Scientists quite thoroughly approached the question of what love is. After numerous studies, they concluded that chemistry was involved and nothing more.

After that, their inquisitive gaze aimed at another feeling, which often just inseparably exists with love. They decided to understand the causes of jealousy. It turned out that this emotion is also associated with hormones. Moreover, it turned out that a person is jealous because it brings him pleasure. Suddenly, what to say.

Italian scientists, namely, they were engaged in research, came to a disappointing conclusion for all lovers of jealousy – the reason for the inadequate behavior lies in the dysfunction of certain parts of the brain. It is the activity of these areas that sometimes leads to disastrous results. The fact is that after a series of experiments, scientists have found that during an attack of jealousy, the level of dopamine, a hormone that is responsible for pleasure, rises sharply. Even outwardly suffering, a jealous person inside starts to feel better. Of course, he, as a rule, is not aware of this, but our subconscious in search of pleasure pushes us to the next scene of jealousy, as well as to the search for evidence.

However, this does not mean that now you can use the discovery of scientists as an excuse for their actions. The man is therefore “rational” because he learned to control his emotions. So, learn to control our destructive feelings.

1. Getting rid of the complexes. Often it is low self-esteem that leads to thoughts that we may not be satisfied with something of our partner, and he will leave us. Therefore, phrases from the category of “I’m fat” should disappear from your vocabulary. And even to myself they can not be repeated. If you believe that you are better than others, then the people around you will believe in it too. 
2. We learn to trust the partner. You should not cheat yourself with the thought that your beloved can have fun with someone on the side while you are waiting for him at home. In the end, thoughts sometimes materialize. 
3. Try to spend more time together. 
4. Watch your appearance. Even at home you need to look perfect.
5. Do not be silent. If some kind of situation provokes a feeling of jealousy, then it is better to immediately calmly discuss everything. Otherwise, the accumulated emotions will lead to sad consequences. 
6. Find an occupation. People employed, as a rule, do not have time to accuse someone of infidelity, check SMS and arrange interrogations.


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