So, I am asking you: “Are you strong enough to love a broken man?”

Do you think loving a broken man is an easy thing to do? Do you think it is easy to live with a man who is broken and can’t be fixed? I don’t think so. You see, loving a broken man is a challenge and you will succeed in it only if you give yourself all in. So, no almost relationship, no almost love, no almost dating. It is all or nothing at all. And that is the only way it can work.
When you think about a broken man, you are probably asking yourself what brought him here? What such awful thing happened to him that he doesn’t want to live? Why is he depressed and why does he have walls up? The answer is simple.

A man like that wasn’t born broken. Life broke him. People broke him. Circumstances broke him.

And his fragile heart wasn’t strong enough to endure all that pain. He is broken and no matter how much you love him and try to fix him he will always be like that. So, are you ready to love a man like that? Are you ready to love a man who will be afraid to love you the same way you love him? Are you ready to love a man who never gives away his true emotions? The one who is cold, the one with trust issues, the one who has a twisted version of love. Would you accept loving a man who can’t understand your kind gestures and the one who will try to sabotage your relationship just because he thinks he is not good enough for you? Do you want to spend the rest of your life with a man who struggles with intimacy and sharing his emotions? Would you still love him when he said that he needed space and stability?

If you think you could do all this for a broken man, it means that you would have to love him more than yourself.

As I said before, a love like that is a challenge but the good thing is that a man like that is worthy. He is worthy of your love, of your affection, of your respect. He is a man who can make you happy with only one gesture and a simple smile. He is a man to love and that type is rare. He knows how to love but he just needs some time to relax and to start trusting you. So, it is up to you if you will allow him to be a part of your life. It is up to you if you will hold him in your lap while he is crying over some drama from his past. You are the one who decides if he will spend nights with you, waking up in the middle of the night and screaming because of his nightmares. You are the one who can choose if you will save him.

You are the one who will decide if he is going to be your life partner.

The one who will be there for better or worse. The one who will unselfishly give you all of his love. The one who will choose you over him every single time.
If you are strong enough to love a man like this, don’t hesitate to show him your love. That is what he needs the most. That is the food for his soul and no matter how uninterested he looks, in reality he wants it more than air.
He needs to feel alive again and he needs a real woman for that. He needs someone who will understand that he went to hell and back. He needs a woman who will be there even if he doesn’t want her to be there. He needs a woman who will love him even if he is the unlovable one. He needs a savior.

If you think you can handle a broken man, then I will give you all the credit.

Only a remarkable woman can accept to do something like that. Only the one whose heart is big and open to everyone can make a success of fixing someone with these issues.
If you ever meet a man like this, I hope he will look into your eyes and see that you are the one that he has been waiting such a long time for. Once he looks at you, the two of you will click and you will know that he is the real deal. You will know that he is the one that you have been waiting for, too, and even if he is a little bit broken for you, he is still the perfect one. Your true match, your soulmate, your best friend and your lover.

Only when you see all that he can give you, will you know that you chose wisely. You chose a man who is not perfect but he is perfect for you!


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