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We would all want if we could find our ideal partner. This is a natural thing, though! But there are a lot of bad things we need to go through until we find our soulmate. For all of you girls out there who are not sure whether you have a good man next to you, here are some obvious signs for that. So keep reading!

1. He never forgets to say he loves you – People who are in long-term relationships sometimes don’t say these magical words. Maybe they think they already overcame it and maybe other responsibilities like kids and work don’t give them enough time for that. And frankly speaking, sometimes you don’t feel like talking to anyone when you have rough days in your life. A real man who truly loves you will never forget to say hr loves you.

It can make a deeper bond between two of you and you will still feel that sparkle from the beginning of the relationship. So guys, if you want to make your lady happy it only takes three words: I love you!

2. He tells you how beautiful you are – Even you just got up and there isn’t any makeup on your face he will still say that you are beautiful. Maybe he likes the way you look like when you get from the bed, all natural and without any artificial things on you. Girls feel special when their man says they look good. Of course, it is great to hear that from other guys but there are big chances that those who tell you that just want to get laid. When your special person says it, then it is genuine and you will be happy hearing it!

3. He inspires you to be a better person – If he talks with you about your problems and tries to find ways how to resolve them it means he truly loves you. Only person who cares for you will do all this things. And trust me, it is not easy to find someone special like this. For most of us it is mission impossible. So if you are lucky enough to have someone who is there even during your bad days, making you move on, you should be grateful.

4. He supports you – No matter you are trying out a new recipe or preparing for an important meeting he will be there for you. You can count for his help and that is something that makes him special. Scientist say that guys who support their women live in a better relationship than those who don’t. We all want our partner to be the best version of themselves and giving a support is a good start!

5. He makes you feel safe – I don’t know about you but feeling safe in a relationship is an essential thing. He can have money, status or bunch of friends he is popular among but if you don’t feel safe in his arms all that is in vain!

6. He is never abusive – Unfortunately, there are a lot of women nowadays who are experiencing abusive partners. A man who hits his wife is not a real man. He is frustrated and full of his own complexes, so he uses you like a boxing bag. No woman should accept this behavior. If he hits you once he will do it again. They all say it was a bad day, they love you and they don’t know what happened to them when they did that. Don’t fall for excuses. If you stay with him he will take you for granted. You deserve better. You deserve to live. You deserve to be happy. Don’t ever let anyone to convince you to the opposite!


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