Imagine the perfect day for you – the people with whom you would spend it, where and in what setting. Maybe you want to be alone or become a king or queen. Each sign of the zodiac has its own preferences.

In general, dreams of an ideal day are based on the weaknesses and vices of the Signs of the Zodiac, as well as on the peculiarities of their worldview, on the degree of egoism.


The dream of any Aries is to wake up in a tent on the top of some mountain. Stand up, make a fire and roast caught game on the fire. For Aries, the perfect day is an idyll. Unity with nature in these people in the blood. Had their will, they would have become a day or two ancient man – they would run naked with a spear in their hands, hunt for a mammoth.


If you are a Taurus, then at least once dreamed of being on a luxury yacht with a cigar in your mouth and with a glass of expensive cognac. Live in the perfect home and in the perfect setting created by the money, fame and universal love of your fans. Taurus wants to run from the paparazzi, ride a Ferrari and wear clothes that cost millions. It’s better not to dream like that at 8 in the morning before work.


Twins will not be able to describe you a perfect day. Immediately they want so much that it is difficult to choose something concrete. In general, they dream to be in the future. These people are not afraid of the unknown, therefore, most likely, they will choose either to use the time machine, or to become omnipotent, and, possibly, both. The main thing for Gemini is the presence of people, communication. They do not want to be alone, so in their dreams they don’t paint a perfect day in solitude or retreat.


Many Cancers have an irresistible craving for freedom, so they dream of becoming a bird and devoting at least one day to flying. They value the feeling of freedom more than freedom itself, so they want to grow their wings and at least a day become truly unlimited with nothing. Just take and fly forward to the horizon. This is the perfect day for Cancer.


Want to know about what day Leo dreams? Any Leo wants to get up at 4 pm. Then he wants the butler to quietly enter and open the curtains. It would be summer outside the coast of France. Leo does not need to work. The butler brings a tray of coffee and the most delicious bun of all possible. Then Lev a couple of hours lying in bed, and only then does his favorite work. If you need to go somewhere, then he is taken to a gilded Rolls Royce. But no … not even servants, because everything is done by automated equipment. There are no people in his dreams. Only perhaps that wife or husband, maybe.


Virgin dreams of a post-apocalyptic world. You can take any car and go there. Where the eyes look. There are no people, no one. Near favorite person. Shops are open – take whatever you want. There is another option. An ideal day for Virgo may not be a day at all. Representatives of this Sign love the night and its mysterious energy, so they would ride a car through the city at night during the day.


Weights need that no one bothers them. So that no one simply puts a stick in the wheel and does not talk to them. They would read, watch a movie, listen to music, fall in love and live as if in a French movie. They would have devoted this whole imaginary day to meetings with their favorite musicians and actors. In an ideal day, they communicate with great people and gain experience from them in order to become just as cool and respected.


Scorpio is a vengeful zodiac sign. They want to spend the day sitting in front of the TV and watching their enemies or abuser suffer from pain. This is such a kind of pleasant day, charging a positive. The main thing that people were not bad from the actions of Scorpio. They want retribution, justice, so they dream of such a TV and a free day.


Sagittarius wants to get in the car and go with friends or one on a journey. It can be a train or a plane – by and large, it doesn’t matter how. The main thing is the fact of travel and the opportunity to explore new countries and cultures. They need to know everything at once. They want to be free and not worry about money. Although they are not worried about them, are they?


Capricorn wants to become the most respected man in the country, so his ideal day is the president of affairs. Everyone comes to his office, ask for advice, kiss his hand, bow, and then he is shown on TV, where he is all so important and loved by everyone, giving a speech. Then ovations, delight, universal love, he is in the lights of searchlights. Capricorn, in short, is the president. We have everything.


Aquarius dreams to conquer Everest, to jump with a parachute, to be in a cage surrounded by sharks. He or she wants to experience all possible emotions, tickle your nerves in all available ways. These people are born for extreme sports and for a dynamic life. Therefore, an ideal day would have passed for skydiving, riding the most terrible attractions. They would experience it again and again, every day.


Pisces wants to wake up in the arms of the person they love and spend the whole day with him. This, of course, is too vanilla, but nothing can be done. They dream of love, and such as in the movies. Their perfect day is a romantic comedy with a very touching and pleasant ending.


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