I think everyone longs to be loved unconditionally. Especially by a person they choose and who chooses them back. But the last thing I expected was to love someone as much as I love you. Sure, I knew that I wanted to find a love like ours. But when all you know is heartbreak and getting your hopes up, I tried to stay as grounded as possible.

Little did I know, that loving you was going to be so different compared to everyone before you. The first moment I saw you walking up to talk to me, it’s like I knew you were the one. And that’s weird to say because it’s hard to describe that feeling. I just remember how people used to tell me, “When you meet him, you’ll just know.” and I didn’t believe them. I thought, ”How will you just know?” It simply seemed impossible. Well, impossible, until I met you.

You have changed my life in so many amazing ways and taught me what it is really like to fall in love with someone. When we are younger, we get so caught up in lust and words—instead of actions and friendship. I had never had someone who was my best friend and boyfriend.

I mean, let’s be honest, I wanted them to be my best friend but it just didn’t work because they weren’t the one. Our relationship has become such an amazing thing because we have always put our friendship first. And in all honesty, you can love a person but not like them, and that’s how relationships end. Because loving someone can fade, but liking them as a person never does.

You’ve helped me become the strong, dedicated and beautiful woman I am today because you’ve always believed in me. You’re the man every other guy should look up to and the one every woman should be lucky enough to have. And I’m so happy I’m the one who gets to call herself ‘the lucky one’.

You’ve taught me about standing my ground and realizing there is a difference between being nice and getting walked on. You’re the partner who has put me in my place when I need it, as well as being my shoulder to cry on when I still don’t feel like talking about what’s bothering me.

You’ve taught me about friendship, forgiveness, and unconditional love. I still can’t explain how much you have impacted my life with all of these lessons, but I can tell you how much I love that you have and how much I love you for it. Being with you has been one of the easiest choices I’ve ever had to make in my life.

All because you always put me first and you always make me laugh. I never thought finding someone to laugh through life with would be so important, until now. And I can tell you for a fact, without the laughter, life would be very unbearable at times.

But I’m honestly so thankful I have you, and not just for one reason, but for many. Thank you for teaching me what love and commitment really are. Thank you for never giving up on us when times got really hard. And thank you for being the man I can always count on. Our time together has not always been easy. And we both know we have harder trials ahead of us.

But I know that falling in love with you has been the best decision of my life because I know we will never give up on each other and we will always keep trying. And in my mind and heart, that’s all I could ever ask you.

Thank you for having the guts to come talk to me the first time we met. Thank you for giving me butterflies and the immediate thought of, “He might be the one.”, but thank you the most for being the man of my dreams because you are one of the best decisions I have ever made. I can only hope that I make you feel that same way, and deep down, I know I do.

So, here’s to me and you, conquering this world together, one laugh at a time.


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