You are in love, everything is fine with you, life goes slowly. But from time to time you catch yourself thinking: “ Does he really love me? Really, how to define it ?

Men are not used to showing their love like girls. They, as a rule, try not to show their emotions too brightly. It so happened that since childhood boys are taught to be strong and courageous. The overwhelming majority of men never show fear, weakness and doubt. This also can be attributed to love . So why are girls sometimes surprised at the restrained behavior of men, calling them insensitive? Emotionality is not masculine. Believe that a strong half of humanity feels and perceives love in the same way as girls do, but it shows a little differently. First of all, less emotionally.

You may not even notice how a man expresses his love for you every day . If for you flowers, gifts and poems – a sign of true love, this does not mean that a man perceives it as well. For him, it can be a look, a touch and even a conversation (despite the fact that it’s the girls who love the ears). This misunderstanding is due to the fact that you are trying to adjust a man for yourself. You want him to express his feelings and emotions exactly as you would have done. This behavior is not correct.

First of all, find out how your lover is accustomed to expressing himself, and then compare with himself. People usually express love as they would like to receive it. If a person grew up in a family where they hugged and kissed a lot, then, most likely, he loves to express emotions in this way. If in childhood love for him existed purely in verbal form, then now he will act in this way.

If you still do not know what language of love is inherent in your man, try to watch him. He may be laconic, but perhaps in a special way relates to touch. Spying on the second half can make you look at it differently. He could express his love every day, and you didn’t even notice.

The main thing – do not try to change your loved one. Take it for what it is. After all, this is true love.


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