How do you see your loved one? What does he mean to you? I will try to tell you what he is for me, my favorite little man.

You sit alone, sadly in your soul, something is missing. You understand that it is not enough. She is at work, but at the same time in her heart. And she also says that She cannot divide into 2 parts :).

The best days spent with Her flashed through my head: the first meeting, the first kiss, the first sex …

It took quite a lot of time from the date of our acquaintance, but every time I saw Her, my heart begins to pound. With a kiss, dizzy … I want to fly with her far, far away, to be always together …

Her eyes drive me crazy, sitting alone, I miss her embrace, her breath on my shoulder, her voice … I want to look into Her eyes and hear that She loves me . Let us say this to a friend a million times, we wrote 10 times more, but every time I hear the cherished words, I melt …

Tayu because every declaration of love is a reverent feeling . Everything starts to bloom in my heart, hormones of happiness begin to work out, maybe that’s why I feel like the happiest man in the world!

Every moment spent with her is a holiday for me. She may not be near, but I will wait more for our meeting.

Let, we sometimes swear, but I will write to her now: “ I love you! ”And I’m sure everything will be fine. These are such priceless words, they are magic, they can turn the whole world … [ad # content]

Loved one is so dear that we are ready to sacrifice ourselves for his sake. We do not mind anything for the most dear person. He is priceless.

Love, respect each other, do not allow any small nonsense to destroy your relationship. You. Two people.

Love each other forever!

Ps I recommend to read the article: male tears : men also cry.

Pss Tonight will be the fourth letter of the contest, it can solve a lot. So, pick up all sorts of words from the given letters, on Monday I will announce the results.


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