Your wedding day is obviously one of the best days of your life. You and your partner will cherish the memories of that day forever. But you surely can’t remember every single detail of your wedding day off by heart, no matter how sharp your brain is. That’s why you have to opt to have a wedding videography at your wedding.

From the moment that you drift down the aisle in your beautiful wedding dress, right down to the party where Aunt Lyanna does her best dance moves after too many glasses of champagne, getting all these amazing moments captured in video means that you can cherish the day in all its glory for the rest of your life.

How to get the best wedding video ever?

You’ve come to the right page if you want to go down this route and need some help for choosing a good video production company to make a video like a celebrity wedding. We reached out some of the best tips on choosing a wedding videographer who can shoot a great video and also outsource video editing.

Here’s how to choose a wedding videographer-

1. Finding a videographer is as serious as finding a photographer

We reflect on things that have happened in our lives a lot of times. Photographers are an essential part of your wedding day but a wedding video production company brings still images to life. Choosing a wedding videographer is as important as choosing a photographer

You can hear from your beloved friends and family during their speeches, you can re-watch your vows, watch your man rock the dance floor and watch your dad secretly tear up you didn’t even know that.

You can relive the day this way. You can feel the genuine emotion and happiness that your people felt when they were brought together for such a beautiful occasion.

2. Seek out recommendations

Your meeting went well, their work looks great. But you really don’t know if you’re making the right choice or not. No problem, you can always ask around. Ask your photographer if he knows this video production company. Ask your friends if they have hired them before. Or, ask your wedding planner if they have experience working with them.

These people will always give you the first-hand information about the things you should know before choosing a wedding videographer.

3. Meet in person

Before choosing a wedding videographer meet them in person first. A lot of companies produce great work but sometimes it’s easy to forget that on your wedding day.

You’ll likely be spending a significant amount of time with your videographer, so make sure that you have a good personal connection with them is crucial. This is one of the most important tips for choosing your perfect wedding videographer.

4. Check their portfolio

It’s best to review their work and see if it speaks to you when you’re choosing a wedding videographer. You have to make sure of what you want.

It can be an emotional video, a classic cinematic story, a narrative, or a fun party film. Different companies offer different factors.

Determine what is more important to you, it helps you to narrow down who will be the best fit on your big day.

5. Discuss your goals

Some people want a 3 to 5-minute summary video, and some want a full edited video of the entire ceremony. Some even want a drone video edit.

Now the question is, which one do you want? You need to have an idea of what you’re looking for.

When choosing a wedding videographer discuss your goals with him. He can assess whether they will be able to meet all your needs or not.

6. Decide if you want audio

Audio is an important part of your wedding day. You have to capture good audio of the ceremony because you can’t do much after the fact. You need to be prepared because weddings are unpredictable.

Situations can arise officiant refusing to wear your microphone. Even, there may be wind or airplane going when the readers speak into the microphone.

So it’s always important to be prepared and discuss with your videographer whether you want the audio or not.

7. Discuss timelines and expectations

It’s very important to know about the plans of your big day and before signing on the dotted line, make sure you have set the expectations when you are choosing a wedding videographer.

He has to go through with you how he generally works on the day of, how he approaches things of, etc. You should know exactly what you will be getting as an end product. That’s why you’ve to make sure you totally understand what the videographer will be delivering.

8. Read the contract thoroughly

Read through the contract paper before choosing a wedding videographer. Don’t arise situations when you have to cancel on them a week prior to the wedding. Many people don’t read through the contact paper and surprises arise because of it. That’s why it’s ideal to read through the contract and know your rights.

9. Do not micromanage

You’ve hired a wedding production company who you feel is the right company to do the job, now let them do their job.

Don’t micro-manage them on your wedding day or in post-production. It pulls them away from the style that you fell in love, to begin with.

Do a few revisions and let them do their work.

Now that you’ve read through the whole article, you’re ready to go. With these tips, you’ll hopefully be able to choose a video production company who have a good level of creativity and experience. After all, you will want to have those details in your video that you spent so long planning.


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