

However, ideally, a perfect balance should exist between the two.

One should not fail on words or drawbacks on actions. Love is something to be felt, to be free, to be truly lived!

This article is specifically dedicated to our male readers. Generally, males are not so good at showing affection, although they may love their significant other dearly.

Then again, we are not stereotyping. In fact, according to many psychological studies, men and women do have different views and methods of expressing their love.

So, boys, we dedicate this article especially to you.

Tired of your girlfriend complaining of you not “telling” her enough that you love her? Do not worry. Go through this read, and you will find love quotes for her and other beautiful quotes for her. You can send these to her throughout the day to make her happy.

Let’s get reading!

Importance of Words

Words form an integral part of any relationship.

At times, girlfriend quotes or I love you quotes for her will not work.

Words are the key to communication. 

Communication, in turn, is the key to a successful relationship.

So, here are six other quotes for girlfriend other than the usual cute quotes for your girlfriend.

1. I respect you

This shows that you respect your girlfriend’s thoughts, opinions, and actions. You respect her for the person she is. Without mutual respect, a relationship cannot thrive. This may mean more to her than any other romantic love quotes for her.

2. I will sacrifice for you

This quote shows the strength, time, and priority you have for your girlfriend.

For example –

You may stay up with her if she is sick or feeling low even if you have to go to work in the morning.

Sometimes, the depth of such quotes is underestimated.

3. I forgive you

Emphasize with this quote the fact that your relationship is more important to you than the disagreements and arguments between you and your girlfriend.

Moreover, this also shows that you value your relationship more than any fight that you will ever have.

In fact, you will emerge as a stronger and happier couple together.

4. I will protect you

This quote promises that you will protect her from all types of harm. It also implies that you will not cause her pain or grief. This may mean more to her than any cute love quotes for her.

5. I will support you

It shows that your girlfriend can rely upon you with her hopes and dreams. It signifies that you have “got her back” in everything.

6. I am committed to you

This phrase shows your loyalty and love to her. It tells her that you will not leave her and will always be there by her side, no matter what the situation is. It emphasizes the fact that you love her deeply and she is the one for you.

The power of these six phrases should not be underestimated. They are as powerful as any other cute quotes for your girlfriend. 

Some Examples – deep love quotes for her

  1. “Love will grow when you give.”
  2. “Your love does not ask; it only gives.”
  3. “You are my strength and power.”
  4. “You are my first and last, and there shall be no other.”
  5. “Beautiful things are felt, and I felt you deeply from my heart.”

Apart from these romantic quotes for girlfriend, let us also look at a few cute love quotes for her.

  1. “I see my whole life in you.”
  2. “Your thoughts keep me awake.”
  3. “I love you today, and I love you more than today tomorrow.”
  4. “I will choose you again and again, forever, without a thought.”

These cute quotes for your girlfriend will surely leave her giddy and loving you more. You can also leave short love quotes for her around the house. These will surely surprise her and make her day!

Let us see a few examples below –

  1. “My heart belongs to you from the day we met.”
  2. “You are a blessing to have.”
  3. “You will always own my heart.”
  4. “You are my home.”
  5. “I promise to be yours alone.”

The lesson?

Sometimes physically showing love or planning holidays is not enough. These actions, although portray love, sometimes fail to communicate what words can. Hence, the power of words should never be underestimated.

Speak your heart out to her. Never shy away from words. They are a very powerful tool!


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